Today I turn 23 years old and I can't believe we've come this far. I don't feel 23. I feel like I'm still 16. I don't feel like I can be considered an adult because I don't understand things like taxes or know how to control myself in aspects of shopping.

I still live at home and share a room with my sister. I don't feel like I commute into Manhattan everyday for my dream job, or that I have a boss or coworkers that count on me. I don't feel like I'm responsible enough to handle all of those responsibilities.

I still long for my college friends and my college campus. I still wear my sorority letters and reminisce about the fraternity mixers I attended.

I don't feel like I'm 23 years old but here we are.

With that being said, I do think I've grown and matured over the years, especially this past year. 22 was a really difficult year for me, in more ways than one. I struggled with money, adjusting to post grad, some personal woes, my anxiety, finding a job, accepting that I liked my job, and everything in between. It was not easy but I have come out on the other side and I think from here, the only way is up.

1. Communication is key: If something is bothering you, the best thing to do is talk about it. Whether you're mad at a friend, your mom, or someone else, it's important to let it out. I am known for talking things to death, because it makes me feel better, but it's extra important to face your concerns and go directly to the person you have a problem with. This sounds like common sense, but I used to let a lot of things go but now I try to face them head on.

2. No one will help you but yourself: This took a while for me to figure out. I have a lot of issues with anxiety, and it was affecting my life in so many ways. I was kind of waiting for something to happen for me to snap out of it but it didn't happen. My anxiety got worse and worse until I made the decision to fix it. I'm planning another post on this, more in depth, but I got myself on anti anxiety medication and honestly, I feel like a new person. I changed my life in the past few months and it's helped in such a huge way. No one will take care of you if you can't take care of yourself.

3. It's ok to say no: I had an issue with saying no to a lot of things; to plans, to helping someone out -- you name it! I realized this past year that if it isn't going to make me happy or if I am going to dread it, what is the point of doing it? I don't need to make excuses for something I don't want to do. I just need to say no. If it's not going to hurt the other person's feelings, or put them out, then I need to do what I need to do. I am the only one who can make myself happy so I need to do what is right for me.  This was a huge revelation for me and totally added to my happiness.

4. Think before you speak: Another common sense notion but something I really took to heart recently. I am a very emotional, act right now, type of person. If something was bothering me, I acted right then and there, purely on emotions. Afterwards, no matter the outcome, I felt like an idiot and knew I should've waited to say something. This could go against my "communication is key" philosophy but it's totally different. I'm talking about getting through the emotional stage before bursting out with whatever is on your mind. If you're acting out of emotion, you are not thinking clearly and you may feel differently once you calm down. Thinking and processing your emotions before speaking or acting will make a huge difference in all relationships.

5. Treat yourself: This is my big philosophy, clearly because I'm a shopacholic but I don't mean buying yourself something every week. I'm talking about little treats. If you're having a bad day, or you know the day will be stressful do things to make life a little easier and sweeter. Buy yourself that expensive latte, or have a nice big breakfast or lunch. My thing is always if I had a stressful day at work, I'll treat myself to taking the express bus home rather than the subway. It's the little things in life-- I am a firm believer in that.

6. Good friends: Good friends will always be there, no matter what. I savor my friendships where I could not see or talk to someone for weeks and we pick up right where we left off. I think that speaks volumes of how you feel about each other, and I've really cherished that. This may not be something I learned, but in a way it is. I learned that you don't need to talk to someone every day to have a connection. Your friends are your friends, forever.

The last lesson that I live by?

So here it is. The day we wait all year for. The biggest shopping day/weekend of the entire year and my goodness, it is a shopaholic's dream!

I shop like crazy all year round but I love a good sale/deal so this is my Christmas.

I know I won't be buying a lot for myself but I will definitely be getting gifts for my family and friends. But let's be honest, I wouldn't be me if I didn't get myself at least ONE gift!

Here are the sales that I'll be shopping, mostly online because I don't want to face the crowds and there are sometimes better deals online than in store.

Ulta Beauty: Special deals & steals on certain items

American Eagle Outfitters: 40% off & free shipping!

Spring: 20% off entire site!

BaubleBar: 30% off with code THX

Birchbox: 25% off with code BIGDEAL

Sephora: They have their annual $10 deals which are a steal!!

Kate Spade: 25% off with code MERCI

Best Buy: Doorbuster (I'll be buying a new JawboneUp Fitness Tracker)

If I come across any other sales that I think are worthy, or that I shop, I will definitely up this post!

