I go through phases with my makeup routine; some weeks I'll wear a full face of foundation, other weeks I can't be bothered to put any foundation on. Some weeks I will do a full eyeshadow look, other weeks I don't touch a single eyeshadow palette.

It may be a certain product, or a certain trend, but when I'm really into something beauty related it becomes my life and it's hard for me to stray from it. I'm in one of those moods right now and my current obsession is cream beauty products.

It could be a foundation, bronzer, blush, or highlight but I cannot stop using or lusting after cream beauty products.

I definitely have the mentality that you should wear cream products in the summertime but I feel like that's the opposite of what you "should do". I truly believe there are no rules when it comes to beauty or makeup and you can do what you want, so that's my motto.

When it's 80 degrees out, the last thing I want to think of is piling on foundation and powder. I feel like the heat makes the powder seep into my skin and I much prefer the finish that a cream product gives. I love looking dewy and glowing, and cream products definitely give me that look.

Cream products are also easier to apply and blend, in my opinion. They take zero to no time to apply and help me in getting ready quicker in the morning. I think they appear more natural on the skin, which is the look I want in the summertime.

Below are a few of my favorite & go to cream products. Some products that aren't included below are: Sephora Cushion Bronzer, Clinique Chubby Foundation Stick, and ColourPop shadows (Wattles & Porter are my two favorite shades right now)

What are your thoughts on cream products?

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