I originally had a book review of the sequels of The Selection series planned for this Book Review Wednesday but SO MANY of you told me in the comments last week that you were on the fence about reading this series but now wanted to.

Now, did it make sense for me to spoil the entire series/sequels? Not a chance! So, I decided on another Kiera Cass novel to review. After becoming obsessed with The Selection, I immediately immersed myself into her world. I was so impressed with her writing, I needed to read another book ASAP.

In this sense, I decided to LISTEN to a different Cass book titled "The Siren". This book proved that Cass's writing skills are well beyond Illea and The Selection.

The Siren is about Kahlen (pronounced Collin) and her ocean sisters; they are Sirens, women who are immortal and indebted to the ocean. Their voices are deadly to all of those who hear them, but their song is the most deadly. The Sirens sing and kill to feed the ocean (following so far?) and the ocean is their mother.

Yes, it's very weird, very confusing, and very mythical but it's SO INTERESTING.

The story, aside from Kahlen & her sisters being sirens, revolves around Colin's angst with killing people and not being able to live a regular life, most importantly: falling in love and having a family.

Kahlen deals with her own troubles, while also still trying to support her sisters and be loyal to the Ocean. She meets a boy (obviously) and is presented with the troubling decision of how to handle all of these feelings, because she knows falling for him can be extremely dangerous.

It's very interesting to be inside Kahlen's mind, and I found myself resenting the Ocean. I can't describe too much of the book without giving everything away, but it was just as good as The Selection.

The ending GOT ME.. I was tearing up while listening to this on the train to work and I'm pretty sure people were looking at me.

In a way, I wasn't expecting the ending, it wasn't random by any means but from the start of the book, to the middle of the book, you would NOT expect what happens, to actually happen.

I think if you're looking for a fiction, mythical but realistic book, this is it. I think this would make a great beach read and it is interesting, well written, and developed fully. If you don't want a commitment of a series (I feel like EVERY book is a series nowadays), read this. You won't regret it!

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