What sales are you looking forward too? And also, do you do more shopping this weekend in store or online? I'm very curious what other people's shopping habits are!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am so thankful for so many things this year: a great job, my friends, family, my health, and everything in between!

It is my favorite day of the year for so many reasons: food, family, the fall weather, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, my birthday in a few days, Black Friday & Cyber Monday-- the list goes on and on!

I'm currently sitting on my couch, snuggled under a blanket, watching the parade on television. There are candles burning, I made Pumpkin Spice coffee & cinnamon rolls for breakfast -- it really is the perfect morning!

Later on today I'll be heading to my aunt's house with my dad's family and I can't wait to dive into all the food! Along with the traditional Thanksgiving meal, I'm Italian and we always have a few extra goodies on the table, like antipasti and fresh mozzarella -- oh I cannot wait!

Here is what I'll be wearing later - I always love dressing for Thanksgiving because you can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Jeggings anyone? I need some extra wiggle room for all the turkey!

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I post all the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales I'll be shopping :)

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

Thank you to PUR Cosmetics for sending me these products! All opinions are my own :)

I've said it many times before but I am a hardcore beauty addict. If there is a good beauty product out there, I will find it.

And my goodness, I've found a good one!

Contouring is not something I'm good at but it's also not something I'm bad at. I don't see the point in making it difficult or contouring every part of my face-- I usually just do my cheek bones to make my face look similar and have my makeup appear more put together.

For this, I use a contour powder but have always wanted to experiment with cream contour products. They seem to blend easier and have more staying power. I never took the plunge into cream contouring, until now.

PUR Cosmetics is a great beauty brand that prides themselves on being the complexion authority. I've tried their famous 4-in-1 Powder Foundation and it was life changing in terms of being one of my first powder foundations.

When they contacted me a few weeks ago, asking if I wanted to try some of their products I said yes immediately! It still amazes me that beauty brands I enjoy and love want me to try their products out --it's the coolest feeling!

Well, when I received their beautiful package last week, I was floored! I mean, it was so beautifully wrapped, I almost didn't want to open it...but I did. And I was stunned to find every shade of their brand new product, the Cameo Contour Dual-Ended Contour Stick.

It is a two in one deal--one side is a highlighter, and the other side is a sculpting, contour shade. It is made with natural, light reflective microspheres which enhance your face's natural features. It is also super creamy, but in the best way possible. The cool thing about this stick is that you can use it as a foundation because it has all the benefits that PUR foundations have--like age defying complexes, hydrating cermaides, and Vitamin A.

In english, all of that means it has skin enhancing ingredients, creates plumper and softer looking skin. It'll blur your imperfections all the while sculpting and shaping your face! It's a fabulous product.

Another added bonus? It comes with it's own contour blending sponge. It is the same material as the beautyblender but is slightly more firm. It has a slanted side which is supposed to help with blending in the product.

Cameo Contour is available in 5 shades: Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, and Deep.

Well, I was looking for an excuse to test this baby out and when I went to brunch on Saturday, I figured it was the perfect time.

After doing my entire foundation and concealer routine, I twisted up the contour end of the Light shade stick and applied it to the hollows of my cheek bones, as I would a powder.

I then applied very little to my temples and underneath my chin--a task I leave specifically for bronzer but I was curious to see how the stick worked. I also wet the contour sponge to use and was pleasantly surprised to how soft it felt once it was wet.

The contour blended beautifully and easily into my cheeks with the sponge, leaving a perfectly sculpted finish behind. It took virtually no effort to blend it in and my cheeks were just as sculpted as when I used a powder.

The finished look! Excuse my weird face
I didn't have to work too hard to get the contour to work, which was nice because whenever I use powder, I feel like I have to blend very hard and keep going back over it until I get the finish I want. That definitely wasn't the case with this dual ended stick.

I didn't try out the highlight shade but I am planning on doing so soon. I just fell instantly in love with the contour and I'm pretty sure this will be my go-to every time I contour. I may even contour even more now because I have a super easy way to do so!

Have you ever tried a contour stick? What did you think?

Happy Monday! Happy Thanksgiving week! I really need this mini break, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all time so I am super excited. It's also one week till my 23rd birthday -- how exciting! (just a tad bit of sarcasm)

Sorry for disappearing on the blog last week-- I forgot to write a post on Wednesday night and then Thursday night I was super stressed out and exhausted. I also got home from work very late because I was at Teen Vogue at a focus group!

