As I've mentioned previously, Henri Bendel has become one of my favorite brands. I've always enjoyed mid lane high end brands like Tory Burch and Kate Spade so when I stumbled upon Henri Bendel and realized that the brand was very old and had a great story as well as a lot of heritage I quickly fell in love.

You can read more about my love affair with Bendel in the Brand Buzz post but today is all about one of the many handbags I've acquired in the past few months.

This is a bag that I've had my eye on for a really long time. It wasn't really like anything else in my collection and I loved that it had the traditional Henri Bendel stripes without being truly overpowering.

The bag is the Centennial Stripe Schoolbag. 

It was one of the first bags I ever saw on the Henri Bendel website and I just never took the plunge. It's also a bag that goes on sale quite often so it's a little shocking that I never picked it up. A few weeks ago, when I went to the mall to get my Louis Vuitton luggage tag, I had to stop into Henri Bendel to return something and this bag was on sale on the website.

I asked if they had in stock and they did and I immediately took it. Originally it was full price but the associate honored the online discount and I scooped it up for $199. This is usually priced at $298 so it's a pretty sweet deal.

When I got home I immediately fell in love with it. It was perfect.

The interior has two pockets and a zipper pocket; outside, there is a thin slip pocket on the back of the bag. This makes it practical for everyday use since you can fit a lot in such a tiny bag.

It's a very light weight bag which makes it ideal because there's nothing worse than carrying a bag full of stuff that is already so weighted down on it's own.

There are two twist clasps on the front that are the way to get in and out of the bag. I think this feature adds something cute and different to the bag and gives it character; it is not the most practical to way open the bag but I can deal with it because I just love how it's not a classic zipper, it's very different from anything else.

The bag is also super structured so even when there is nothing inside, it holds it's shape and those are my favorite types of bag.

You could hold this bag but the short handle which I love; I think it looks super chic without the shoulder strap but I usually keep the shoulder strap on anyway because it's more convenient. The strap is adjustable but still very short, so this is definitely NOT a crossbody. I found that out the hard way when I brought it to Brunchcon and wanted to wear it cross-body but it was very uncomfortable.

While the Schoolbag is something that kind of screams my name I do feel like it's a little out of my comfort zone. I've been buying a lot of totes and work bags so this is the first bag I've bought for myself in a while that is an everyday bag.

This has quickly become one of my favorites in my collection and if the stripes aren't your thing, they have so many other colors. I'm pretty sure it's one of Bendel's classic bags that they release in new colors every season.

I'm so glad I finally purchased this baby because it's exceeded expectations!

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