Who is sick of book reviews? I'd apologize but I really enjoy writing these posts. I love talking about books and I'm a reader before I'm a writer -- reading has been my safe haven since I was a child and for not one moment has that stopped.

I've become addicted to audiobooks because it allows me to "read" books even when I actually can't read it.

Years ago I would've never guessed that I'd be one for suspenseful and mystery novels but here we are. Most of the books I read, aside from self-help, memoirs, and career books, are mystery thriller novels. If this isn't your first book review Wednesday, you know this about me.

I've talked about the most f***ed up book I've ever read, Pretty Girls, but I honestly think this one beats it.

The Roanoke Girls was just released in March and has taken the publishing world by storm. I saw it on a lot of must-read lists and book reviews from other bloggers I read and I was completely drawn in by the summary.

Lane Roanoke has never met her mother's family; her mother fled the family home when she was 16 years old and pregnant. When her mother commits suicide, Lane is brought back to the place her mother left... with a new cousin, Allegra, grandparents, and an odd, old family house, Lane feels slightly at place in Kansas.

She meets a boy, makes some friends, and bonds with her new cousin. That is, until she discovers a dark, twisted, and disgusting family secret, which causes Lane to flee.

Now, Allegra is missing and it's 10 years later; Lane is forced to come back to face the reasons she left and to help find her cousin.

In classic thriller fashion, the book is told from past and present. You're constantly switching back and forth between Lane first arriving at Roanoke (which is what the family home is called) and her coming back after Allegra disappears.

But that's what Roanoke girls do, they disappear. No girl has ever left Roanoke and came back, expect Lane.

Before I get into the twisted secret, I want to say how much I loved this book. I loved all the characters and thought the development was great; I thought the writing was wonderful and the story was really well thought out. I think this is one of the best books I've read in a while, in terms of how it was written.

There is obviously a love story thrown in here between Lane and Cooper (Lane's old boyfriend from when she first moved to Roanoke) and it's something really powerful and what I find really romantic.

I love the history of Roanoke and I imagined the house so clearly in my mind; a house so rich with history and stories, with hidden passages and rooms... it's so interesting to me.

Now, onto the big part of the story.

I won't reveal anything but I advise you not to read any reviews on Amazon or Goodreads because pretty much everyone gives it away in the first words.

If you pay attention, you'll immediately pick up on it within the first 3 chapters. As the book continues, you'll be trying to remember which Roanoke girl is which and you'll figure it out. I say you'll figure it out because I did. Even though you may know what's happening, you won't really know until midway through the book when you're just like HOLY SHIT I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT'S ACTUALLY TRUE.

The ending of the book, when the mystery is solved, it's so satisfying and so beyond what you thought was going to happen. It's incredible

The Roanoke Girls is SO WEIRD and SO SICK but it's so interesting. If you're squeamish, you may not be able to handle it and I'd be lying if I said there were times when I didn't want to gag but it's such a good book.

I promise you, you won't be able to put it down and you'll want to finish it within a few hours of cracking it up.

If anyone reads it and wants to freak out over it, please email me 'briana@royallypink.com' -- I feel like I really need to discuss it with someone!

Happy reading :) 
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  1. I've requested this from the library and I'm excited to read it!