If you thought March was slow, April beat you to it. I feel like it has been April for 100 years. It was an exciting month though; lots of fun stuff at work, a few great family get-togethers, and finally the arrival of Spring.

I'm writing this on Saturday afternoon after running hours of errands and it was such a delight because it's so gorgeous outside. Is Spring melting my cold, winter loving heart? It just might!

As we're nearing Summer, I'm starting to think about new clothes and fun summer activities to do. I never do anything in the summer and every year, I vow to do something but it always falls through. Maybe this year will be the year I keep that promise.

I tried a lot of new things this month, from accessories to skincare to beauty and I've been loving a lot of them!

1. Cuvee Beauty Protective Treatment: I ran out of both my detangler/protective sprays this month and I've been meaning to try this Cuvee Beauty one. It's not necessarily a detangler but it gets the job done. I have the entire Cuvee Beauty line which I want to do a post on eventually but the story behind these products is that they are made with Champagne (how awesome?) for better, stronger hair. I've been loving this treatment! In the beginning, I felt like it made my hair a little greasy but that's not the case anymore; I guess it was something else or my hair has gotten used to it. I've been using it all month and my locks feel a little stronger and look better. It's an awesome product!

2. Slip Silk Scrunchies: I saw these everywhere last month and immediately fell in love with them. I love that all the 90s trends are coming back and I'm so into scrunchies being a thing again. Slip is also known for their silk pillowcases being good for your hair so if I was going to buy from anyone, it was Slip. The price is nuts; $40 for 3 scrunchies? It's insane but I had to have them because I'm a sucker. I've been LOVING THEM. I love my Invisibobble scrunchies that don't leave dents in my hair but these are even better. They don't give me a headache, they definitely don't leave dents and they are so comfortable. They are also adorable -- I especially love the pink one, obviously.

3. YSL Card Case: Last month when I got my promotion at work, I treated myself to this gorgeous YSL Card Case. I've been wanting it for years and finally took the leap (I also got a discount from SAKS from one of my friends) and it's awesome. It's large enough to use as a regular wallet with 5 card spaces but is also a little stiff (probably because it's still new). It is so luxurious and feels so nice, I'm pretty obsessed. If you've been wanting one of these, I highly recommend getting your hands on it. It's even better in person and well worth the $250 price tag.

4. St Ives Cleansing Stick: It's not a secret how much I love my Tarte Frixxtion Charcoal Cleansing Stick and I ran out last month. I was going to repurchase but then I remembered that St. Ives had come out with their own cleansing sticks and I had been curious to try them. I've been trying to explore the drugstore a little more and I've found some new gems that are hiding there. These St Ives Cleansing Sticks are just them. I have the honey one and it is so nice. It cleanses your skin and leaves it feeling super fresh. It's not an exfoliator so it doesn't feel the same as the Tarte one but St. Ives does have a charcoal one so I may try that next. If you want to get in on the cleansing stick trend, I highly recommend going with the St. Ives one.

What did you love this month?
Happy Friday!! Did anyone else feel like this was the longest week ever?? The days dragged on.

It was a bittersweet week, for personal reasons but I got through it and I'm happy to have it be Friday. I worked from home today because I had a doctor's appointment right smack in the middle of the day. It's a good day to work from home too because it's rainy and gross outside.

There is nothing I love more than waking up to the sound of the rain and knowing I don't have to commute. I am just obsessed with the rain!

It was also a great excuse to break out my Jack Rogers Rain Boots which do not get enough love in my wardrobe.

ALSO: THE ROYAL BABY WAS BORN! It was the perfect way to start the week off and we finally found out his name today: Louis Arthur Charles!

This week also gave us the first real taste of Spring, and I kind of loved it. It was so refreshing to wear a light jacket instead of a huge winter coat. I've also really been into Spring fashion and looking for new items for my wardrobe.

I just did a huge shop at Ann Taylor Loft and J.Crew Factory and I am totally obsessed. I will try to do a post or video about them soon.

I went to brunch on Sunday and it was amazing! 

Speaking of video, did you see my latest Youtube video from last week? I showed you everything I've been shopping lately! Subscribe to my channel here.

Anyways, enough rambling. Here's everything I loved this week!

What You Missed on Royally Pink:

I published an article on Linkedin this week about what to do with your journalism degree. Read it here! 

Have a great weekend everyone!
I couldn't help but wonder, would I ever stop loving Sex and the City? Or am I just destined to chase my Carrie Bradshaw dream forever?

I sit here and write this as I'm watching Sex and the City, and just finished the book "Sex and the City and Us". I saw it a few months ago on NetGalley and immediately requested to have early access to it.

