I have had this post on my editorial calendar for months, probably since I knew I wanted to try LUSH products and saw that there was a store in my local (45 minutes away) mall.

LUSH Cosmetics is a fantastic company that sells handmade bath and body products. Everything from facial cleansers and masks, to bath bombs and bubble bars, and lip scrubs and balms. Anything you can ever want, LUSH probably has.

The special thing about LUSH is that everything is handmade and shipped fresh to their stores. It's so special that you can't order most of the stuff online (like the facial masks), only in the stores. They also are huge on charitable organizations and are HIGHLY against testing on animals. It's always nice to support a company that has morals.

I've been wanting to try these products since I first heard about them on Youtube; then my sister's best friend started raving about them and I knew I had to get my butt to the mall.

Two weeks ago, I took a shopping trip with my mom, sister, and aunt, and I knew I needed to stop by LUSH.

The store is quite an experience. It was very crowded and smelled incredibly floral. There were so many products and stations set up, I didn't know where to look first but I was in heaven.

I wanted to limit myself to one or two items since I have never used any of it before and didn't know how my skin would react (#sensitiveskinprobs).

I knew I wanted a bath bomb so I went for that station and purchased a Rose Queen. It smelled the best, I had heard great things, and if I'm being incredibly corny, I was crowned the Rose Queen (fraternity sweetheart) of my favorite fraternity my senior year... so I had to get it!

There were too many other products for me to decide what I wanted so I headed to the register. While there, I saw LUSH lip scrubs, which I've heard are fabulous. I have been wanting a lip scrub so badly so I splurged and got the Bubblegum flavored. I wish I had gotten a different scent because it smells and tastes like children's Tylenol but it's tolerable.

Anyways, I used the Rose Queen Bath Bomb this past weekend and I'm officially hooked. I never take baths but I've been converted. These products make any bath better. The bath bomb turned my water pink, released pieces of real roses into the bath, and gave off the most incredible scent. It made my skin stupidly soft and made me smell like literal flowers.

Rose Queen bath bomb! 

I want all the LUSH products please!

The lip scrub is also really easy to use. Just rub a little bit onto your lips, wipe off, and bam! instantly soft lips.

I've been on the LUSH website looking for new products to try so I'm prepared when I go back to the store and these are some products I put on my wishlist!

Twilight Bath Bomb Fizzbanger Bath Bomb Amandopondo Bubble Bar Rose Jam Bubbleroon Love Lettuce Face Mask Dreamtime Bath Melt

Have you ever tried any LUSH products? What are your favorites? Give me recommendations in the comments!!

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