I was back on my thriller game a few weeks back when I decided to listen to The Lake House on Audible. It put me right back into my listening to books groove that I felt off of since listening to the entire Harry Potter series.

I've seen The Lake House on a bunch of different "Must Reads" lists and decided to give it a go.

Well, I didn't know what I was in for.

This was a book I probably wouldn't have been able to read because it was super long, and very, very detailed. The one thing I really disliked about this book was the fact that it contained a lot of detail that wasn't that relevant to the story.

It was a very slow moving story, but it was very good.

There are a few different plots to this story, and I think if I was reading it, I would've had a tough time figuring out what went where. With all the different plots, there was one main part of the story and that surrounded the Edevane family and the disappearance of their son, after the first World War.

70 years later, Sadie, a detective, discovers the Edevane's lake house in the English countryside. There, she discovers the fact that the case of the missing boy, Theo, was never solved.

Sadie cannot resist an unsolved case, surrounding a child *for reasons you will find out throughout the novel*, and starts to research it. She discovers that Alice Edevane, Theo's older sister, is still alive & living in London.

With a lot of twists & turns, the novel follows Sadie's desire to figure out the case while also flashing back to the past to give us more insight into who could've stolen Theo. 

It's very, very interesting and as slow as it is, it begins to pick up toward the middle & you find yourself wanting and NEEDING to know what happened to Theo.

Well, I can tell you that the ending is worth the very long, very detailed, sometimes boring book. The ending was just SO GOOD it gave my chills.

Usually when a book is very long & slow, I can get frustrated & fed up and while it did get annoying at times, the plot made it worth it. I just couldn't stop listening because I needed to know what happened and needed to see how this played out.

It was suspenseful without being scary, like other books I've reviewed *ahem: Pretty Girls*, and it was worth every minute of my time.

I HIGHLY recommend it!

What books have you read lately?

A lot of you took well to my last Tuesday Inspiration and it got me thinking to kind of revamp the series. I used to just post a quote and be done with it, because that was an easy way to convince myself I was posting 4-5 times a week.

Well, now I guess I use them more as a ranting/venting platform with a little insight thrown in.

I've been thinking a lot of lately, of just being me, like I spoke about the last time. I kind of realized that I have no patience or time for things or people that do not make me happy. I have zero time to tend to people who add nothing but stress or anxiety to my life.

I realized this as I was looking through all my social media and was annoyed by a lot of what I saw. You know how some people just get under your skin and you step back and ask yourself why you're still following them?

That's what happened... and I went on an unfollowing spree. It felt good, therapeutic almost. I was following people that I felt I needed to follow, because it's a courtesy, because at one point we were friends. Well now I don't know anything about you so bye bye!

Why do we still follow people on social media that add nothing to our lives?

It got me thinking further...

Why do we keep people in our lives that just add stress & anxiety? If you're not gaining anything from the friendship or relationship, why are you bothering to keep it afloat?

I don't think I have too many people like that in my life, but there are a few and maybe it doesn't have to be a permanent break. Maybe it's just a break for a few days to get your mind settled, maybe it's a week because you just need some space.

Either way, we need to take more time for ourselves to make us happy & do what we want, instead of what you feel like you need to do.

If you can't deal with a text message right now, don't reply immediately. Let it sit there. People do it to you.

Now, I don't mean start being an asshole to all your friends, but realize what you need & what makes you happy for once.

I'm the type of person who really thinks about other people's feelings before my own so if someone is annoying me, I won't stay away because I'm afraid of confrontation or I feel bad not answering the person. I'm a people pleaser by heart.

Lately though, I've been trying to put that on hold and realize what makes me happy and what annoys me... and trying to stay away from the annoyances in order to keep my happiness afloat.

Does anyone else feel this way or am I just a bitch?

Let's end things on a positive note:

I've officially hung up my credit cards. I've said it before but I will say it again, I need to get a hold of my finances and I need to stop shopping for makeup. I was doing good at some point but fell off the wagon and the result is this post.

