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Showing posts from April, 2017

How to Have the Best Spring

Happy Friday! I'm very excited for the week to come to the end and for the weekend to arrive because I'm going to Florida on Tuesday! It's for a work trip but I'm so excited to travel SOMEWHERE. I'm also going to Disneyworld so YAYYYYYY. It's the first time I've been in 10 years so I'm …

Manicure Monday: Smith & Cult

Smith & Cult is back at it! It's not a secret that this pricey nail polish turned makeup brand has some of the best (in my opinion) polishes on the market. The formula is smooth and glides onto the nails easily; the brush is thin but not too thin so an even application is really easy to achieve. The silver c…

Kate Spade Handbag Review + Update

Hello! It's been a hot second this week but boy oh boy was it a week. I don't remember the last time I was this busy. Let me give you a run down of my week: Monday- Sister's 21st birthday so we went out for dinner after work. I came home afterwards and was so full and exhausted I passed out. Tuesday: S…

Manicure Monday: I Believe in Manicures

There have been like 4 beauty posts in a row so I apologize but I'm just feeling my beauty stuff lately.  I also know this is the 2nd Manicure Monday in a row but you know how I get when a new season starts ... I get manicure crazy. I mentioned last week how excited I am to start with my bright, spring colors a…

Beauty in Review: Favorite Makeup Brushes

In replacement on the weekly wrap up post, I'll be *trying* to add a regular post weekly. This was originally on my calendar for yesterday but Wednesday kicked my butt so no post Thursday... and here we are! I think a little behind the scenes is always good; blogging is not glamorous, ladies and gentlemen! *PS: …

Beauty 101: My Favorite Fragrances

I don't think I have ever, in 5 years, talked about perfumes on the blog. That is a pure travesty because I really do love perfume and I have ever since I was 11 years old. When I was younger, my favorite scents were Britney Spears Curious & Fantasy, J.Lo 'Glow' and DKNY 'Be Delicious'. The …

Manicure Monday: Essie Gel Couture Bridal Collection

As we enter Spring, I'm most excited to switch out my nail polish colors. I love deep, dark colors more than anything but once March hits I start to break out my nudes and light pinks. My nail polish collection has grown and grown and I've expanded a bit outside of the Essie bubble but they'll always be …

Monthly Muse: March 2017 Favorites

It's April and the year is almost halfway over. Spring is around the corner and as much as I've hated it in the past, I'm a little bit excited for the warm weather and no jackets. I'm excited for iced coffee and kimonos. March was so-so with some blizzards and rain storms. I got out of my funk and I&…