Yes, TEEN VOGUE. In the CondeNast section of 1 World Trade Center. It was so surreal, so amazing, and a dream come true. To be in that building, in that office, I never imagined it in my wildest dreams.

I took a survey and was invited to the offices to talk about fashion and accessories. It was myself and 9 other girls who were in college. We talked, discussed, laughed, ate macaroons and drank sparkling water. We also got a free Movado Bold watch to thank us for participating.

Um... is this my life? I am so thankful for all the fun and cool things I get to do!

Anyways, here is the real purpose of this post... Manicure Monday.

I've been seriously slacking on my fall/winter nail polish collection. I never have the colors I'm in the mood for so I think I'll buy a few more while I still can. I did however buy a new color from the Essie Winter 2015 Collection.

It's not the color I usually go for in the winter because it's a light lavender color and I feel like that is more of a spring color. I was hesitant to buy it but then I thought about it and realized it's a crisp, chill lavender which reminds me of snow and cool, winter air.

Well, I was right.

This particular Essie formula is a dream! It's super opaque, very smooth and easy to apply. I used it with me Essie Gel Setter top coat and I swear, the polish was even shiner and didn't budge for 5 days. Even then, the chipping was very minimal.

Oh, the color is called "Virgin Snow" which I think is the perfect name to describe it because it's such a pure, winter shade. I felt so cozy and sophisticated wearing it. As the weather gets colder, this is definitely going to be my go-to shade!

What is on your nails this Manicure Monday?

How is it mid November? How is Thanksgiving next week? How is my birthday in less than 2 weeks? Time is flying by and I don't like it one bit.

This is however, my favorite time of the year. Fall into winter, the holidays, all the good food and the chill air. The Christmas movies, wrapping paper, winter scented candles, ugh everything is so perfect during the holidays and I would never trade it for the world.

Another reason this is my favorite time of year? My birthday. I'm not one to celebrate their birthday a week before and after the actual day, but I do enjoy my birthday.

In less than two weeks, I turn the ever boring 23 years old. I'll go on and on about turning 23 another time but for now, I will daydream about what I want for this ever non exciting birthday.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Harmony Crossbody Bite Beauty Discovery Set HourGlass Ambient Lighting Palette Baublebar Ice Queen Collar Kendra Scott Ellie Oval Stone Stud Earrings  Kate Spade Why Hello There iPhone Case

This kind of is a combined birthday & Christmas list because let's be honest, I'm not getting all of this for one day. I've just been eyeing all of these things for so long and what better time to treat yourself than the holiday season?

This was definitely not a winning month for Birchbox and I am getting very close to canceling it. Birchbox has always had its ups and downs over the years, but for the past year or so, it's really been on it's A game. It was pretty much September-November that I haven't been a huge fan of the boxes I've been getting.

I will say a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have so many beauty products now that I'm just not as impressed with the products in the boxes as of late. Also, I've been getting a ton of perfume samples and since I'm allergic, it's a total waste for me.

I may stick it out one more month and see what happens in December but if that box is a bust, I'll probably cancel for a few months.

This month had to be one of my least favorite Birchboxes in over 3 years, which is funny because this had to be my favorite design on a box ever. It is gorgeous! I have it displayed on my desk with the LE Everyday Glamour Box and I'm obsessed with both designs.

Even though I really am not a fan of everything in the box, I do like all the products, I just wasn't impressed with the selection.

//Harvey Prince Yoigini Perfume: Yep, another perfume that I can't wear. Well, that's a lie. I've been experimenting with wearing perfume the past week and so far, so good. I haven't had an allergic reaction yet so we'll see how the it pans out. I wore this to work on Friday and it's a very subtle, feminine scent. It has notes of grapefruit and star jasmine which is really pleasant and pretty.

Full size: $57
Sample size: 3/5

//LOC Vibrant Matte Lipstick in Glam Life: I was probably most excited for this product, not going to lie. Earlier this month, Birchbox released their FIRST MAKEUP LINE and they partnered with one of my favorite Beauty Guru's,  Tati from GlamLifeGuru. They released eyeshadow sticks and matte lipsticks and every Birchbox subscriber got to sample one of the products in this months' box. I was happy I got the berry shade of lipstick and wore this last Friday. It's smooth, gorgeous, long wearing, and extremely easy to apply. This is definitely going to be a staple in my winter beauty routine.