*The full title is "Sex and the City and Us: How Four Single Women Changed the Way We Think, Live, and Love.

The book is set for release on June 5th and if you are a fan of the cult favorite show, you need to read it. Pre-order it, write it down on your calendar -- do whatever you have to do to remember June 5th.

It is written by Jennifer Armstrong, who wrote Seinfielida, a book all about how Seinfeld changed the landscape of television.

However, this time around she tackles our favorite foursome, the ladies of Sex and the City.

Armstrong takes you from start to finish; how the story formed itself from Candance Bushnell's newspaper columns about being single in New York. We see how the producer, Darren Starr, linked up with Bushnell and how they chased SJP for the title role.

We find out about the storylines came about, from the real-life writers on the show. We find out all the ins and outs of our favorite HBO show, and Armstrong reveals all the secrets.

You would think that this would ruin the show for us, but on the flip side, it makes me appreciate it that much more.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the behind the scenes of SATC and how it impacted the world back in 1999, this book tells it all.

It took me a few weeks to read this but I just finished it in its entirety and I did so while watching Sex and the City. As I finished the book, I had tears in my eyes because the show isn't just about sex, it's not just about New York or about friendship or love. It's about finding yourself and being yourself, with no judgment.

The last line in the book is:

"You are not alone. Whether you're on the bus tour, watching Sex and the City on Amazon Prime while nursing your latest heartbreak, or toasting girl's night unapologetically with pink drinks, Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samatha are with you. So are the writers, and producers of Sex and the City. ANd so are all of us, the fans whose lives changed a little or a lot because of this groundbreaking, imperfect, revolutionary show."

It hit me right in the feels.

This show has given me so much; it's my inspiration, my aspiration, my everything. It made me realize I want to be a journalist, it made me see how much I love fashion, it made me understand love. It is everything to me and so many more out there.

This book was amazing -- one of my favorites I've ever read because it gave me something more of Sex and the City. It itched the scratch I have for more stories from my favorite New York City ladies.

June 5th, don't forget it!

I always used to think of candles of a Fall and Winter item. I never burned candles in the Spring and Summer because I didn't like the scents as much and obviously they gave off more heat than I needed.

However, within the past few years, I've fallen more in love with candles and I need them year round. There is nothing more relaxing to me than laying down in bed with the lights off, TV on and maybe a book and having the candle lit. 

I'm very particular about the Spring and Summer scents I like and want to burn in my room. I can't have something overly sweet or too beachy. I like a more subtle, fruity or musky scent -- or even something that you can burn all year round.

After my no buy last month, I went on a candle spree. Bath and Body Works was having a huge sale as was my favorite small business, Evil Queen. I scooped up as many candles as possible and I've been loving them all.

All of the scents I picked up aren't really 'Spring' themed but they aren't Fall or Winter so I classify that as something I can burn in these upcoming seasons. 

From Evil Queen I got:


I've had Bitches Who Brunch before and it's the perfect champagne/mimosa scent that I had to resist buying all winter long because I have my weird rules. 

Rainy Daze is a beautiful spring scent, and the only spring candle I'll probably ever buy again. It is very fresh and clean, and just gorgeous. 

I posted on Instagram when I got the candles, but I accidentally ordered the Slytherin Ambition candle from Evil Queen's Harry Potter collection. I am NOT a Slytherin but a Ravenclaw and totally misjudged what I was ordering. 

It is amber & musk-scented and I still love it! 

For Bath and Body Works, I went a different route. I ordered some of their Aromatherapy Candles as well as a Pink Prosecco candle and oh my word, I'm obsessed with them!

I have been nonstop burning the Stress Relief candle and I think it's safe to say it's one of my top 5 favorite candles ever. I never want to be without this fresh, eucalyptus and spearmint candle.  

The other Aromatherapy candle I got was a Focus candle which I haven't burned yet but it's eucalyptus and tea and smells divine. I wonder if it'll actually help me focus...

The Pink Prosecco candle is super sweet but the ideal spring and summer scent if you don't like something beach themed.

Below are a few other Spring and Summer scents I have on my radar! 

What are you burning this season? Do you burn candles in the warmer months or is it strictly a cool weather activity? 


Last year I discovered a handbag company that is super unique and fun -- Danielle Nicole Handbags.

I don't know how I came across the brand but when I did, I fell in love.

Basically, it's a chic, Disney handbag company. Danielle Nicole is a real person and she started this handbag line after working and producing leather goods for Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and other high-end retailers.

