Happy weekend! This post is up way later than usual because of a few things: a massive anxiety attack Thursday night, a little bit of laziness, and an intense allergic reaction to a banana.

YUP. You heard that right.

I have always been allergic to most fruits (the only fruits I can eat are strawberries and blueberries). A lot of people don't believe me and I've never been tested but all I know is that when I eat raw fruit (or raw nuts), my ears and mouth start to itch and my throat gets very tight. Every so often I like to try to eat a fruit to test the waters and see if my allergy has gone away.

For the past two weeks I've eaten a lot of strawberries and suddenly had a craving for fruit. I decided to try a banana and see how it went because I love bananas. Well, I ate one today and after 15 minutes it was all over. I didn't have any symptons I usually have but my body rejected it. I got so sick and was out of commission for about four hours. After laying on the cold bathroom floor for about 15 minutes, I felt better and was able to function but I will never eat another banana as long as I live.

Now that we've got the TMI situation out of the way, let's dive into what I loved this week!

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What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

I also purchased my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda (more on that later) and one of the Jaclyn Hill lipsticks in the shade "That Girl"

7 Year Blog Anniversary!

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Today is 7 years since I created Royally Pink. It was the summer going in Junior Year of college and I was bored as hell at home. I was missing my sorority sisters, after an incredible year of fun and I needed to do something to pass the time.

My mom, sister and I were living with my aunt and I remember stumbling across The College Prepster (now Carly the Prepster) and disovering the world of blogging. I was studying to be a journalist, really focused on my career and hoping I would get the internship of my dreams. I was working in the new frozen yogurt shop in town and making good money for once.

I created a blogger account, picked a name and started writing.

The name Royally Pink was the first thing that popped into my head; I was obsessed with England and the Royal Family (we already had one year of Kate and William as the Royal Couple, sans babies or Meghan Markle) and pink has always been my favorite color.

In that breath, my blog, my brand was born. I wanted a place to share my thoughts with people who might've cared. I had a lot to say about random things but no one in my real life really cared that much. I was going to use this blog as an outlet to talk about things I liked and didn't like. It was going to be a place to hone my writing skills and show future employers that I had passion for writing, was good at it, and could dedicate myself to something.

Back in 2012, social media and the blogging world were completely different. Social media wasn't a job yet, I was hardly using it to promote the blog and Instagram still looked like this. I don't know if anyone predicted that people would be full time bloggers and that influencers would replace traditional advertising.

Back then in 2012, the world was a very different place and it has been really interesting to document it here on Royally Pink.

I have never once thought about giving up this blog -- I don't care what happens or where I end up, this blog has been a lifesaver. Having something to do day after day, something to dedicate myself to and something to pour my heart into really helps me. It keeps me on track, it makes me feel like I have purpose. It's fun and carefree but also difficult at times. It's really fun to work with brands and bring a story to life... there is so much good in this blog, and so much is owed to you all who read it.

Thank you for sticking with me through the good times and bad... thank you for putting up with constant changes to the layout, my writing style, and different series my brain comes up with. It has been a wild, joyful ride and without you, I'd just be talking to myself.

As a token of my appreciation, here's a little giveaway; a few of my favorite things such as stationery and beauty products, the mountain that Royally Pink was built on.
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I love you all, thank you for a great 7 years.. here's to 100 more!

I can't believe June is this weekend and we're nearing the halfway mark of the year. We're closer to Fall 2019 than 2018 and that is just wild to me. The year is flying by but this past month has been one of the longest of my life.

I'm primarily working from home, after some tough career changes this month and it's pretty interesting. I can't say too much on here yet but I hope to be able to fully explain soon -- I know I keep saying that so I apologize for the vaguness.

I've mentioned a few times that I have gotten really back into beauty the past month or so and it continued well into this month. I am so excited about all things beauty related and it's so nice to love something again that I took a mild break from before.

May was also the month when I started up my newsletter again and actually found a clear vision for it. The newsletter won't be content you see on the blog but mostly touching on topics that are a little more philsophical. I will definitely be sharing

During the past month I've tried a few differnet new things but also rediscovered some old little luxuries that I simply adore. I shared my current favorite beauty products last week so those are definitely my favorites but these are a few other random things that really caught my eye this month.

