A few weeks ago I had an urge for really long nails. When I was young, I was allowed to get french tips for special occasions like my confirmation, graduations, and proms. While I loved how they looked, I was bored of them after a week because they were too hard to navigate life with.

It's been a hot minute since I had tips, and while I always had moments when I wanted them I didn't want to shell out the money for them. They're really expensive and the upkeep isn't worth it.

Last year my coworker mentioned that she buys press on tips from the drugstore so I bought a pair and they've sat in my drawer ever since.

That is until 2 weeks ago when the urge for long, Kardashian like nails took over me and I finally put them on.

The imPRESS Press on Manicure One Step Gel nails are incredible; they're pre-glued and have a super strong hold. They fit my nails perfectly and I didn't have to fuss with a nail file or clipper to get them perfectly right.

It definitely took some getting use too, and I was fumbling with things for about a day and a half but I loved having long nails. I felt very glamorous, very chic and my favorite thing of all was typing with them. I felt very like myself with these long tips and they were less than $10!

At first, I was being super delicate with what I did while wearing the nails, and one did pop off when I was opening a package but it went right back on.

The nails are very hard to get off; when it was time to remove them because I was bored, I had to soak them in nail polish remover and then gently pop them off.

The packaging says that you shouldn't wear them longer than 7 days and I wouldn't want to wear them longer because like I said, I get bored very easily.

After I was done with the package I already had (there are enough for two wears but I wanted to try a different color) so I went to Target and got a white iridescent pack that I can't wait to try!

I am officially impressed with imPRESS manicure!

Have you ever worn press on nails?
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