That's the good thing about her company: she has actual, really pretty leather goods in addition to the fun Disney items.

Danielle Nicole has a licensing agreement with Disney to produce these handbags and accessories with our favorite Disney characters, so everything is legit and realistic.

Now, you're probably thinking where you would wear a Tinkerbell crossbody and yes, sometimes I have that thought too but at the same time, fashion is all about expressing yourself and being fun so if you want to show your Disney pride, go right ahead.

Not to be judgemental but there are plenty of people out there who wear what they want without a second guess so why can't you? Why can't I?

I am obsessed with Disney; it is such a big part of my life and makes me so happy so to have something so beautiful that represents Disney and is my favorite character is awesome. To know there is a company that loves Disney as much as I do is pretty cool.

I got my first piece of Danielle Nicole last year before I went to Disney on a work trip. I knew I wanted a fun Disney piece to take with me, but I also wanted something practical. That's why I went with the Mila backpack.

It's this adorable, white leather mini bag that came with Beauty and the Beast patches to stick on and add some Disney flair.

The great thing about the tote was that if you want to change the patches, you could really add whatever you wanted to the bag. You could also just leave it blank and not have any patches.

It was the perfect, small size to carry everything I needed around the park and also was comfortable to wear on my back.

When I came home I had the Disney itch so I bought a Sleeping Beauty PVC (which is now very in style) clutch. The outside doesn't have any Disney and the inside has the Sleeping Beauty design so once again, it's practical to use whether you want Disney or not.

Everything is really good quality and she even has jewelry exclusive to the Disney store. And like I said if Disney isn't your thing you could get a regular leather good from her.

Over the past year, Danielle Nicole expanded into Rugrats, Looney Toones, and Harry Potter items and they're all pretty awesome. I haven't bought anything from these collections yet but I do want too.

I have an obsession with this company and I love that it's created by a woman -- I love a good woman created company.

Below are a few other pieces I have my eye on!

*You can find Danielle Nicole on her website, HSN, and the Disney Store!

Have you tried anything from Danielle Nicole? Would you rock a Disney bag in a place other than Disneyworld?


Royal Round Up: Week 16

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This was an ultra long week because I was at QVC from Monday-Wednesday for work. I've mentioned this before but whenever I go down to QVC, it's a really long few days. I usually am running on (at maximum) 4 hours of sleep so I'm always out of it afterwards.

I took today off and I'm so grateful that I did because I'm able to catch up on some sleep and just let my body relax. Yesterday was super rough and I was so delirious. It was actually quite funny.

This weekend is filled with fun; a lowkey, busy Friday but then I'll grab dinner with one of my friends tonight. Then tomorrow me and my mom are going to go shopping and I'll buy her an early Mother's Day gift and then brunch on Sunday with my sorority sister!

I have seriously been slacking on all things Royally Pink and I guess maybe I just haven't been that inspired. I'm going to try to take my time and get back into the swing of things so we'll see what happens with that.

There was a lot of links this week that I saved-- the Internet was really full of fun stuff this week!

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink:
Have a great weekend!
I was going to start this post while on the Amtrak, headed down to QVC for work but I got a little too train sick so I'm finishing from my hotel room.

We're staying at the Desmond in Malvern, PA and it's a really nice hotel! I'm kind of in love with it compared to the other hotel I usually stay at.

Anyway... I had to move a lot of editorial stuff around so we're throwing it back old school with a little wishlist.

Ever since my 'no buy' which I still wanted to do a post on, I've been doing a bit of shopping. Maybe I'll do a post or video on everything I've bought but yeah, it's been an issue.

However, there is a lot of stuf that I haven't bought and is currently on my wishlist so the point of this post!

I haven't bought a bag in a while (if you don't count my Neverfull MM) and I really want the Kate Spade Emerson Place Sam!

What's currently on your wishlist?
Let me start off this post by saying I don't recommend anyone taking financial advice from me. I am not the smartest at managing my money and I have a shopping addiction. I have gotten so much better and continue to do better with my finances daily.

However, what I think you should take my advice on when it comes to organizing your finances. I've tried many ways to organize myself in terms of money in the past but I finally found a way that really works for me.

Most recently, I tried having a budget journal, using a May Designs notebook and then a few inserts in my Louis Vuitton PM Agenda. I got bored of both of those and switched over to only digital organization.

I have a lot of credit card bills and two student loans, so I pay a lot of bills on a monthly basis. I also have a lot of monthly bills for subscription services that are on autopay so I needed a way to remember the dates the money gets taken out of my account.

