It's April and the year is almost halfway over. Spring is around the corner and as much as I've hated it in the past, I'm a little bit excited for the warm weather and no jackets. I'm excited for iced coffee and kimonos.

March was so-so with some blizzards and rain storms. I got out of my funk and I'm starting to think that maybe it's seasonal depression, even though I adore the cold weather. Work has been super duper busy and things probably won't calm down until the end of June. I'm excited though -- I love when work is busy, it just makes it so much more exciting.

There's not much more to report other than that.

All my favorites this month are kind of random. I didn't do MUCH shopping so I don't have a lot of new stuff, and I haven't been wearing much makeup but what I have has been ride or die for the past 31 days.

1. Balmean Sweatshirt: I discovered that has a shop and I went gaga over it. I love the website and their carefree attitude and I knew I needed something. When I saw this Balmain knockoff sweatshirt, I had to have it. I was iffy about it when it came in cause it seemed really big and I had crewneck sweatshirts but I decided to keep it. I cut a v neck in the top so it was more comfortable to wear and I'm wearing it as I type this. It's so comfortable and so carefree. I feel like a bad betch when I have it on.

2. Bitch Perfect Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury: I guess I was on a bitch kick this month? This is one of Charlotte Tilbury's best selling lipsticks and I just felt like I needed to try another lipstick by her. I have the Hot Lips Kim K W one but I wanted something more pink. This is super natural, very comfortable to wear and a great every day color.

3. Stella McCartney Glasses: I got these glasses after the New Year and have been in love ever since. I'm surprise I haven't talked about them on here yet. I saw them in the eyeglass store and with a $300 price tag it was a hard no from me. I found them on eBay for less than $150 and jumped at em. They're very different because they're a white tortoise shell but people literally stop me on the street to tell me how much they love them. I'm so obsessed and I don't know if I'll ever wear a dark pair of eye glasses again.

4. Kate Spade Leewood Place Scalloped Tote: I was in the market for a new tote bag for work. I sold a few that weren't working for me and I just felt the need to replenish them. I wanted Kate Spade because my love affair with her is still going very strong and when I saw this simple, black tote on the Nordstrom website, I immediately bought it. I love the pebble rain leather and the tote is very light weight. The scallop detail is a perfect touch and I even added a little Kate Spade sticker to it. A full handbag review will be coming on it!

5.  Clarins Lip Balm: Ever since I saw this lip balm online I wanted it. I can't explain it but I was drawn to it.  Maybe it was the cute packaging or the fact that I love lip balms but I needed it. I finally bought it when it came to and it's hands down the best lip balm I've ever used. It smells like fruity Trident gum and keeps your lips super hydrated. I don't feel the need to constantly reapply and it does give a slight pink/peach tint to your lips. I want to buy 100 back ups of this!

What were your favorites of the month?
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