I definitely don't need all the makeup I have but it's truly something I enjoy. I love finding new trends and trying the latest product... so I can't help it.

But you probably won't see a haul post for a while...

I have a few more things I want to talk about besides the items here but those are posts coming in a few weeks: a set of skincare products that I've been loving & a post all about lip oils.

For now, here are some new items that I've really fallen for:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation: I may do another post on this, more in depth, but I was really looking for a new high end foundation. I had my eye on the Hello Flawless by Benefit (and I still do!) but I couldn't resist this. I've wanted to try Charlotte Tilbury forever and I thought the Magic Foundation was a good place to start. Well, it is magic. I've never received such comments on my skin as I did when I wore this foundation. It's smooth, hydrating, and gives a great natural, but luminous finish. GIVE ME ALL THE CHARLOTTE TILBURY. 
  • Smashbox Brow Tech Gloss: I had this pencil in my collection for months before I actually picked it up this month. I watched a review on it a few months back and it was a negative review, so I never thought to pick it up and actually use it. (I received it in this kit) but I decided to give it a go & I'm in love. It's easy to use and fills in my brows while also giving them a shape. This does have a glossy finish, as it states from the name, but I don't mind it. It doesn't look like I applied lip gloss to my brows, it just gives a more natural look and it doesn't look like I filled in my brows with pencil. I will for sure be repurchasing when this is finished.
  • Marc Jacobs Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator in "Spotlight": I received this puppy from Influenster and I've never been so happy. Getting a high end product for free is very satisfying. I was also excited because it's the year of cream highlights for me and this does not disappoint. I love that it's a white highlight because it breaks me out of comfort zone of peachy/gold highlighters. I apply it with a small stipple brush and it gives a soft, natural, but still noticeable highlight. It blends beautifully and I've been using it on the daily, without foundation, for a hint of something special.
  • Tarte Kiss & Blush Cream Palette: When I saw this on Tarte's Instagram a few weeks ago, my jaw dropped and my heart started to race. I needed it so badly. I've been so into face palettes and SO into cream products. I refused to buy it from Tarte's website because I had a bad experience with them a few months ago so when I saw it launch on Sephora's website last week, I knew this would be my final makeup purchase for a while. These are intensely pigmented so have a light hand when using, but they are so easily blendable. The shades are perfect to take you from summer to fall and right back again; I'm obsessed.
  • Benefit 1st Prize Highlighters: Can you see a theme here? Cream products to the rescue! I was eyeing this set from Sephora for a few weeks before I bit the $18 bullet. Three of Benefit's best selling highlighters and I've never tried them before? Blasphemy! These are mini versions of the best sellers, High Beam, Sun Beam, and Shy Beam, but when do you ever go through a full highlighter? I love dabbing these on the tops of my cheek bones and blending with a small stipple brush for a natural, luminous look. It's not overpowering but you probably could build them up by applying more than three dots on each cheekbone. The applicator is a little odd and I feel like I'm applying nail polish to my face but I can appreciate the uniqueness. 
  • Ciate London Scrub Stix Exfoilating Lip Balm: I saw this and was completely intrigued. I love a beauty product that makes me think "I wonder what that is like". My lips have been super dry lately (something is happening with my skin) and I thought this would be interesting. I was expecting just a lip exfoliator in stick form but that is not what this is. It's a lip balm, most importantly, that has little exfoliating beads to both hydrate and remove dead skin from your lips at the same time. It's interesting and I love an interesting beauty product. It seems to be working for me so I'm pretty happy with it! 
What beauty products have you been enjoying lately?
How is it the last week of June? How in the world is that happening right now? June definitely has been the fastest month so far, in my opinion.

We are halfway through 2016 and my mind is being blown. The year is flying by and so much has already changed...and so much is still changing.

