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Valentine's Day Gifts For Yourself

I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. I hate it with a burning passion and maybe it's my eternal singledom that makes me so bitter but I don't really care.

I hardly even acknowledge the holiday anymore -- the only time I ever remotely acknowledged it was my senior year of college and the year after, but let's not get into that.

My reasoning for hating Valentine's Day is another post in itself but today, we're talking about Valentine's Day gifts for YOU.

If you don't have a significant other to celebrate the day, celebrate YOU. You love yourself, don't you? It's the day of love, so why not treat yourself?

I try to always give myself a little extra leeway on Valentine's Day, maybe just an extra treat or two, or maybe buy myself something I've been wanting. A little self-care and self-nurturing on a day that makes you feel bad about yourself is always a good thing; it's always a plus to turn a negative into a positive.

If you're anything like me when February 14th rolls around, you'll need some retail therapy too so these are just a few gifts to treat yourself too.

Will you be treating yourself to anything this Valentine's Day?