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It's 2018 and I still love to read magazines, I don't really use a music streaming service, and I exclusively watch cable television (with a few exceptions)

Who am I? What kind of millennial am I really?

Even though I love to read magazines, I never really buy them from a store, preferring to read them digitally because they're usually cheaper and it saves on waste and space. However, this habit can get quite expensive so I try to cut corners whenever possible.

In the same breath, I only watch a TV streaming service when I'm in the mood. For music, I don't really listen to anything because I never know where to go because there are so many options out there.

Well, I found something that combines all the forms of entertainment I love... WEYV.

I've never heard of this app before but once I discovered it, I'm a little obsessed. I've heard of other similar apps that have digital magazines and then of course apps that stream music and TV but the special thing about WEYV is that it combines all of those things in one app.

There is now no need to switch between a thousand apps, or to even have those other apps on your phone so you can more space!

WEYV combines digital magazines, music streaming, and coming soon, TV and movie streaming... in one neat app! It's also not just an app where you individually buy everything but you buy a subscription and have access to everything on the app.

You can have up to 25 people on the plan and it is kid friendly (with kid music stations) so that'll give peace of mind to anyone who has young kids in their family.

Something that is not common on a lot of apps these days (and I don't really understand why) is that you can simultaneously listen to music and read magazines on the apps, so you don't have to choose which you want to do.

I mostly use this on my commute so I can listen to music and catch up on some magazines at the same time. However, I used the app a lot over the weekend when I was lounging and relaxing in bed and it was so nice.

*At home, I use my iPad Mini but on my commute, I have the app on my iPhone.

One of the coolest things about WEYV? They donate .5% of the net revenue to charity, and I like knowing that one of my everyday activities is also charitable.

I'm always looking for technology that makes life easier and I think WEYV is just that. You have access to all your entertainment in one app, and can do multiple things at once which is something a lot of apps don't allow.

Share a subscription with your family and/or friends so everyone can get in on the action!

AND you can try WEYV FREE FOR 2 MONTHS without a credit card if you use the code MAKEWEYVS18 -- you really cannot go wrong with this deal since it's totally free.

Are you into this new app? What are your thoughts?

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