My move got pushed forward a few days, which I'm not too thrilled about, but a few extra days isn't that bad. I am just so anxious to get in, decorate, and organize myself. I feel like I've been moving for 100 years... I just need it to happen.

This week was good for another reason: I got published on The Haute Mess! I've been obsessed with the website since it launched a few months back and it's basically a haven for all things girly & it was started by Ashley Tisdale so it's even better.

I'm a contributing writer for them now so you'll be seeing my name pop up more & more (hopefully!)

Check out my article on using social media to land you a job here.

Now for the links I loved...

What did you love this week?

I have never been a huge lip lover. I'm not drawn to lipsticks as I am other beauty products, like concealers. Lipsticks, glosses, none of it used to intrigue me.

And then, all of a sudden, one day I woke up with 100 different lip products (not actually 100) ranging from lip scrubs to liquid lipsticks and everything in between.

I love them all, pretty much equally. There are some lipstick formulas I prefer over others, some lip balms I love to death, and there are certain brands of liquid lipsticks that I will only purchase.

However, I switch them up on the daily. Some days I'm feeling a tinted lip balm and the next day I am Kylie Jenner with my matte liquid lips. I do not discriminate... until now.

I have found a lip product so incredible that it deserved it own blog post. YUP-- I don't think I've ever done this before.

I've developed a love affair with Smith & Cult as a brand, but that is no secret from my many Manicure Mondays including their nail polishes. Last year I realized that the brand also made lip glosses, which I enjoyed enough to wear continually.

A few months ago I saw on their Instagram page that they had two different color lip stains. Lip stains seem like an old school idea, especially this day in age where there are liquid lipsticks, transforming glosses and lip oils. I was intrigued and looked for them online-- the only place I could find them were Neiman Marcus, a retailer I have never shopped before.

I put off the purchase for weeks and weeks, until recently where I had the sudden urge to try something new. I took the plunge, ordered Linger Sigh, and the rest is history.

I don't really know what I was expecting but it was love at first sight. The stain is not sticky like a gloss, feels like a balm, and has a slight tingly sensation. It has the ever slightest hint of color that actually does stain your lips, but not in the "get this stuff off of me, I look like a clown" kind of way.

It is a very unique product, something I have never seen on the market before.

Linger Sigh is supposed to be the nude shade, wile Sweet Suite is the more pinkish color of the two shades. Maybe someone mixed up the labels, because you can clearly see, it is pink.

I think this is the perfect everyday lip color/product, especially on those days when you don't want to think about what to put on. If you're having a true no makeup makeup day, but want something on your lips, this is your product. Sometimes I feel like wearing a slight lip color but feel silly slapping on a bright pink matte lip when my face is bare.

This solves that problem in one swipe.

I am truly obsessed and addicted and will never be without this product. At some point, I will buy the 2nd shade and I pray that Smith & Cult releases more shades!

What is your new favorite lip product?

As I stated last week, I joined the gym. I've been meaning to for a WHILE and I finally did it. I feel pretty good since going but my body definitely needs to get used to exercise  I am a true wimp when it comes to physical activity.

With a gym membership comes accessories & clothes. If you know me at all, or have read this blog at all, you know I love a good accessory piece. I love having things... it's how I've always been. When I would go away to family reunions in Long Island for THREE DAYS, I would bring about 4 bags with me, filled with stuff.

That's why joining the gym is an excuse to have new sparkly things: everything from clothes to sneakers to fun gym things.

I've been loving all things Victoria Secrets athleisure but below you'll find a few other of my favorites:


This product was sent to me in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own.

I've been out of the subscription game for a while; I stopped my Birchbox subscription a while ago, I don't receive any food boxes anymore. I am receiving the Sephora Play box (post coming soon) but I'm unsure if it's worth it.

As much as I love getting a present delivered to my door every month, I just don't have the budget and sometimes getting too much every month makes me feel overwhelmed.

