This is a book I actually read and it's a nice break between all the thriller novels I've been reviewing. Aside from thriller & mysteries, memoirs are my 2nd favorite genre. I love learning about people and getting insight into how a person thinks and how they came to be who they are today. I find it super interesting and I've always loved these books since I was little and had to do biography book reports.

I stumbled upon this book through a recommendation from the girls in my office. They were raving about this book and discussing it every day and I just realized I needed to read it because they were telling me I'd love it.

Well, they were right, in a sense.

How to Murder Your Life is about Cat Marnell, a former beauty editor of Lucky Magazine. I will read ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING having to do with beauty and/or the magazine world. That's an entirely different post... but this is the main reason they thought I'd love it, and they were totally right about that part.

Cat Marnell is a former, drug addict beauty editor and she writes about her reserved upbringing and how that turned into her becoming addicted to Adderall and moving to New York. Throughout the book, she takes you on these wild rides from acting school to Conde Nast internships to rehab.

The way she writes is truly manic and can be super confusing at times. It's also a little bit worrisome and kind of annoyed me; how can this girl be real??

It was interesting and weird and exciting in all the same breath. It combines the glamor of New York, the trials and tribulations of growing up, and how to come out the other side.

The ending of the book is really great and gave me some piece of mind. As crazy as the book is, you start to feel for Cat and want her to get the help she needs. Addiction is real and a true disease; even though Cat starts out addicted as a child, it grows into a bigger issue.

I think if you're someone who likes to be entertained and likes memoirs, you'll find this book interesting. It's not a difficult read and you can make it through fast (I read the last 200 pages in one sitting, but I'm also a crazy person).

It definitely got me back into my memoir mojo and I'm excited to see what Cat Marnell does next because now I'm a fan and I'm truly rooting for her!
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  1. Sound interesting! Just added it to my list!