I was so disorganized at one point that I was getting overdrafted on a weekly basis. I think I finally got most of my finances worked out.

Forget the apps, forget the planners -- I have found my way.

How I Organized

I made an Excel sheet that shows the current balance on all my credit cards, the date that the bill is due, and how much I will pay this month.

That way, I can see the total amount of bills I'm paying this month and how much money I have left over.

I live at home but do pay a little 'rent' to my mom monthly
I also put all my balances at $0.00 for privacy reasons :) 

In this document, I also have my monthly auto-pays but I will show you how I took it one step further with these expenses.

I update this document about twice a month, whenever I get paid, so I know exactly what needs to happen to stay on top of my bills.

It's that simple... no crazy spreadsheets or formulas or anything spectactular. It's one sheet, a few columns, and a broad overview while still being as detailed as I need.

One thing I do recommend is putting your excel document into Google Sheets so you can update in real time on your phone, or another computer. Sometimes I would need to make an adjustment and if I waited until I went home to edit it on my computer, I would forget and it just threw me off.

Having it in Google Sheets the past few weeks has been really helpful.

My Auto-Pay Bills

A few weeks ago, I noticed that I had so many auto-pay bills for various subscription services, I couldn't keep track of everything. I've tried to write these dates and amounts down, monthly, in my planner but it just wasn't working out.

Then I had the idea to create a little document with all the information on it so that I can print it out, laminate, and keep in my wallet. That way, I was able to reference dates and amounts whenever I wanted.

It has proven to be a lifesaver and a real game changer. 

I hope this was helpful and let me know if you have any better ways to figure out and manage your finances!

I've been doing Weight Watchers for nine months and have lost a total of 25 pounds. However, it has been a real struggle the past two months.

I haven't been losing weight and at a complete standstill. It's really discouraging and I'm honestly getting fed up with it.

Partially, I blame the freestyle program. I had a hard time with it when it was first introduced back in December and it's only gotten worst. I know that there are more zero point foods but not having as many points as I used too is a real problem.

I'm just always so hungry and truthfully, I cheat a lot more than I used too. I'm not as regimented as I once was because I know that if I cheat, and eat just a little of what I want that I'll still lose weight or maintain it.

I'm just not in that mindset anymore and it's really bad. I think I'm discouraged because I'm losing weight and then I eat how I want.

I am also exercising more; I go to the gym at least twice a week and then I try to do my pilates machine every night for a half hour. That is really helping and making a difference.

It's important to note that I haven't gained any weight so that is very, very good. It means that Weight Watchers is still worth it and still working, it's just that I'm not in the best mindset. I do think I am losing inches because I look skinnier and look like I'm still losing weight.

Sometimes it's not all about the number on the scale.

I think if you're looking for a change of lifestyle and a healthy way to lose weight, Weight Watchers is still the way to go. I would've never lost this much weight without this program.

I am trying my best, and I am going to try to be better in the coming days and weeks.


Royal Round Up: Week 15

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This is a day late but better late than never!

It was a tiring, stressful week but we're at the weekend and it's gorgeous outside. It's 70 degrees in New York and tomorrow is going to be 44, so this is how we all get sick.

For as much as I love Fall and Winter, there is nothing quite as magical as the first beautiful, warm spring day. I was in the best mood today, running errands and being outside. It was just such a delight.

Today my family is coming over for my sister's birthday so it'll be nice to feel like I'm doing something. I go to Pennsylvania for work on Monday so Sunday will be filled with blogging and packing.

Just crazy about Tiffany's

For now, let's get into my favorite links this week:

What you missed on Royally Pink:
Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

I've seen this book EVERYWHERE but have never picked it up. I had a need for it and I wanted to read it but there was just always something else on my list.

That is, until I signed up for Book of the Month and this was on the list for March. What a better time to get it delivered to my door?

I had also just seen something that said Reese Witherspoon was going to adapt this for a movie/TV show next (after the success of her first adaptation, Big Little Lies) so I knew I had to read it.

Little Fires Everywhere was the first book I read from my 1st BOTM box and I'm glad I did it. It didn't take that long to read, I probably read it in a few days. It was very easy to read -- it went fast, was interesting enough to keep my attention but wasn't something that I really had to focus on.

After the killer opening chapter and how the story started off, I think my expectations were a little high. As I continued reading the book I realized that I wasn't going to get that from this book.

It started off hot and then kind of tapered off into a non thriller story. There was a hint of mystery but not enough to satisfy that part of my brain.