Also, everyone has a subscription box now and the market is very saturated -- how can you possibly just choose one to receive?

The ONE box that I do love and recommend if you're in the market for a new subscription service is PopSugar Must Have. I just think the value always beats everyone else & the price is a medium mix: $39.99 per month and usually the box is valued at AT LEAST $100, if not more.

I've partnered with PopSugar in the past & they've sent me boxes for review, and we're back at it again. I was so excited to receive the June box, I always feel like the summer boxes are exciting at PopSugar.

Side note: If $39.99 a month is too much for you, PopSugar just recently released their mini subscription box for around $18 a month. You get 2 items and the box is valued at around $50. I subscribed to this the first month it was offered and I received a candle & a Farmacy Lip Bloom. I was pretty happy with it but quickly canceled because it's just not in my budget. Once I get on track, I probably will subscribe to that because I like the idea of a cheaper box but still a good value.

I was really happy with what was in the June box; it's a mixture of food, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and it's honestly just a box of fun.

The theme of this month's box (every PopSugar Must Have is centered around a theme and all the items are related ) was "sunshine, cheers, joy, togetherness, outdoors, and festivities" so the start of summer, outdoor fun, and entertaining.

I have to say, everything really does scream summer & entertaining and I really like it.

First up, a Neutral Diamonds-Printed Sarong that is super cute, good quality and versatile. It can be used over a bathing suit, as a shall, on your head-- I may not get too much use out of this but I know my mom definitely will.

Some beauty products that I received was a NCLA nail polish in "Born on the Fourth" which is a red, white, and blue glitter polish. I haven't tried it out yet but I sure will once July 1st comes. Also, NCLA is a great, expensive high quality nail polish brand so my expectations are high.

I received Pacifica Under Arm Deodorant Wipes and these are very intriguing. I have never tried a Pacifica product but I have been wanting to for a while. I think the idea of this product is really interesting and it's ideal for the beach or the gym so I will definitely be trying these out and possible reporting back.

A lifestyle/beauty item was a Knock Knock "Are You Ready For Your Close Up" Compact. I have a few compact mirrors but I really like this one because it's one that you open & close, and it also has a magnifying mirror in addition to a regular one. This is my new go-to.

As for the entertaining items, a bottle opener that says "Cheers" and a "Wild & Wolf" Who Am I? Quiz, which my family & I played at yesterday's Father's Day BBQ.

And FINALLY, the food item in this month's box was a bag of 'Pressels', a lower calorie pretzel, in the Sriracha flavor. I haven't eaten them yet but I'm sure they're good -- I hardly ever do not like the snacks that come in subscription boxes.

And there you have it, everyone. The June 2016 PopSugar Must-Have Box. If you have the extra money and like a subscription box that isn't in one specific niche, this is the one you need. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

What is your favorite subscription box?

Links to Love

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This week was weird... mostly work wise and it went crazy fast. I've been weirdly anticipating this week to be over FOREVER because it's leading up to my first fatherless Father's Day and I'm not thrilled.

I felt this looming over my head ALL week long and it showed in my mood. I was stressing about everything from money to writing to my health... and I think it was all a combination of the anxiety of the weekend.

I'm visiting the cemetery for the first time tomorrow and then going to a BBQ Sunday to spend the day with my grandpa & mom's family. Throw in a Mets game with my sorority big on Saturday night & its a weird, sad, but cool weekend.

I've just been super stressed about money & my health lately; I joined the gym last week and actually went this week. I really, really love it I'm a simple gal and I really just like the elliptical; I do 30-35 minutes (right now) and then peace out. It's so easy! I just walk in, work out, and walk out.

Head to my boutique to shop Jen Atkin's latest hair collection with Chloe & Isabel

I sound ridiculous but the gym in neighborhood is HORRIBLE and an LA Fitness opened up in the next neighborhood over, about 5-7 minutes away. It's a stunning gym, there are so many machines, it has a pool, and the parking is amazing. It's basically the perfect gym and I've really enjoyed it so far. I just need to get on a good routine/schedule but all in due time.