Full size: $8
Sample size: 5/5

//Moroccanoil Hand Cream Fleur d' Oranger: I was less than thrilled to see another hand lotion in my Birchbox. Usually I don't mind these products but I have so many hand creams in rotation, I don't know what to do with them all. However, it was a nice surprise to see a full size product in a box. I also love the Moroccanoil brand so I enjoyed that as well. This would be a total win if it wasn't for the scent. I know it says it's an orange scent and I usually like citrus scents but this is just plain gross. It's so faint and subtle, but at the same time it's just not inviting. I've been using it because it's very moisturizing but the scent is horrible.

Full size: $24
Sample size: 5/5

//Number 4 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil: I have enough hair oil to last me 100 years. I definitely didn't need another one. I like the Number 4 brand and it's nice to have a tiny sample size to travel with but I wish I would've gotten something else instead of this. I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it's great.

Full size: $26
Sample size: 2/5

//theBalm FratBoy Eyeshadow/blush: I don't have nearly as much theBalm products as I would like so whenever they pop up in my Birchbox, I am very happy. I've seen this product around before and have been curious to try it out. The sample is expectionally tiny and I don't know how I would ever get a blush brush into the little compact, nor would I use this color as an eyeshadow but I'll try it out and see what happens. theBalm is super high quality and I've never been disappointed with their products.

Full size: $21
Sample size: 1/5

We'll see what happens with Birchbox next month, otherwise I'll say bye-bye to it for a little while.

What did you get in your Birchbox this month?

It feels like every day my beauty collection grows and grows. As I've said before, I'm starting to get overwhelmed with everything but I'm always swapping things out and giving things away to family and friends.

There is one product that I will never ever part with and I'm so happy I finally jumped on the band wagon.

GlamGlow has always be known for their face masks and skincare. They popped up in the beauty world a few years ago and since then, have blown up. They've won every beauty award you could think of and within good right. Their products are amazing.

GlamGlow started out with just face masks but they've expanded into cleansers and lip treatments as well. I've only tried two of the face masks and one of their eye treatments but I'm hoping to get into more products soon. GlamGlow is nice because they have different masks and cleansers for everyone and every skin type. If your skin is dry, they have a mask for that; if your skin is oily, there is a mask for that. You can even multi mask, which is putting two different masks on at the same time, in different areas of your face.

There is one downside of GlamGlow though; the products are also very expensive. $69 for a face mask is way to pricey for me and for the average person, but I can see why someone would spend that much, it's definitely worth it. The good news is that you don't have to pay $69 for the face masks because at Sephora, the brand has released mini sized masks and cleansers which are a fraction of the price. You may go through them faster but it's better to spend $20 at once than $70.

Last winter when my skin was freaking out, I tried the GlamGlow ThirstyMud (in the blue jar) because it's for deeply dry skin and helps hydrate. I haven't used this much, just a few times, and it's not like a typical mask. It shows up clear on your skin and really moisturizes it. I've heard people use this as an overnight mask or moisturizer. I haven't tried that yet but it's definitely a great alternative use.

The mask that is probably most famous is the one in the white jar, and the one I have a full size of. Don't worry, I didn't pay full price. If you remember reading my Beauty To Know post on BeautyKind, you know that I got the Supermud Clearing Treatment with a coupon code.

The SuperMud is supposed to clear your skin and rid it of any impurities. It brings everything to the surface and gets rid of all the dirt inside your pores. It's actually kind of fascinating.  The mask is a dark grey color but when you apply it to your face and let it dry, it turns light grey. You could actually see your pores clearing out. It's so weird and so cool.

The mask tingles a little bit and has a very minty smell and you could feel it working as the color turns. My skin feels like a baby's bottom when I wash the mask off and it just feels a lot smoother and cleaner.

I was having issues with blackheads and whiteheads a few weeks back and I used the SuperMud mask once a week to help clear my skin and it worked wonders.

Whenever I run out of this mask, I will for sure be purchasing the smaller size from Sephora.

If you're in need of a truly amazing face mask, try GlamGlow. If you're looking to splurge, try one of their gift sets or get the smaller $20 size. You surely won't regret it -- there is a reason these are so raved about!

Have you ever tried GlamGlow? What did you think?

Let me start off on a negative note because that's how I roll and say this was the longest week of my life. Did everyone else feel that way??? I feel like last weekend was years ago. Monday feels like a month has passed since. It's insane.

I am happy to see the weekend, a weekend that I don't have definite plans yet for but honestly, I don't even care. Am I losing my touch again? I just have things I want to do around the house and I do have plans for the next few weekends. I've just been so sleepy all week, ugh, why isn't it socially acceptable to relax and sleep on the weekends?!