However, that doesn't mean it was a bad book because it wasn't. It took place in the 90s, which took me sometime to realize but I really liked that aspect of it. It centered around Pearl and her mother Mia who move around a lot, but finally settle down in the Cleveland town of Shaker Heights which gives me Wisteria Lane vibes (I miss Desperate Housewives so much!) 

Mia and Pearl rent out the apartment of The Richardson Family, who live down the road in their Shaker Heights mansion. Pearl takes up with the son, Moody, and form a quick bond with the other teenage Richardson children.

The black sheep of the Richardson family, Izzy, gets close to Mia who is a free spirit in her own right; she's an artist that creates these crazy, unique pieces that consist of so many different parts like photographs, paintings, and everything in between.

I wasn't really sure what the main focus on the book was going to be until another family in Shaker Heights adopts a Chinese-American baby. Mia finds the birth mother who is desperately looking for the baby she abandoned, and this turns into an all out war in Shaker Heights. Mia and Mrs. Richardson are on opposing sides and it leads to Mrs. Richardson digging into Mia's past and discovering some skeletons in her closet.

The book has a few twists and turns, and eventually you find out why the opening scene happened. I was a little disappointed with the ending because it made me mad and sad. It was very open ended and I hate those types of ending because I want everything wrapped up into a neat little bow. However, life isn't like that and I think books are a little more realistic when that happens.

I loved all the stories in this book; the dynamic between Mia and The Richardsons, the story of the teenagers, the adoption scandal, and Mia's past. It was all very interesting and everything was connected in some way so you felt like it flowed together.

I really liked this book and I highly recommend! If you want something mysterious but not creepy or thriller like, and something easy to read, this is for you.

What are you reading this week?
My WIMB Work Bag Edition was one of my most viewed posts in a while so I figured let's keep the momentum going with an everyday edition.

I use my work bag every day, but when I'm home on the weekends or have a day off, this is what I keep in the bag. Some of it is overlapping with my work bag but I've been trying to cut down the stuff I keep with me when I'm out and about.

Also, I'm constantly changing bags on the weekend (since I am a true bag lady) but lately I've been loving my Kate Spade Make It Mine Byrdie with this new spring floral flap. I wore it on Easter with a pink shirt and it looked so good! It really put me in the mood for spring.

Essential Oil (similar)
YSL Lip Balm (similar)

I try to keep the things that I need when I run errands or am out of the house for extended periods of time. I've been using my new YSL Card Case as my wallet for the past week or so and like having a much smaller wallet with only cash and cards.

If you missed it, I unboxed my YSL Card Case (and another luxury product) on my Youtube channel a few weeks ago!

What are some of the things you keep in your everyday handbag?


This post is in partnership with WEYV and The Newsette. All opinions are my own

It's 2018 and I still love to read magazines, I don't really use a music streaming service, and I exclusively watch cable television (with a few exceptions)

Who am I? What kind of millennial am I really?

Even though I love to read magazines, I never really buy them from a store, preferring to read them digitally because they're usually cheaper and it saves on waste and space. However, this habit can get quite expensive so I try to cut corners whenever possible.

In the same breath, I only watch a TV streaming service when I'm in the mood. For music, I don't really listen to anything because I never know where to go because there are so many options out there.

Well, I found something that combines all the forms of entertainment I love... WEYV.

I've never heard of this app before but once I discovered it, I'm a little obsessed. I've heard of other similar apps that have digital magazines and then of course apps that stream music and TV but the special thing about WEYV is that it combines all of those things in one app.

There is now no need to switch between a thousand apps, or to even have those other apps on your phone so you can more space!

WEYV combines digital magazines, music streaming, and coming soon, TV and movie streaming... in one neat app! It's also not just an app where you individually buy everything but you buy a subscription and have access to everything on the app.

You can have up to 25 people on the plan and it is kid friendly (with kid music stations) so that'll give peace of mind to anyone who has young kids in their family.

Something that is not common on a lot of apps these days (and I don't really understand why) is that you can simultaneously listen to music and read magazines on the apps, so you don't have to choose which you want to do.

I mostly use this on my commute so I can listen to music and catch up on some magazines at the same time. However, I used the app a lot over the weekend when I was lounging and relaxing in bed and it was so nice.

*At home, I use my iPad Mini but on my commute, I have the app on my iPhone.

One of the coolest things about WEYV? They donate .5% of the net revenue to charity, and I like knowing that one of my everyday activities is also charitable.

I'm always looking for technology that makes life easier and I think WEYV is just that. You have access to all your entertainment in one app, and can do multiple things at once which is something a lot of apps don't allow.

Share a subscription with your family and/or friends so everyone can get in on the action!