Also, expect HUGE things in the next few months from Royally Pink. I had a blog critique from Neely, who runs It Starts With Coffee, and it was amazing. She gave me some great tips and I'm hoping to implement them soon but I also may try to switch over to Wordpress. Any bloggers who have done the move from Blogger to Wordpress, let a sister know!

Is that enough rambling for you? Let's get into links:

Happy weekend everyone!

I haven't bought a physical book in a while because I don't have the space for them; either I've been listening to books or buying them on my iPad to read in the Nook app. (I like the Nook app better than Kindle & iBooks, especially because I can read it on my actual Nook when I don't feel like using my iPad - #firstworldproblems)

There are certain books that I like to have, physically; some that I prefer to listen to, and some that I prefer to have electronically. I don't have a system for deciding this, it's just a feeling I have. If I already started a series on my Nook, I won't buy a physical book and vice versa. Some books I know I would just rather listen to than read... so on and so forth.

In my new room, I plan on having shelves to display pretty coffee table books but also have a storage system for the books I already have.

There are so many books that I've been wanting to read that have beautiful covers that I can just see displayed in my room, so I've held out on buying them at all.

Am I a little odd or do you understand why I like to read and/or listen to certain books? There is no science behind it, it's just how I feel.

If you're interested in my weird reading habits, below are the books I'm planning on listening to and/or reading this summer!

Anyone have any recommendations? I'm ALWAYS in need of a good book.
Jaclyn Hill is QUEEN. I love her so much and I think she is the best beauty guru on Youtube. That being said, this post may be SLIGHTLY biased, but to each his own.

Last summer, Jaclyn released, in collaboration, with Becca Cosmetics, a highlighter called Champagne Pop. It took over the beauty industry and put Becca on the map. It's a gorgeous Champagne, beige color that works on so many skin tones. I am confident in saying that Champagne Pop is my favorite highlight to date.

The texture of Becca's highlights are super smooth, easy to apply & blend, and just make your cheekbones pop. I am obsessed.

Champagne Pop was supposed to be limited edition but because it made such a splash, Becca made it permanent and I am so relieved to hear that, because I was so nervous I'd run out or my compact would break and I would never be able to get it again.

Back in December, Becca also released a limited edition holiday palette that had Champagne Pop, Pearl, and Blushed Copper -- all highlighters that soon became permanent. I got my hands on that too, because I can never have too much Champagne Pop.

That's why, when I heard that Jaclyn & Becca were teaming up AGAIN for a release this spring, I nearly lost it.

You can imagine my excitement when I found out it was a whole collection being released, which included a face palette, eye palette *which is no longer being sold due to quality issues*, and the poured creme & liquid versions of Champagne Pop.

I have yet to purchase the liquid & poured versions of the highlight but rest assured that I 100% will at some point. Both of these items are permanent so there is no rush!

However, there is a rush for the Limited Edition Face Palette which hits all Sephora stores on June 16th and should be back online that day as well.

I got my Face Palette when it was released in limited quantities during the Becca release party back in May and my goodness, I am in love.

Even though I've been addicted to cream products, I make an exception for this palette. It comes in this gorgeous gold & white packaging that feels light & heavy at the same time, but always feels luxurious & expensive.

It comes with 5 products; Champagne Pop, Prosecco Pop, Rose Spritz, Amaretto, and Pamplemousse.

Jaclyn created ALL of these shades and if you know her, and watch her videos, you can tell that this palette is HER. Prosecco Pop is a new highlighter shade that is a little more golden that Champagne Pop and it's utterly gorgeous.

There are three blushes with three different finishes: Rose Spritz is a Luminous Blush that has a lot of shimmer to it but is beautiful blended out on the cheeks. Amaretto is a neutral, bronzed colored blush that will look fabulous on everyone. Oh and it's also matte!

