Let me start off on a negative note because that's how I roll and say this was the longest week of my life. Did everyone else feel that way??? I feel like last weekend was years ago. Monday feels like a month has passed since. It's insane.

I am happy to see the weekend, a weekend that I don't have definite plans yet for but honestly, I don't even care. Am I losing my touch again? I just have things I want to do around the house and I do have plans for the next few weekends. I've just been so sleepy all week, ugh, why isn't it socially acceptable to relax and sleep on the weekends?!

I want to work on freelance projects and the blog, I want to actually do it too and not just say I'm going too. Someone hold me to it, please!

Also, I already broke No Buy November. I should be ashamed of myself. I have been raving about my ban.do planner but in the past few weeks, I noticed I wasn't using it as much. It was getting dirty, I wasn't using it because it's not a spiral book and doesn't stay open. I found myself forgetting things and feeling flustered because I wasn't organized.

That's when I realized I desperately missed my Lilly planner. I have been on a huge Lilly Pulitzer kick again and have fallen back in love and I knew my heart lies with Lilly. That's why I ordered two Lilly planners, this large agenda  and this medium size agenda. I didn't know which size I wanted so I ordered both and decided on keeping the classic large agenda. The medium was slightly too small for me -- it's a hair bigger than the ban.do one and honestly, planner space never goes to waste so I just went with the bigger one and I feel much better--much more like myself and much more organized.

Ok, that rant is over... but yeah, that's all I broke on my No Buy and nothing else. I think I can handle the rest of the month aside from the VIB sale that starts today and Black Friday (for Christmas gifts). I also think I may just live a no buy life starting now and really only buy special treats or things I need. UGH, this is so difficult.

I will stop rambling now and get into my links -- thanks for listening :)

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Happy weekend everyone!

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