AND you can try WEYV FREE FOR 2 MONTHS without a credit card if you use the code MAKEWEYVS18 -- you really cannot go wrong with this deal since it's totally free.

Are you into this new app? What are your thoughts?

April is here but I don't think Mother Nature got the message. It snowed on Monday, the day after Easter, and it's been freezing all week. Today is gloomy, and tomorrow snow is in the forecast again.

I'm still doing a Weight Watchers but haven't been losing weight (update to come later this month) but my clothes, mostly Spring clothes, don't fit me. I realized this on Easter Sunday when I was trying to get dressed.

That's why I made a few clothing purchases this week from J.Crew Factory, Loft, and Rachael Parcell's shop. I'll probably do a video on everything once my Loft items come in, so subscribe to my Youtube channel for that.

*Loft is my new favorite store. It has so much nice stuff for a good price and it's just incredible.

Can I also just point a great purchase I recently made?

I got an email from Moleskin a few weeks ago that their Barbie collection has arrived. I immediately clicked on the link and bought a Barbie notebook. I love my girl Barbie -- she's an icon and defines all generations. I was in need of a new notebook so what better time to get one?

On another note, I haven't been keeping up with The Beaute Report because I just keep forgetting. Royally Pink, my Youtube channel and Breaking Bradshaw have been at the forefront of my mind as well as a few book ideas and other articles so I guess something had to take a back seat.

But enough rambling and catching up, here are the links I loved!

What You Missed on Royally Pink this week:

Have a great weekend everyone!
My skin has not been in the best shape the past few weeks. I've been super dry and had some weird allergic reactions to a few things (I think a Charlotte Tilbury eye cream was to blame) so I've been really trying to get everything back to normal.

About a month ago I noticed that I felt super dry, everywhere. My mouth, nose, hands, cuticles, face, and body were just completely parched. I drink my weight in water each other (it's the only thing I drink) so something had to be done.

I've been in a huge beauty funk; I wasn't really taking care of my skin and I wasn't feeling any of my makeup and I was just over it. Within the past 2-3 weeks, I've hit a reset button and makeup/beauty is all I want to do.

It worked out well because I've kind of amped up my skincare routine, or at least started using some products a little more strategically.

1. Neutrogena Skincare: About a month ago I did a sponsored post on Instagram with Neutrogena. They sent me their Hydroboost line and holy hell, I've been obsessed. I've been out of the drugstore game for a while but this pulled me in. My three favorite products have been the Cleansing Lotion, Exfoliating Cleanser, and Multi-Vitamin Booster.

I love a good cleansing oil but this cleansing lotion is not as emollient as a cleansing oil and has a much better consistency in my opinion. It's gentle but removes all my makeup like a dream.

The Exfoliating Cleanser is also super gentle but it doesn't dry out my skin like some exfoliators can; it has tiny beads that aren't too rough and also has a great gel-like consistency. It deep cleans my skin and leaves it feeling fresh and hydrated.

Finally, the multi-vitamin booster serum has been great to lather on at night when my skin needs an extra boost. I haven't noticed a huge difference when I use it but I like to incorporate some kind of serum into the routine and this has been a great addition.

2. Tatcha Violet C Radiance Mask: I don't think this can really count since I used it once, and it was a foil packet sample but holy crap, I'm buying the full size. My skin was feeling very discolored, uneven, and blotchy last weekend and I was fed up with it. I knew this mask had amazing reviews and I knew I had a sample of it. I slathered the violet mask on, left it on for 15 minutes and was stunned at the results. My skin looked totally different; a lot of the spots were gone and my skin looked brighter. The results have lasted almost a week later. I am stunned at the magic that is in this mask and I need more of it. I have never seen a skincare item act so fast and so well.

3. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask: If you have seen my Instagram post, you know I've fallen in love with the latest social media beauty craze. Star influencer Mariann Hewitt launched her brand Summer Fridays a few weeks ago and the first product is this Jet Lag Mask. It's very aesthetically pleasing in terms of packaging and is perfect in the formula. It's made to be a mask that will hydrate your parched and ragged skin, two things that happen to your skin when you're constantly flying and feeling jet lagged (get the name?). A special thing about this mask is that it is a white cream but doesn't look like a regular face mask when applied on your skin. It's basically clear or looks like a regular moisturizer. Since receiving it a few weeks ago from Sephora, I haven't used it as a mask. I use this nightly as a night cream, after my Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil or the Neutrogena Serum. I wake up and my skin looks healthier, plumper, and just better all around. I never, ever want to be without this mask.

