This product was sent to me in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own.

I've been out of the subscription game for a while; I stopped my Birchbox subscription a while ago, I don't receive any food boxes anymore. I am receiving the Sephora Play box (post coming soon) but I'm unsure if it's worth it.

As much as I love getting a present delivered to my door every month, I just don't have the budget and sometimes getting too much every month makes me feel overwhelmed.

Also, everyone has a subscription box now and the market is very saturated -- how can you possibly just choose one to receive?

The ONE box that I do love and recommend if you're in the market for a new subscription service is PopSugar Must Have. I just think the value always beats everyone else & the price is a medium mix: $39.99 per month and usually the box is valued at AT LEAST $100, if not more.

I've partnered with PopSugar in the past & they've sent me boxes for review, and we're back at it again. I was so excited to receive the June box, I always feel like the summer boxes are exciting at PopSugar.

Side note: If $39.99 a month is too much for you, PopSugar just recently released their mini subscription box for around $18 a month. You get 2 items and the box is valued at around $50. I subscribed to this the first month it was offered and I received a candle & a Farmacy Lip Bloom. I was pretty happy with it but quickly canceled because it's just not in my budget. Once I get on track, I probably will subscribe to that because I like the idea of a cheaper box but still a good value.

I was really happy with what was in the June box; it's a mixture of food, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and it's honestly just a box of fun.

The theme of this month's box (every PopSugar Must Have is centered around a theme and all the items are related ) was "sunshine, cheers, joy, togetherness, outdoors, and festivities" so the start of summer, outdoor fun, and entertaining.

I have to say, everything really does scream summer & entertaining and I really like it.

First up, a Neutral Diamonds-Printed Sarong that is super cute, good quality and versatile. It can be used over a bathing suit, as a shall, on your head-- I may not get too much use out of this but I know my mom definitely will.

Some beauty products that I received was a NCLA nail polish in "Born on the Fourth" which is a red, white, and blue glitter polish. I haven't tried it out yet but I sure will once July 1st comes. Also, NCLA is a great, expensive high quality nail polish brand so my expectations are high.

I received Pacifica Under Arm Deodorant Wipes and these are very intriguing. I have never tried a Pacifica product but I have been wanting to for a while. I think the idea of this product is really interesting and it's ideal for the beach or the gym so I will definitely be trying these out and possible reporting back.

A lifestyle/beauty item was a Knock Knock "Are You Ready For Your Close Up" Compact. I have a few compact mirrors but I really like this one because it's one that you open & close, and it also has a magnifying mirror in addition to a regular one. This is my new go-to.

As for the entertaining items, a bottle opener that says "Cheers" and a "Wild & Wolf" Who Am I? Quiz, which my family & I played at yesterday's Father's Day BBQ.

And FINALLY, the food item in this month's box was a bag of 'Pressels', a lower calorie pretzel, in the Sriracha flavor. I haven't eaten them yet but I'm sure they're good -- I hardly ever do not like the snacks that come in subscription boxes.

And there you have it, everyone. The June 2016 PopSugar Must-Have Box. If you have the extra money and like a subscription box that isn't in one specific niche, this is the one you need. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

What is your favorite subscription box?
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