Next month I'm coming up on 6 years of Royally Pink...That is truly mind blowing to me!

I started this blog after discovering the world of blogs, through Carly The Prepster and I have never turned back. I always had so much to say and no one ever cared -- maybe 6 years later that is still true but at least I found an outlet where I can talk about anything and everything.

I am by no means a truly successful blogger. I don't get a ton of pageviews, don't have an incredible amount of followers but I'm very proud of the brand I've grown and that there are people reading Royally Pink everyday.

Despite that, I get to work with some amazing brands and that is mindblowing to me. I work on the brand side of influencer marketing and it's incredible to know that brands see me as a benefit to them. However, that isn't why I got into blogging. I wanted to create a space where I could talk to people about the things that were important to me, and to create a fun, interesting spot on the Internet.

Since 2012, blogging has really taken off and having a blog is not a 'weird' thing to do anymore.

One of my best friends has been trying to get into her blogging groove and a few weeks ago she asked me for some advice, and it got me thinking about this post. I've shared a few blogging tips in the past, like creating an editorial calendar and explaining Google Analytics but I wanted to start a series about blogging, so why not start with blogging tips for beginners.

Some of these may not be groundbreaking but I think they're important to remember.


1. Blogger vs Wordpress: I've worked in both in some capacity but I personally love Blogger. I think it's very easy to use, it's linked to Google, and there are so many easy to install layouts to help you make the blog your own. It's easy to purchase your domain -- I pay $12 a year for and it's well worth it. No matter what, pick your website and stick with it. I tried to transfer to Wordpress last year and it was too much to handle so I never did.

2. Do it for the right reasons: If you get into blogging because you want free stuff or want to make money, you will do neither. You have to be authentic because your followers will see right through you -- brands will be able to tell if you're here for the wrong reasons as well. Blog because you love writing or love taking photographs, or because you're passionate about the subject you're talking about. Passion will always win.

3. Consistency: Through 6 years of blogging the thing I remember most is to be consistent. I started off blogging 7 days a week and did that for about a year. Once I started my senior year of college that wasn't attainable for me so I switched to 5 days a week. Of course I miss a post here and there (more so nowadays than ever before) but I try to have at least 4-5 posts a week. Aside from when my dad died I've never taken a break and I might be do for one soon. I just love blogging, I love creating content and I feel productive when I get something up. Sometimes I'm lazy and a post won't go up but being consistent is the key to having loyal followers and key to working with brands.

4. Organization: Get a seperate blog email, get a blog notebook and/or planner, figure out how you want to sort out your editorial calendar and get to work. Brainstorm blog post ideas and have a handful ready before you hit publish on your first one. To me, nothing is done right if you're not organized.

5. Niche: Now this is a controversial topic in my opinion. I don't have a niche -- Royally Pink is everything and anything. It's a lifestyle blog which in itself has become it's own niche in recent years. I don't think you should have a niche because I feel like it limits you. You'll write yourself into a corner and I just don't think you can blog that much about one particular thing. People want a variety and in this day in age, you're competiting with everyone. No niche is a good niche in my opinion!

I could probably go on and on but I think these are a good five to start. Maybe I'll come back for part 2!

What are your favorite blogging tips?
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