4. Drunk Elephant Baby Facial: I might've mentioned this once before, either in a video or in an old blog post but I've been thoroughly enjoying this mask lately. It's like a reset button for my face and I put it on whenever I feel like I need to even my face out, or when I just need to get rid of dead skin cells. There is a reason it's so popular and it's because it really works. Similar to the Tatcha mask, I see immediate results, like I actually went and got a facial, after I use it. It's expensive AF but if you could get the mini size like I did, I recommend it!

What are your current favorite skincare products?

As I've mentioned before, I'm doing my best to get back into reading fiction, hardcore (or paperback) books and this was the book that really started it all.

I've been seeing this book all over Instagram and every time I go to Target, but I never picked it up. I didn't know if it was really for me because historical fiction isn't my forte.

However, I was sorely mistaken because this was a great book!

For being historical fiction, The Alice Network was quite a quick read and I think I do owe that to the fact that I was reading a physical book.

The novel is classic in the way it's told, past and present. It centers around two women, Eve and Charlie. It takes place during the 1st World War, and then right after the 2nd World War so the stories of the women are very intertwined in that sense.

This is the publisher's summary:

1947. In the chaotic aftermath of World War II, American college girl Charlie St. Clair is pregnant, unmarried, and on the verge of being thrown out of her very proper family. She’s also nursing a desperate hope that her beloved cousin Rose, who disappeared in Nazi-occupied France during the war, might still be alive. So when Charlie’s parents banish her to Europe to have her “little problem” taken care of, Charlie breaks free and heads to London, determined to find out what happened to the cousin she loves like a sister. 
1915. A year into the Great War, Eve Gardiner burns to join the fight against the Germans and unexpectedly gets her chance when she’s recruited to work as a spy. Sent into enemy-occupied France, she’s trained by the mesmerizing Lili, code name Alice, the “queen of spies,” who manages a vast network of secret agents right under the enemy’s nose.  
Thirty years later, haunted by the betrayal that ultimately tore apart the Alice Network, Eve spends her days drunk and secluded in her crumbling London house. That is until a young American barges in uttering a name Eve hasn’t heard in decades, and launches them both on a mission to find the truth . . . no matter where it leads.
At first, it sounds like it's going to be a confusing book but it really wasn't. It was very simple to follow, and very interesting. I loved learning about life after (and during) the wars, and seeing these stories come to life.

It wasn't a supense story or a thriller but there was a bit of mystery in both Charlie and Eve's story. Charlie was looking for Rose, and you wanted to know what happened to her.. and then on the flip side, you wanted to see how Eve made out as a spy during the 1st war.

The ending, when you find out what really happened to Eve when she was a spy, was shocking and intense.

I think between Eve and Charlie's stories, I loved Eve's more. I think it was just much more interesting and had more heart to it. She was putting her life on the line for her country, and being a spy seems really cool and dangerous.

I think this is the perfect book for someone who isn't crazy about historical fiction because it really could've taken place during any time of history. There wasn't a crazy amount of detail about the time periods that was difficult to understand, and I think the stories were interesting enough to stand on their own. There was romance, comedy (I laughed out loud a few times) and a lot of drama, mix that in with the actual plotlines and you have a great novel.

I compare it to the only other historical fiction book I've read recently, All the Light We Cannot See and I thought that was super painful to get through. I listened to it on Audible and I don't think I would've been able to read it.

The Alice Network wasn't anything like that and I really do recommend it!

What are you currently reading?
Next month I'm coming up on 6 years of Royally Pink...That is truly mind blowing to me!

I started this blog after discovering the world of blogs, through Carly The Prepster and I have never turned back. I always had so much to say and no one ever cared -- maybe 6 years later that is still true but at least I found an outlet where I can talk about anything and everything.

I am by no means a truly successful blogger. I don't get a ton of pageviews, don't have an incredible amount of followers but I'm very proud of the brand I've grown and that there are people reading Royally Pink everyday.

Despite that, I get to work with some amazing brands and that is mindblowing to me. I work on the brand side of influencer marketing and it's incredible to know that brands see me as a benefit to them. However, that isn't why I got into blogging. I wanted to create a space where I could talk to people about the things that were important to me, and to create a fun, interesting spot on the Internet.

Since 2012, blogging has really taken off and having a blog is not a 'weird' thing to do anymore.

One of my best friends has been trying to get into her blogging groove and a few weeks ago she asked me for some advice, and it got me thinking about this post. I've shared a few blogging tips in the past, like creating an editorial calendar and explaining Google Analytics but I wanted to start a series about blogging, so why not start with blogging tips for beginners.

