I've been on a roll with buying new polishes and I'm so happy to have the first polish of the Spring 2019 collection on my nails this week.

When I saw the colors for Spring 2019, I was taken with them all but mostly the bronze shade "Teacup Half Full". I also love the name but when don't I love an Essie polish name? I wish that was my job -- it is just so cool.

The collection is inspired by a beautiful garden tea party in the height of Spring. The colors are light and airy with the exception of the sparkly grey shade "Reign Check".

Teacup Half Full is a beautiful bronze shade that is described as a chestnut brown that has golden iridescence. It's the perfect polish to wear halfway between winter and spring. I'm starting to desire my light pink polishes but this is a great way to satisfy that spring fever.

Just as the other new Essie polishes, this has the flat & wide brush. I know I've talked about it in the past but I just have to say again, this new brush is life changing. I feel like I get such a more even and easy application. In one swoop, your entire nail is covered. It does get a little tricky around the cuticles but with practice, I think it'll be ok.

The formula is a dream, as all the new polishes have been even if I chipped 2-3 days after application.

I'm excited to pick up another Spring 2019 polish but for now, I'll continue rocking Teacup Half Full!
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