Pamplemousse is a very pink, bright satin blush that you can certainly make work, whether you like bright colors or not.

I've used all the colors in this palette and I do think that Amaretto is my favorite. Prosecco Pop is also a close second to my favorite highlight.

Rose Spritz, Amaretto, Pamplemousse, Champagne Pop, Prosecco Pop
I'm really excited to get my hands on the liquid & poured versions because, well, this post speaks for itself.

I did plan to talk about the eyeshadow palette that was released with this collection because it's beautiful & I love it, but it was taken off the shelves last week. There were some quality issues with the palette and apparently Becca used a different lab to produce this palette, and there were complaints about the dryness of the shadows. Jaclyn asked for it to be removed and Becca agreed.

Being in the cosmetics industry, I know how difficult it is to get a product right & I respect Becca & Jaclyn for their decision.

Anywho... I HIGHLY recommend heading to your local Sephora to grab this LIMITED EDITON palette. Try it out, see if it's something you love & if not, return it. Do not let this moment pass you by because you will regret it. It will be in stores on June 16th!

I go through phases with my makeup routine; some weeks I'll wear a full face of foundation, other weeks I can't be bothered to put any foundation on. Some weeks I will do a full eyeshadow look, other weeks I don't touch a single eyeshadow palette.

It may be a certain product, or a certain trend, but when I'm really into something beauty related it becomes my life and it's hard for me to stray from it. I'm in one of those moods right now and my current obsession is cream beauty products.

It could be a foundation, bronzer, blush, or highlight but I cannot stop using or lusting after cream beauty products.

I definitely have the mentality that you should wear cream products in the summertime but I feel like that's the opposite of what you "should do". I truly believe there are no rules when it comes to beauty or makeup and you can do what you want, so that's my motto.

When it's 80 degrees out, the last thing I want to think of is piling on foundation and powder. I feel like the heat makes the powder seep into my skin and I much prefer the finish that a cream product gives. I love looking dewy and glowing, and cream products definitely give me that look.

Cream products are also easier to apply and blend, in my opinion. They take zero to no time to apply and help me in getting ready quicker in the morning. I think they appear more natural on the skin, which is the look I want in the summertime.

Below are a few of my favorite & go to cream products. Some products that aren't included below are: Sephora Cushion Bronzer, Clinique Chubby Foundation Stick, and ColourPop shadows (Wattles & Porter are my two favorite shades right now)

What are your thoughts on cream products?

The week after a holiday (Memorial Day) is always a semi rough one, mostly for me because I was off last Monday & Friday so being at work full time after a long weekend is always meh. This week felt oddly slow and oddly fast at the same time but all in all, it's another weekend arrival.

A lot of fun stuff is happening -- I have some great posts & series planned for the next few weeks, I just became a contributor for The Haute Mess, and work is going great. Let's not forget moving! I am chomping at the bit to get into my new apartment & my own bedroom space.

I say that every week but I really cannot help it. It's so exciting.

This weekend is going to be lowkey because the next few weeks are pedal to the metal; brunch, Mets games, and my first Fathers Day without my dad. I'm sure my somber mood will reflect here in some way over the next few weeks... but let's not dwell on that.

Let's dwell on the good things I loved this week:

Lip oils are amazing and I am truly obsessed.

I love seeing what other ladies keep in their makeup bags

Depression AND anxiety? This article pretty much sums it up.

The fanciest & chicest & most photogenic iced coffees in all the land!

Sex and the City turned 18 years old this week & ugh, I love it

Like I said, I love seeing what's in people's makeup bags

 I desperately need the Instagram Business Profile, both personally & professionally 

What you missed on Royally Pink:
 Book Review Wednesday: The Siren
Tuesday Inspiration
Sephora VIB Rogue Event 

What did you love this week?

