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I write about everything from beauty to fashion to mental health to career and book reviews.

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Showing posts from February, 2018

Recipe Wednesday: 2 Ingredient Dough

In the world of Weight Watchers, I haven't felt super deprived of anything, except maybe bagels and pastries, which I do not eat that often. I can have a slice of pizza, I can have pasta, it's all well and good. However, when I saw this recipe floating around the Internet a few weeks ago I immediately jumped…

Monthly Muse: February 2018 Favorites

If January was a slow month, February was insanely fast. It just feels like it was Valentine's Day and now we're so close to Spring. I'm not ready to say goodbye to my beloved winter, but once I start seeing sandals, bright colors, and all things floral, I get a little excited. I feel like I'm betray…

Beauty in Review: Current Favorite Under Eye Products

I've said it multiple times before but I love a good concealer, and really anything related to the undereye area. I feel like they're the products that I see the most difference when I use them, and because I have such harsh undereye circles, it's my problem area so I like to tend to that the most. I&#…

Royal Round Up: Week 8

This was a short week and I'm so happy that it's Friday! I have so many fun, blog/writing/side hustle related things I want to do this weekend and possibly see some friends/do something fun. I know this next week is going to be hard; next Saturday is the 2 year anniversary of my dad's death and I can alr…

Gifts for the Book Worm in Your Life

I am well aware that it is not Christmas or any other gift-giving holiday, but I had this idea and I just wanted to share. There are always birthdays and other gift giving occasions year round, so why not write this? I've always been a bookworm, ever since I was a little girl. I hit peak readership when I was a …

Manicure Monday: Essie Winter 2017

Aside from the press on nails, I've been really into wearing different, unique color nail polishes lately. When I first saw the Winter 2017 collection from Essie , I wasn't really interested in any of the colors. That is until I took a closer look at them and saw them on real nails, on the Essie Instagram. T…

Royal Roundup: Week 6

This is a date late but with good reason. Work completely kicked my ass this week and I had a mental breakdown on Thursday morning, while at work. YUP. I cried at my desk and almost had a panic attack. It was really bad and has only ever happened once or twice before. I was completely swamped and overwhelmed. I have…

Valentine's Day Gifts For Yourself

I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. I hate it with a burning passion and maybe it's my eternal singledom that makes me so bitter but I don't really care. I hardly even acknowledge the holiday anymore -- the only time I ever remotely acknowledged it was my senior year of college and the year after, but let…

Monthly Muse: January 2018 Favorites

The first favorites of the year always seem special to me. I love the clean slate that January brings and I think this January I realized a lot about myself. Whether those changes I realized I needed to make were actually made or not, I think making the steps is important. One of the best things to happen in January…