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This week was weird... mostly work wise and it went crazy fast. I've been weirdly anticipating this week to be over FOREVER because it's leading up to my first fatherless Father's Day and I'm not thrilled.

I felt this looming over my head ALL week long and it showed in my mood. I was stressing about everything from money to writing to my health... and I think it was all a combination of the anxiety of the weekend.

I'm visiting the cemetery for the first time tomorrow and then going to a BBQ Sunday to spend the day with my grandpa & mom's family. Throw in a Mets game with my sorority big on Saturday night & its a weird, sad, but cool weekend.

I've just been super stressed about money & my health lately; I joined the gym last week and actually went this week. I really, really love it I'm a simple gal and I really just like the elliptical; I do 30-35 minutes (right now) and then peace out. It's so easy! I just walk in, work out, and walk out.

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I sound ridiculous but the gym in neighborhood is HORRIBLE and an LA Fitness opened up in the next neighborhood over, about 5-7 minutes away. It's a stunning gym, there are so many machines, it has a pool, and the parking is amazing. It's basically the perfect gym and I've really enjoyed it so far. I just need to get on a good routine/schedule but all in due time.

Also, expect HUGE things in the next few months from Royally Pink. I had a blog critique from Neely, who runs It Starts With Coffee, and it was amazing. She gave me some great tips and I'm hoping to implement them soon but I also may try to switch over to Wordpress. Any bloggers who have done the move from Blogger to Wordpress, let a sister know!

Is that enough rambling for you? Let's get into links:

Happy weekend everyone!

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