I originally had a book review of the sequels of The Selection series planned for this Book Review Wednesday but SO MANY of you told me in the comments last week that you were on the fence about reading this series but now wanted to.

Now, did it make sense for me to spoil the entire series/sequels? Not a chance! So, I decided on another Kiera Cass novel to review. After becoming obsessed with The Selection, I immediately immersed myself into her world. I was so impressed with her writing, I needed to read another book ASAP.

In this sense, I decided to LISTEN to a different Cass book titled "The Siren". This book proved that Cass's writing skills are well beyond Illea and The Selection.

The Siren is about Kahlen (pronounced Collin) and her ocean sisters; they are Sirens, women who are immortal and indebted to the ocean. Their voices are deadly to all of those who hear them, but their song is the most deadly. The Sirens sing and kill to feed the ocean (following so far?) and the ocean is their mother.

Yes, it's very weird, very confusing, and very mythical but it's SO INTERESTING.

The story, aside from Kahlen & her sisters being sirens, revolves around Colin's angst with killing people and not being able to live a regular life, most importantly: falling in love and having a family.

Kahlen deals with her own troubles, while also still trying to support her sisters and be loyal to the Ocean. She meets a boy (obviously) and is presented with the troubling decision of how to handle all of these feelings, because she knows falling for him can be extremely dangerous.

It's very interesting to be inside Kahlen's mind, and I found myself resenting the Ocean. I can't describe too much of the book without giving everything away, but it was just as good as The Selection.

The ending GOT ME.. I was tearing up while listening to this on the train to work and I'm pretty sure people were looking at me.

In a way, I wasn't expecting the ending, it wasn't random by any means but from the start of the book, to the middle of the book, you would NOT expect what happens, to actually happen.

I think if you're looking for a fiction, mythical but realistic book, this is it. I think this would make a great beach read and it is interesting, well written, and developed fully. If you don't want a commitment of a series (I feel like EVERY book is a series nowadays), read this. You won't regret it!

This is a different kind of Tuesday Inspiration. I've been thinking a lot about how people live their lives, how I live my life.

I'm a simple girl who loves to shop, drink Champagne, hang out with friends, and stay home to be on the Internet or watch trashy reality tv marathons.

In college I was that girl, but in a different way. I still loved to relax and get my sleep but I could stay out till 3 AM, drink two bottles of wine at a mixer, and still make it to my sorority even the next day. I was a planner, I loved to have my toes in everything, and I loved to party. I never missed a beat while I was in school... but that was two years ago.

In the same breath, I didn't party like other people. I didn't go home with different guys every night, I didn't get blackout drunk every weekend, and I liked to stay local in my college town.

I never liked the same things everyone else did, ever since I was little. I loved to read, I loved staying home and watching tv, I didn't like going out too much. It's just who I am.

Now that I'm 23 years old, I feel more pressure to act a certain way. I feel like I should want to go out all the time to bars and clubs, I should want to never ever stay home and be traveling the world.

Well, I've been thinking a lot about that stuff and the truth is, I'm not like everyone else and I don't want to feel pressure by society (so dramatic) or my friends/peers to be doing that "typical 20 year old stuff". I'm 85 years old at heart and I'm fine.

I don't like dating apps, and as much as I want someone in my life, I know I'm not going to find it on Tinder or Bumble.. that doesn't mean no one can (people have!) but I know I probably won't.

I work a full time job and deal with an almost 2 hour commute daily (2 hours there, 2 back) and you know, if I feel too exhausted on a Friday night to go out, that's ok.

If I'd rather get wasted at brunch on a Saturday afternoon than a bar on a Saturday night, that's ok too.

If I want to stay inside in my air conditioning and blog on a Sunday afternoon instead of sitting outside on a hot beach.. what's so wrong with that?

I would love to travel and visit new places but you know, sometimes I'd rather have an eyeshadow palette. I shouldn't have to feel bad about that.

