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Book Review Wednesday: The Favorite Sister

When I found out the author of "Luckiest Girl Alive" was coming out with a second book, I was so excited! Then, when I found the book on NetGalley and was able to read it early, I was even more hyped; I think I actually yelped when I was approved to read "The Favorite Sister".

*I could've SWORN I did a book review on Luckiest Girl Alive but I can't find it anywhere!

I started reading the book and was very confused. There was a lot of POVs, and we went back and forth between the past & present, and I just couldn't get into it at the beginning.

The premise behind the book is that there is a group of girls, the Goal Diggers, who are on a reality show of the same name. Brett, Stephanie, Lauren, and Jen are the main characters and stars in Goal Diggers, and they each have their own niche.

Brett & Stephanie used to be best friends before they had a major falling out, and their reconciliation is the storyline for the next season.

Brett's sister Kelly joins the cast, as well as her daughter (Kelly's) Layla. The sisters have a SoulCycle type of business called SPOKE and they give back to third world countries in the process.

At certain points, I felt like I couldn't follow along; I was just confused as to what previously happened. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention and was distracted when reading it, or maybe it just simply was a confusing book.

However, in the middle of the book, I caught on and everything was good.

The book was very interesting and I loved that it gave you a weird, behind the scenes look at what probably happens on our favorite reality shows. It's not scripted, but it's definitely coerced and directed in the right way.

I was definitely missing the mystery/suspense feeling of the book until we get to the end of it. There's some secrets that are revealed, some marriage problems, and a whole lot of drama.

The end of the book is truly mind-blowing and makes up for the slowness of the rest of the novel.

My vote is, this isn't a must read but if you need a good, light-hearted suspense novel, this is a going to be a good one.

It's important to note that this book doesn't come out until April 24th so keep an eye out! I think if you like mystery novels but also like something not too dramatic, this is the one for you!