If January was a slow month, February was insanely fast. It just feels like it was Valentine's Day and now we're so close to Spring.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to my beloved winter, but once I start seeing sandals, bright colors, and all things floral, I get a little excited. I feel like I'm betraying fall & winter when I say that.

As we say goodbye to another month, we say hello to the Monthly Muse. I've been on a no buy for most of the month (since Ash Wednesday aka February 14th) so these are just from my existing collection of items.

1. Physician's Formula Depuffer: I talked about this in yesterday's post but I must mention again. It is the best eye depuffer I've ever used, and it's under $10. I'm not a huge drugstore gal, which maybe I can save for another post, but this has quickly become one of my favorite products to ever be found there.

2. Kate Spade SmartWatch: This was the last big purchase before I went on my no buy and it was well worth it. I pre-ordered it in January and it arrived the first week of February. I have NOT taken it off and loved every minute with this. It's basically the Kate Spade version of the Apple Watch. I'm planning a huge post on it later this month but it's sure to be one of my favorite purchases of the entire year.

3. Target Magazine Rack: This is so random but it's a massive favorite. I've been wanting to get my desk more organized and I saw someone on Instagram use a magazine rack to put notebooks and papers in. I have SO MANY notebooks, too many, for a variety of different things. I stored them in my desk drawer but this makes it so much easier to see everything and they get a lot more use. It was under $15 at Target and it adds a really nice touch to my desk area.

4. Art Prints: I added two new prints to my gallery wall this month; a New York print that has all the different NY publication fonts, and one that says "Eat Sleep Blog Repeat". They're true to my writing roots and add a nice piece of inspiration to my walls.

5. Emergen-C: With the flu epidemic being so bad this year, and traveling on the gross New York City subway, I constantly feel like I'm getting sick. I never wanted to take Emergen C because I was afraid of what it tasted like. However, once I did try it I became obsessed! It takes like Sunny-D (do they still make that?!) and now I try to have a glass every morning. I've also been obsessed with Orange Juice this month so maybe I have low Vitamin C?

What were your favorites this month?
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