Last year I discovered a handbag company that is super unique and fun -- Danielle Nicole Handbags.

I don't know how I came across the brand but when I did, I fell in love.

Basically, it's a chic, Disney handbag company. Danielle Nicole is a real person and she started this handbag line after working and producing leather goods for Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and other high-end retailers.

That's the good thing about her company: she has actual, really pretty leather goods in addition to the fun Disney items.

Danielle Nicole has a licensing agreement with Disney to produce these handbags and accessories with our favorite Disney characters, so everything is legit and realistic.

Now, you're probably thinking where you would wear a Tinkerbell crossbody and yes, sometimes I have that thought too but at the same time, fashion is all about expressing yourself and being fun so if you want to show your Disney pride, go right ahead.

Not to be judgemental but there are plenty of people out there who wear what they want without a second guess so why can't you? Why can't I?

I am obsessed with Disney; it is such a big part of my life and makes me so happy so to have something so beautiful that represents Disney and is my favorite character is awesome. To know there is a company that loves Disney as much as I do is pretty cool.

I got my first piece of Danielle Nicole last year before I went to Disney on a work trip. I knew I wanted a fun Disney piece to take with me, but I also wanted something practical. That's why I went with the Mila backpack.

It's this adorable, white leather mini bag that came with Beauty and the Beast patches to stick on and add some Disney flair.

The great thing about the tote was that if you want to change the patches, you could really add whatever you wanted to the bag. You could also just leave it blank and not have any patches.

It was the perfect, small size to carry everything I needed around the park and also was comfortable to wear on my back.

When I came home I had the Disney itch so I bought a Sleeping Beauty PVC (which is now very in style) clutch. The outside doesn't have any Disney and the inside has the Sleeping Beauty design so once again, it's practical to use whether you want Disney or not.

Everything is really good quality and she even has jewelry exclusive to the Disney store. And like I said if Disney isn't your thing you could get a regular leather good from her.

Over the past year, Danielle Nicole expanded into Rugrats, Looney Toones, and Harry Potter items and they're all pretty awesome. I haven't bought anything from these collections yet but I do want too.

I have an obsession with this company and I love that it's created by a woman -- I love a good woman created company.

Below are a few other pieces I have my eye on!

*You can find Danielle Nicole on her website, HSN, and the Disney Store!

Have you tried anything from Danielle Nicole? Would you rock a Disney bag in a place other than Disneyworld?

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