In the world of Weight Watchers, I haven't felt super deprived of anything, except maybe bagels and pastries, which I do not eat that often.

I can have a slice of pizza, I can have pasta, it's all well and good. However, when I saw this recipe floating around the Internet a few weeks ago I immediately jumped at it.

The Two Ingredient Dough is 6 points in total, which is a STEAL. Once you add toppings it is, of course, more, but I hardly count that if you use the right stuff.

I've never made a dough in my life and even though it's only two ingredients, it was still hard to make. There was a lot of kneading involved, and it makes quite a mess but it is so worth it.

What are the magical two ingredients you ask? They are self-rising flour and greek yogurt.

1/2 cup of each gives you a small, little dough that tastes pretty damn good.

So far, I've created multiple pizzas, garlic knots, and everything bagel knots. There has never been a better time to test out Trader Joe's Everything Bagel Seasoning than with some dough and butter.

Really, you can make anything with this dough; I wonder how it would taste/come out as just a regular loaf of bread.

Even though I have created little bagel knots, I haven't done actual bagel yet and I really want to try. That requires me boiling the dough before baking it and that's a big commitment for me.

In conclusion, this dough is delicious and very versatile. If you're not on weight watchers but still want a good, diet alternative I highly recommend whipping a batch of this up!

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