I want to work on freelance projects and the blog, I want to actually do it too and not just say I'm going too. Someone hold me to it, please!

Also, I already broke No Buy November. I should be ashamed of myself. I have been raving about my planner but in the past few weeks, I noticed I wasn't using it as much. It was getting dirty, I wasn't using it because it's not a spiral book and doesn't stay open. I found myself forgetting things and feeling flustered because I wasn't organized.

That's when I realized I desperately missed my Lilly planner. I have been on a huge Lilly Pulitzer kick again and have fallen back in love and I knew my heart lies with Lilly. That's why I ordered two Lilly planners, this large agenda  and this medium size agenda. I didn't know which size I wanted so I ordered both and decided on keeping the classic large agenda. The medium was slightly too small for me -- it's a hair bigger than the one and honestly, planner space never goes to waste so I just went with the bigger one and I feel much better--much more like myself and much more organized.

Ok, that rant is over... but yeah, that's all I broke on my No Buy and nothing else. I think I can handle the rest of the month aside from the VIB sale that starts today and Black Friday (for Christmas gifts). I also think I may just live a no buy life starting now and really only buy special treats or things I need. UGH, this is so difficult.

I will stop rambling now and get into my links -- thanks for listening :)

Is commitment phobia real? Please someone tell me it is..

I've been to a lot of these places but the other? Someone take me!

Prevent a cold this year with these simple steps.

Waiting for the person you love to be ready is the most heart breaking thing in the world... trust me

Wake up looking fresh & beautiful with these helpful beauty products

These Friends jokes are ALWAYS FUNNY

108 BEAUTIFUL Disney shots from our favorite movies? My goodness, this moved me near tears

Happy weekend everyone!

My obsession with Audible has not faltered in the past few months. With every book I fall more and more in love with the app and with audiobooks in general. I usually like to listen to memoirs or thriller/suspense type books on the app, books I may not normally read. There are certain books that I have saved on my wish lists that I know are books I will only read and not listen too, and vice versa. 

With that being said, a few weeks ago I noticed a major pattern with the types of books I was reading.  I kept being attracted to the same types of books. They were all written by Liane Moriarty. 

I first discovered Liane last year when I read her book "Big Little Lies" and then followed it up by listening to "The Husband's Secret"

I had listened to two of her books before I realized that they were written by the same author, and then I started seeking out Liane's books. I instantly became addicted and listened to every single book she had written, one after the other. I couldn't get enough! 

All of her books are set in Australia and read by someone with an Australian accent. They have the same type of story, the same type of characters, but still are all drastically different. They aren't suspenseful but they are very odd stories where you just can't wait to find out what happened. They're odd stories with odd characters and I'm kind of obsessed with all of the books--I don't know which one is my favorite.

//What Alice Forgot: This was the first book I listened to by Moriarty and it was very interesting. Alice is a mother of three, who in her life has kind of lost herself. That is until she wakes up from falling off her bike in spin class and doesn't remember the last 10 years of her life. She learns a lot about who she is and who she has turned into. It throws her family and the whole neighborhood for a loop, and creates this web of secrets that is soon revealed. It was incredibly entertaining and interesting and slightly frustrating but all in all, it was amazing.

//Three Wishes: Triplets, affairs, secrets, adopted babies, family drama...this was a doozy. This novel went back and forth with third party accounts of people noticing the Kettle sisters, but people always noticed the Kettle sisters. Lynn, Gemma, and Cat are triplets but are incredibly different. The book starts out with their 33rd birthday and then launches back into the past, months leading up to their birthday night. Everything that leads them there is interesting and wild--it was a hysterically wonderful book.

//The Hypnotist's Love Story: This book was probably the longest one yet but it was very interesting. You could tell a lot of thought went into this book, and there was a lot of research looped throughout the novel. Ellen is a hypnotist who begins seeing Patrick, who is a widow and has a son... but Patrick comes along with one more piece of baggage: a stalking ex girlfriend. She has been following him for three years and has never let up. This novel is funny, slightly suspenseful, and a little frustrating. I think if I have to say, this was my 2nd favorite novel because this is my favorite... 

