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Just as I talked this week about fragrances, something I never talked about in 5 years, I rarely have talked about makeup brushes.

They say if you don't have good skin even the most expensive makeup won't look good on your face; the same goes with brushes. You could be using all Charlotte Tilbury & Tom Ford makeup but if you're using the wrong or really crappy brushes, it won't apply as well. You can do magic with makeup brushes, I've seen it happen.

Over the years I've accumulated a nice amount of brushes, two candle holders filled, to be exact, and I love most of them. I do have my favorites, as I'm sure we all do; I have my go-to brushes that I simply cannot live without.

1. PUR Cosmetics Skin Perfecting Foundation Brush: Ever since I've seen the Artis brushes come to play I wanted one. I bought a cheapy knock off from Amazon and it was garbage. I almost pulled the trigger on an Artis brush more than once but then I saw one of my favorite brands, PUR, release a similar looking foundation brush. It has the same shape and even feels the same (I've touched Artis). This brush is super densely packed and really smooths out your foundation. My foundation glides on my skin when I use this and it gets the job down fast. I HIGHLY recommend this, especially if you don't like foundation brushes. I religiously use a beautyblender but this changes the game.

2.  Morphe E8: I love this brush so much I bought two! Jaclyn Hill said this is one of her favorite brushes so when I heard that, I ran to the Morphe website to purchase one. I use it solely for concealer and it's basically replaced my beautyblender in that retrospect. It's soft, blends perfectly, and is the best concealer brush out there.

3. ELF Small Stipple Brush: ELF has some of the best brushes on the market and I have a few of them in my collection. This is by far my favorite for blending out cream products. I've gone through two of them and another one just appeared in my collection -- it's very nice to have it back. It's small enough to not blend the cream product all over your face, and is really soft on the skin. Go get it, it's only $6!

4. Too Faced Mr Right: This brush was released last year and I knew I needed it because it was so cute and I've never had a Too Faced brush. This has become my go-to for powdering my face whether it's with a loose or pressed powder. It's big enough to add a fluffy, airbrushed look to the skin but not so big that you feel like you aren't adding any product to your face. It's a little pricey but it's SO GOOD.

5. Anastasia #23 Brush: This was originally released when Anastiasa Beverly Hills released her glow kits and I was really drawn to it. I felt like this brush was a unique shape and size; the slim dome shape and soft bristles make it ideal for applying highlight. It's basically the only brush I use to apply my highlight and I love it! *This does have some shedding but it doesn't bother me that much.

Below are some of my other favorite brushes but the ones above are my top 5!

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