I probably will be doing another post on this next week, if I could get my hands on anything from the collection, but I figured I'd do one now.

I'm surprised I haven't talked about this much at all since the announcement.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target has been so controversial and honestly, all the haters can kiss my ass. Lilly isn't going to lose anything by debuting a collection in Target; it's just giving us Lilly lovers who can't afford $200 dresses and $80 pairs of shorts a chance to love Lilly even more.

I have a few Lilly clothing pieces but more accessories because they are cheaper and more in my price range. I would love to rock Lilly all the time but my bank account doesn't allow me, hence my excitment for all the wonderful prettiness that is this collection.

The look book was released a few weeks ago and I've been stalking it lustfully ever since. I immediately sent a text with pictures to my best Lilly loving sorority sister and we both equally bugged out at everything.

I'd swear I was looking at the Lilly website. I mean, everything from bathing suits to shorts to dresses to purses to a beach hammock! I mean seriously? It doesn't get any better than that.

I am praying that it doesn't sell out too quickly and that I could get my hands on a few things; also, I hope it lasts for a week or so afterwards because I want to be able to order more and more once I get my paycheck (#LOL)

I already created a Target account (do it!) so I could shop easily online the morning of April 19th. I also will be looking in my local Target that day (and every day after).

Here is what is on my wish list for the collection (It's pretty much everything but still, you get the picture)

This is my favorite outfit and probably what I'll be buying first, no matter what

Ugh, I hope Lilly is on my side for this. I need these pieces!

What are you eyeing from this collection? Are you excited or disappointed about Ms. Lilly P being in Target? Tell me in the comments.

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