I mean, Happy Valentine's Day to all those ladies in relationships too! However, I feel like my bitter single girls need some extra love today.

Yes, we had Galentine's Day yesterday but today is the real day, the one everyone cares about. I've been single on all but two Valentine's Day and those don't even really count. I've never liked this holiday because it's just a reminder that I'm alone.

I don't talk about dating a lot on this blog because, to be honest, I don't go out on dates. I've had one semi-relationship that I don't want to talk about, for personal reasons.

I just got ghosted by another guy I was seeing (I'm upset about it) and I've been on dating apps a lot but nothing has really come to fruition. Maybe as I become more comfortable, I can share more.

However, I think all you single gals should celebrate Valentine's Day with your friends, family, and anyone who you love.

I'm spending the day at work and then coming home for a Lobster Tail dinner with my mom & sister, and I even made chocolate covered strawberries for us! I will also spend the night blogging & writing, doing the things I love.

I also love all of you who read this daily so Happy Valentine's Day!

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