Yes, I get anxiety and yes sometimes I probably have to force myself to go out because I mean, I do like to be social but on my own terms.

I'm not insecure by any means, but this is a topic that annoys me and that I'm self conscious about. If I want to stay home, I want to stay home and I shouldn't have to feel sorry for it.

Well, I think this week I finally owned all of this and I decided that I'm not going to be self conscious about doing what I want to do, how I want to do it. It's my life and I will live how I please... as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.


Does this make sense to all of you? Does anyone else feel pressured to do things they don't want to do? Tell me in the comments!

It's no surprise that I spend a crapload of money on makeup. It's a passion, it's a hobby, it's what I really, really enjoy. Sephora is my FAVORITE place to shop because well, it's the makeup motherland. Because of that, I'm a Sephora VIB Rogue, their top tier rewards members.

There are a lot of perks to being VIB Rogue: free shipping with no minimum (everyone can get this with spending $10 a year on a Flash subscription), exclusive products, an exclusive welcome gift, and special events.

I've felt all the perks expect the special event, until this weekend. About 2 weeks ago I got an email inviting me (and all other Sephora VIB Rogue members) to an in-store event to preview the new Fall launches from a few brands, before anyone else.

It took about 2 seconds for me to respond RVSP and put it in my calendar. I was so excited and I didn't care that I would have to wake up at 8 AM on a Sunday.

I attended the event yesterday and it was wonderful. I got there pretty early because this particular location is on a strip that has the worst parking but on a rainy Sunday morning, I found a spot easily. (Because you care about my parking...)

Sephora Snapchat Filter outside the store
Anyways, we were warmly welcomed into Sephora and I noticed the sign on the door that said the store was closed for a private VIB event and would open to the public at 11 AM. It made me feel ultra fancy.

I received a name tag and a mimosa (uhh yes please!) and walked right over to the tower that held all the new launches. I was slightly disappointed with the selection -- I thought there would be more exciting stuff but there was some exciting stuff.

The new Benefit Brow line was sampled, but only Brow Kaboom, their brow pomade. I definitely would've picked up one of their pencils if they had it.

There was an awesome Sephora favorites set (that I didn't need) and a cute Nars glowing set that was actually really nice and I regret not getting.

The thing I did get? A new Urban Decay Vice Lipstick.

I had a feeling these would be on display and I SWORE I wouldn't buy one because I have too many lip products to count but I couldn't resist.

There were so many shades and finishes, I grabbed a comfort matte in the shade Safe Word, a perfect beige nude.

The packaging is very sleek, similar to their old packaging on their Revolution Lipsticks. It does feel a little lighter and slightly on the cheaper side, however.

I did recently pick up a few of the Revolution lipsticks since they've been 50% off at all retailers and I can say that I think the Vice lipsticks are better. The Vice Lipsticks have a traditional bullet while the Revolution has that lip balm, flat bullet.

The Vice lipsticks feel ultra light weight and creamy, but not so creamy that it bleeds or slips all over your lips.

I haven't worn it for very long, just a quick lip swatch but it feels comfortable and it does have a matte finish but not one that is ultra drying or too flat.

My first impression of the Vice lipsticks is that it's nice. I'm not picky with lipsticks but I'd say these are in my top favorites of what I own. I may pick up a few more once they're available to everyone, I'm curious to try out the other finishes.

Back to the event...

I looked around the store a little while longer and almost picked up this Limited Edition Nars Orgasm blush but realized I didn't really need it. I grabbed the best nail polish remover ever, and a travel size Better Than Sex Mascara for my mom, and headed to check out.

When I paid, I received a free, HUGE makeup bag that is perfect for traveling and a few perfume samples. I have to say, I haven't shopped in a regular Sephora in so long, because I usually go to the one inside a local JcPenny but the staff was amazing.

I was only at the event for an hour but it was a great one and I'm so happy I got the chance to go. I really look forward to another event soon!

Have you ever attended an exclusive Sephora event?