I've officially hung up my credit cards. I've said it before but I will say it again, I need to get a hold of my finances and I need to stop shopping for makeup. I was doing good at some point but fell off the wagon and the result is this post.

I definitely don't need all the makeup I have but it's truly something I enjoy. I love finding new trends and trying the latest product... so I can't help it.

But you probably won't see a haul post for a while...

I have a few more things I want to talk about besides the items here but those are posts coming in a few weeks: a set of skincare products that I've been loving & a post all about lip oils.

For now, here are some new items that I've really fallen for:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation: I may do another post on this, more in depth, but I was really looking for a new high end foundation. I had my eye on the Hello Flawless by Benefit (and I still do!) but I couldn't resist this. I've wanted to try Charlotte Tilbury forever and I thought the Magic Foundation was a good place to start. Well, it is magic. I've never received such comments on my skin as I did when I wore this foundation. It's smooth, hydrating, and gives a great natural, but luminous finish. GIVE ME ALL THE CHARLOTTE TILBURY. 
  • Smashbox Brow Tech Gloss: I had this pencil in my collection for months before I actually picked it up this month. I watched a review on it a few months back and it was a negative review, so I never thought to pick it up and actually use it. (I received it in this kit) but I decided to give it a go & I'm in love. It's easy to use and fills in my brows while also giving them a shape. This does have a glossy finish, as it states from the name, but I don't mind it. It doesn't look like I applied lip gloss to my brows, it just gives a more natural look and it doesn't look like I filled in my brows with pencil. I will for sure be repurchasing when this is finished.
  • Marc Jacobs Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator in "Spotlight": I received this puppy from Influenster and I've never been so happy. Getting a high end product for free is very satisfying. I was also excited because it's the year of cream highlights for me and this does not disappoint. I love that it's a white highlight because it breaks me out of comfort zone of peachy/gold highlighters. I apply it with a small stipple brush and it gives a soft, natural, but still noticeable highlight. It blends beautifully and I've been using it on the daily, without foundation, for a hint of something special.
  • Tarte Kiss & Blush Cream Palette: When I saw this on Tarte's Instagram a few weeks ago, my jaw dropped and my heart started to race. I needed it so badly. I've been so into face palettes and SO into cream products. I refused to buy it from Tarte's website because I had a bad experience with them a few months ago so when I saw it launch on Sephora's website last week, I knew this would be my final makeup purchase for a while. These are intensely pigmented so have a light hand when using, but they are so easily blendable. The shades are perfect to take you from summer to fall and right back again; I'm obsessed.
  • Benefit 1st Prize Highlighters: Can you see a theme here? Cream products to the rescue! I was eyeing this set from Sephora for a few weeks before I bit the $18 bullet. Three of Benefit's best selling highlighters and I've never tried them before? Blasphemy! These are mini versions of the best sellers, High Beam, Sun Beam, and Shy Beam, but when do you ever go through a full highlighter? I love dabbing these on the tops of my cheek bones and blending with a small stipple brush for a natural, luminous look. It's not overpowering but you probably could build them up by applying more than three dots on each cheekbone. The applicator is a little odd and I feel like I'm applying nail polish to my face but I can appreciate the uniqueness. 
  • Ciate London Scrub Stix Exfoilating Lip Balm: I saw this and was completely intrigued. I love a beauty product that makes me think "I wonder what that is like". My lips have been super dry lately (something is happening with my skin) and I thought this would be interesting. I was expecting just a lip exfoliator in stick form but that is not what this is. It's a lip balm, most importantly, that has little exfoliating beads to both hydrate and remove dead skin from your lips at the same time. It's interesting and I love an interesting beauty product. It seems to be working for me so I'm pretty happy with it! 
What beauty products have you been enjoying lately?
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