It's 9 PM on Monday night and I'm so full from my sister's 21st birthday dinner, and also from Easter sweets at work, and from Easter Sunday dinner. I cannot even think straight and just want to crawl into bed.

That being said, I'm too lazy to go look in my blog planner to see what post was supposed to be up today, so here we are. I keep it real on Royally Pink and don't take myself too seriously. What fun is that?

First I was going to do a Thursday inspiration post but then I figured I always default to those posts when I'm feeling more lowkey. I should probably do an inspiration post because I had a rough weekend filled with lots of anxiety attacks, but I made it through. That also reminds me I need to do an updated anxiety post... putting that on my list now.

Instead, I think I'll show you some products I've been LOVING. They might not necessarily make it into my monthly favorites but I still wanted to mention them!

PS: I started my Youtube channel and below is my first real video. Subscribe here!

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