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My Favorite Spring Candles | 2018

I always used to think of candles of a Fall and Winter item. I never burned candles in the Spring and Summer because I didn't like the scents as much and obviously they gave off more heat than I needed.

However, within the past few years, I've fallen more in love with candles and I need them year round. There is nothing more relaxing to me than laying down in bed with the lights off, TV on and maybe a book and having the candle lit. 

I'm very particular about the Spring and Summer scents I like and want to burn in my room. I can't have something overly sweet or too beachy. I like a more subtle, fruity or musky scent -- or even something that you can burn all year round.

After my no buy last month, I went on a candle spree. Bath and Body Works was having a huge sale as was my favorite small business, Evil Queen. I scooped up as many candles as possible and I've been loving them all.

All of the scents I picked up aren't really 'Spring' themed but they aren't Fall or Winter so I classify that as something I can burn in these upcoming seasons. 

From Evil Queen I got:


I've had Bitches Who Brunch before and it's the perfect champagne/mimosa scent that I had to resist buying all winter long because I have my weird rules. 

Rainy Daze is a beautiful spring scent, and the only spring candle I'll probably ever buy again. It is very fresh and clean, and just gorgeous. 

I posted on Instagram when I got the candles, but I accidentally ordered the Slytherin Ambition candle from Evil Queen's Harry Potter collection. I am NOT a Slytherin but a Ravenclaw and totally misjudged what I was ordering. 

It is amber & musk-scented and I still love it! 

For Bath and Body Works, I went a different route. I ordered some of their Aromatherapy Candles as well as a Pink Prosecco candle and oh my word, I'm obsessed with them!

I have been nonstop burning the Stress Relief candle and I think it's safe to say it's one of my top 5 favorite candles ever. I never want to be without this fresh, eucalyptus and spearmint candle.  

The other Aromatherapy candle I got was a Focus candle which I haven't burned yet but it's eucalyptus and tea and smells divine. I wonder if it'll actually help me focus...

The Pink Prosecco candle is super sweet but the ideal spring and summer scent if you don't like something beach themed.

Below are a few other Spring and Summer scents I have on my radar! 

What are you burning this season? Do you burn candles in the warmer months or is it strictly a cool weather activity?