I was going to start this post while on the Amtrak, headed down to QVC for work but I got a little too train sick so I'm finishing from my hotel room.

We're staying at the Desmond in Malvern, PA and it's a really nice hotel! I'm kind of in love with it compared to the other hotel I usually stay at.

Anyway... I had to move a lot of editorial stuff around so we're throwing it back old school with a little wishlist.

Ever since my 'no buy' which I still wanted to do a post on, I've been doing a bit of shopping. Maybe I'll do a post or video on everything I've bought but yeah, it's been an issue.

However, there is a lot of stuf that I haven't bought and is currently on my wishlist so the point of this post!

I haven't bought a bag in a while (if you don't count my Neverfull MM) and I really want the Kate Spade Emerson Place Sam!

What's currently on your wishlist?
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