I had another post planned for today, a post I've been putting off for weeks but I just wasn't into it. It's one of those lazy Sundays and I've been up since 7:00 AM. It's now 11:30 AM and I am crashing.

Before 10 AM I made Cinnamon Rolls, did yoga, made my bed, and cleaned the kitchen so clearly I am beyond tired. Saturday mornings I like to lay in bed until noon but Sundays I always get shit done around the house.

I'm planning on cooking Chicken and Dumpling soup in the crock pot for dinner today, all from scratch so it'll definitely be a restful Sunday at home. I stayed in all weekend expect for a trip to see my family's new frozen yogurt shop, and honestly, it was much needed.

I've been really pushing myself to go out every weekend and it's been great but sometimes I do need a break. The holidays are coming up, work is going to get really busy, and I was just getting over being sick so a weekend in, alone, was definitely needed. I cooked a bunch on Saturday: gnocchi mac & cheese, and apple harvest cookies. I love cooking when I have the time and the house is nice and quiet, it's such a guilty pleasure.

Like I said, things have been going well. I have my anxiety under control, I'm enjoying everything a little more than I used too, and I just feel good all around. Life isn't so bad. There are always bad days but I've learned to handle them a lot better and things just feel ok.

I still have things I want to do and still need to find motivation sometimes to actually do them, but it's so much better than it used too. I'll probably dedicate a whole post to anxiety at some point because it's something so common and something not a lot of people understand or talk about.

That's enough rambling for now -- take a look at what I've been up to lately :)

How I spend a typical Monday night :) 

#NationalDessertDay @ work 

My BB LE Box & some new books #shopping haul

I really liked my lipstick & necklace  
Oh, I died my hair dark brown a few weeks ago & I love it! 

I scored the new Becca Cosmetics Champagne Glow Palette--expect a review soon! 

I was alone in Starbucks waiting for my boss to go social media prop shopping! #worklife

I also needed this Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette--review coming on this as well :) 

My friends & I went to an amazing BBQ place in Manhattan last week and it was heavenly! 

This was my morning on Saturday :) 
What has everyone else been up too lately?

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