Some of these may not be groundbreaking but I think they're important to remember.


1. Blogger vs Wordpress: I've worked in both in some capacity but I personally love Blogger. I think it's very easy to use, it's linked to Google, and there are so many easy to install layouts to help you make the blog your own. It's easy to purchase your domain -- I pay $12 a year for RoyallyPink.com and it's well worth it. No matter what, pick your website and stick with it. I tried to transfer to Wordpress last year and it was too much to handle so I never did.

2. Do it for the right reasons: If you get into blogging because you want free stuff or want to make money, you will do neither. You have to be authentic because your followers will see right through you -- brands will be able to tell if you're here for the wrong reasons as well. Blog because you love writing or love taking photographs, or because you're passionate about the subject you're talking about. Passion will always win.

3. Consistency: Through 6 years of blogging the thing I remember most is to be consistent. I started off blogging 7 days a week and did that for about a year. Once I started my senior year of college that wasn't attainable for me so I switched to 5 days a week. Of course I miss a post here and there (more so nowadays than ever before) but I try to have at least 4-5 posts a week. Aside from when my dad died I've never taken a break and I might be do for one soon. I just love blogging, I love creating content and I feel productive when I get something up. Sometimes I'm lazy and a post won't go up but being consistent is the key to having loyal followers and key to working with brands.

4. Organization: Get a seperate blog email, get a blog notebook and/or planner, figure out how you want to sort out your editorial calendar and get to work. Brainstorm blog post ideas and have a handful ready before you hit publish on your first one. To me, nothing is done right if you're not organized.

5. Niche: Now this is a controversial topic in my opinion. I don't have a niche -- Royally Pink is everything and anything. It's a lifestyle blog which in itself has become it's own niche in recent years. I don't think you should have a niche because I feel like it limits you. You'll write yourself into a corner and I just don't think you can blog that much about one particular thing. People want a variety and in this day in age, you're competiting with everyone. No niche is a good niche in my opinion!

I could probably go on and on but I think these are a good five to start. Maybe I'll come back for part 2!

What are your favorite blogging tips?
March was a very slow month and I'm very glad about that. There was a lot of snowstorms, a lot of rain, and not much very Spring.

However, today, the day before Easter Sunday the sun is shining and I wore a jean jacket for the 1st time this season and I was thrilled.

I hate Spring, I hate Summer and I hate everything from April-August but my goodness, nothing beats the first jean jacket day and especially when you see the Ice Cream Man out for the first time (I didn't get any ice cream but it still brought a smile to my face)

For as much as I don't care for this season, I still had a few favorites this month!

1. Real Books: I always have to have one random favorite and real, tangible books are it this month. I wanted to get back into reading because I just caught the bug but my Kindle app and Nook were not cutting it. I bought a few books from Amazon, and then signed up for Book of the Month and I've been reading multiple books all month long. I took a break from audiobooks to catch up on podcasts and Barstool Radio, and I've just really enjoyed the feeling of real pages in my hand.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette: I've only had two other ABH palettes in my collection and they have been used to pieces. I've been putting off getting the Modern Reinsassance palette for years and was going to pull the trigger until I saw the Soft Glam. I ordered it the moment it was available on the ABH website (that's how you know I'm excited for a product, I order it from the brand's website). I havne't been wearing a ton of eyeshadow lately but I'm addicted to this palette. It's so soft, buttery, and easy to blend. The colors are super wearable with a few bits of color to make it unique. If you haven't tried ABH shadows, I highly recommend them. They are some of my favorites on the market.

3. HUM Nutrition Big Chill: I talked about HUM in a post earlier this month but I just wanted to mention it again. I've always loved Beauty zZzz's but Big Chill has really been saving my ass this month. As I've previously mentioned, I've been suffering from panic attacks and sometimes my beloved Nerve Tonic hasn't been helping. Big Chill is there when Nerve Tonic fails, but aside from anxiety, Big Chill has been helping my stress levels. When I'm feeling overwhelmed by work and my side hustles, this helps. HUM is perfection in my book.

4. Laura Geller Nude Kisses Lip Hugging Lipgloss: These were just released last week but seeing as I work for the company, I've had them a little longer than that. I HATE lipglosses but my goodness, these have changed my world. There are 16 nude colors so something for everyone but mostly, I love the formula. They're super creamy and feel balmy on the lips without being sticky or tacking. They aren't long lasting as they are a gloss but they are the best gloss I've ever tried.

Below are a few other honorable mentions that I tried this month but not enough to include them wholly in the post:

What were your favorites this month?