//The Last Anniversary:  I said before I couldn't pick a favorite but I think this is my favorite. It follows Sophie, who is randomly left the house of her ex boyfriend's great aunt. She doesn't know why, no one really knows, but suddenly Sophie is thrown into this life on Scribbly Gum Island, that holds the secrets of the Scribbly Gum Baby, a story that Sophie has been obsessed with since she was a child. This was an eccentric book with eccentric characters and a very interesting story. It was slightly predictable but you really wanted to know the true secrets of the characters. I didn't want this book to end, I could've listened for hours and hours more.

I think what I love most about Liane's books are that she develops these characters with such knowledge. You really get to know her characters and get inside their head. Everyone gets the same treatment and you learn so much about everyone, even minor characters. The stories are unique, so unique that they seem so similar because who else is going to write about a hypnotist and a stalker? She's clever, witty, and very inspirational. I'd like her to put out a new book right now. Please & thank you!

Have you ever read any of these novels? What did you think?

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Sephora VIB which means I've spent $350 at Sephora in a calendar year. When I hit VIB a few months ago, I was insanely thrilled. I felt accomplished, like when you get your Gold Card at Starbucks.

The perks of VIB are insane, but the one I couldn't wait for? The VIB sale. Before the holidays, and I think sometime in March or April, Sephora offers VIB & VIB Rogue members the chance to get 20% off their entire purchase. It started already for VIB Rogue members(spending $1,000 in a calendar year) and for us regular VIBs, it starts on Friday, November 13th.

If you are a beauty junkie, you know that Sephora never has sales. It's a very expensive store and everything is always full priced, so this VIB sale is a huge deal.

It's also really great that they offer it right before the holidays because you can score all the insane holiday sets that they have in stock--whether it's for yourself or for gift giving.

It is however unfortunate that the VIB sale comes during No Buy November. 20% off insane and only happens once or twice a year so I am making an acceptation. I feel like I'm betraying everyone but hey, beauty junkies/bloggers gotta do what they gotta do!

I will say though that it has felt amazing to not buy anything for the past two weeks. I will definitely be doing No Buy December and hopefully kick this bad habit!

I have been eyeing a few things that I want/need from Sephora but there are also some great gift ideas out there too.

Here's what I'll be purchasing at the VIB Sale, along with some exclusive Sephora at JCPenny kits since that is my closest Sephora and the kits look fab(they are in a catalog I received at home so you'll have to wait till I purchase them to see what they are):

1 2 3 4 

Here are some gift ideas:

1 2 3 4 

Have you ever shopped the VIB Sale before? If so, what are you getting this year? Give me some more beauty suggestions in the comments!

I had another post planned for today, a post I've been putting off for weeks but I just wasn't into it. It's one of those lazy Sundays and I've been up since 7:00 AM. It's now 11:30 AM and I am crashing.

Before 10 AM I made Cinnamon Rolls, did yoga, made my bed, and cleaned the kitchen so clearly I am beyond tired. Saturday mornings I like to lay in bed until noon but Sundays I always get shit done around the house.

I'm planning on cooking Chicken and Dumpling soup in the crock pot for dinner today, all from scratch so it'll definitely be a restful Sunday at home. I stayed in all weekend expect for a trip to see my family's new frozen yogurt shop, and honestly, it was much needed.

I've been really pushing myself to go out every weekend and it's been great but sometimes I do need a break. The holidays are coming up, work is going to get really busy, and I was just getting over being sick so a weekend in, alone, was definitely needed. I cooked a bunch on Saturday: gnocchi mac & cheese, and apple harvest cookies. I love cooking when I have the time and the house is nice and quiet, it's such a guilty pleasure.

Like I said, things have been going well. I have my anxiety under control, I'm enjoying everything a little more than I used too, and I just feel good all around. Life isn't so bad. There are always bad days but I've learned to handle them a lot better and things just feel ok.

I still have things I want to do and still need to find motivation sometimes to actually do them, but it's so much better than it used too. I'll probably dedicate a whole post to anxiety at some point because it's something so common and something not a lot of people understand or talk about.

That's enough rambling for now -- take a look at what I've been up to lately :)

How I spend a typical Monday night :) 

#NationalDessertDay @ work 

My BB LE Box & some new books #shopping haul

I really liked my lipstick & necklace  
Oh, I died my hair dark brown a few weeks ago & I love it! 

I scored the new Becca Cosmetics Champagne Glow Palette--expect a review soon! 

I was alone in Starbucks waiting for my boss to go social media prop shopping! #worklife

I also needed this Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette--review coming on this as well :) 

My friends & I went to an amazing BBQ place in Manhattan last week and it was heavenly! 

This was my morning on Saturday :) 
What has everyone else been up too lately?