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Book Review Wednesday: The Perfect Girl

Back at it with another thriller book review. This was not so much as thriller as the rest of them and it was a rather quick read.... er listen.

The Perfect Girl centers around Zoe, a teenager who lives with her mom & her new stepfamily. Zoe has a secret that her and her mother, Maria, have kept between them for so long. It's weighing heavily on Zoe and eventually, it all comes to light.

Within a few hours after her stepfamily finds out, Maria turns up dead.

The entire book centers around trying to figure out how Maria died and flashes back and forth between Zoe's POV, Zoe's aunts POV, and Zoe's lawyer(?).

There are a few other story lines within the book but the main one has to do what happened with Zoe in the past, and what is happening with Maria's death.

Eventually, you find out what happened and it was super interesting, and it was even more interesting the way the book ended.

Was I seething at the mouth to find out what happened? Kind of but not as much as other books. This was on the more predictable side of thriller novels but it was still awesome.

I really did enjoy this book; it was just the right amount of suspense and mystery while also being entertaining. I would highly recommend this as it was interesting and a quick easy read.

*PS: Sorry if this seemed all over the place. I read this a while ago! Still a great book though ;)