If you thought March was slow, April beat you to it. I feel like it has been April for 100 years. It was an exciting month though; lots of fun stuff at work, a few great family get-togethers, and finally the arrival of Spring.

I'm writing this on Saturday afternoon after running hours of errands and it was such a delight because it's so gorgeous outside. Is Spring melting my cold, winter loving heart? It just might!

As we're nearing Summer, I'm starting to think about new clothes and fun summer activities to do. I never do anything in the summer and every year, I vow to do something but it always falls through. Maybe this year will be the year I keep that promise.

I tried a lot of new things this month, from accessories to skincare to beauty and I've been loving a lot of them!

1. Cuvee Beauty Protective Treatment: I ran out of both my detangler/protective sprays this month and I've been meaning to try this Cuvee Beauty one. It's not necessarily a detangler but it gets the job done. I have the entire Cuvee Beauty line which I want to do a post on eventually but the story behind these products is that they are made with Champagne (how awesome?) for better, stronger hair. I've been loving this treatment! In the beginning, I felt like it made my hair a little greasy but that's not the case anymore; I guess it was something else or my hair has gotten used to it. I've been using it all month and my locks feel a little stronger and look better. It's an awesome product!

2. Slip Silk Scrunchies: I saw these everywhere last month and immediately fell in love with them. I love that all the 90s trends are coming back and I'm so into scrunchies being a thing again. Slip is also known for their silk pillowcases being good for your hair so if I was going to buy from anyone, it was Slip. The price is nuts; $40 for 3 scrunchies? It's insane but I had to have them because I'm a sucker. I've been LOVING THEM. I love my Invisibobble scrunchies that don't leave dents in my hair but these are even better. They don't give me a headache, they definitely don't leave dents and they are so comfortable. They are also adorable -- I especially love the pink one, obviously.

3. YSL Card Case: Last month when I got my promotion at work, I treated myself to this gorgeous YSL Card Case. I've been wanting it for years and finally took the leap (I also got a discount from SAKS from one of my friends) and it's awesome. It's large enough to use as a regular wallet with 5 card spaces but is also a little stiff (probably because it's still new). It is so luxurious and feels so nice, I'm pretty obsessed. If you've been wanting one of these, I highly recommend getting your hands on it. It's even better in person and well worth the $250 price tag.

4. St Ives Cleansing Stick: It's not a secret how much I love my Tarte Frixxtion Charcoal Cleansing Stick and I ran out last month. I was going to repurchase but then I remembered that St. Ives had come out with their own cleansing sticks and I had been curious to try them. I've been trying to explore the drugstore a little more and I've found some new gems that are hiding there. These St Ives Cleansing Sticks are just them. I have the honey one and it is so nice. It cleanses your skin and leaves it feeling super fresh. It's not an exfoliator so it doesn't feel the same as the Tarte one but St. Ives does have a charcoal one so I may try that next. If you want to get in on the cleansing stick trend, I highly recommend going with the St. Ives one.

What did you love this month?
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