Pilot Pens

I've used these pens in the past but it wasn't until reading The Skinny Confidential that I knew I needed to pick up a pack again. I came across an Amazon giftcard recently and these ended up in my cart. I have not stopped using them and they are truly the greatest, smoothest, easiest pens to write with. Go get some!

Select CBD Pen

I've been wanting to try a CBD pen ever since I started using CBD oil and knew I eventually needed to bite the bullet. I purchased one from Select CBD in the Lavendar scent to puff right before bed and it's so nice. I like not having to ingest something and be able to use it orally. I usually take about 2-3 puffs before sleep and it helps me relax and get a good night's sleep. However, I do have really vivid dreams when I use this (but honestly it happens with all CBD products for me so something to be aware of)

Diptyque Candles

I love candles so much and I've gotten into the habit of burning them year round. I have a few small Diptyque candles on my desk (and a few spares still in boxes) that I never really burn. I like to have them as decor but also to burn on 'special occassions', whatever that means. Since I've been at my desk so much I decided to actually use the candles I have so I've went through about two of them this month and I forgot how much I love them. They smell incredible, look beautiful, and burn great -- super even and slow. If you love candles but haven't tried Diptyque yet, you need to buy one.

Rohto Ice Eye Drops

This is a strange 'favorite' but it has been one of my most used items this month. My allergies have been really aggressive and agggravating lately; I've gone through two boxes of tissues, a box of allergy medicine and I've begun to put my jade roller in the freezer to use at least three times a day to depuff and cool my eyes/face. These eye drops are insanely good! I really love cooling eye drops that sort of numb your eyes (it sounds very weird but trust me, it's good) and cool your eyes. They clear the redness and stop the itching immediately. If you suffer from really bad allergies, these are the best drops to get and trust me, I've tried them all.

Maison Replica Under the Lemon Trees

I mentioned the Jason Wu fragrance in my beauty favorites post but I have to mention this one which I've been wearing even more. I loved using the "By The Fireplace" fragrance in the winter and really wanted a super summery fragrance for the summer. When I saw the "Under the Lemon Trees" on the New Arrivals page on Sephora, I knew it was the one for me. I have been obsessed with all things lemon lately so I knew no matter what, I would like this fragrance. It smells like a delicious, fresh lemon cookie and is ideal for all summer occassions.

What were your favorites this month?
Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! I am very overwhelmed by the number of sales and I really want to buy everything. I already purchased a pair of Jack Rogers from their 30% off sale, scored a bkr bottle (or two) from the warehouse sale, and I'm gearing up for more shopping.

On the flip side, I have a really packed weekend and I am so excited. I have been working from home for the past month and it'll be really nice to get out of the house and have plans to see friends and just do fun things.

In other exciting news, I've been writing for a few more websites and had a few articles published this week. I'm so excited about my expanded repertoire and want to share it all with you! If you are ever interested in reading everything I've ever written in my life (besides the blog) head on over to www.brianaluca.weebly.com.

Also on that note, I'm going to relaunch my newsletter but this time, I have a clear cut vision of it. I'll be tackling more difficult topics, almost philosophical along with more conversational topics. Please sign up as the first one will be going out this weekend!

Here's everything I loved this week!

Links I Loved

Have a great long weekend everyone!
I've wanted to write this post for a very long time but the moment never felt right. I started this blog in 2012 when I was going into my junior year of college. At that point, I had been in my sorority for almost a year and had big dreams of what I was going to accomplish in the sisterhood.

Ask anyone who knew me in college and they'll tell you I was very passionate about my sorority. I craved the friendship, the leadership, and the message that came along with being part of Phi Sigma Sigma, of being part of something huge.

When I was a junior, I had already won the position of Vice President of Communication on the Greek Board for the entire school, I was in charge of a committee or two and was on the road to do something bigger.

I knew I wanted to run for the Executive Board, it was just a matter of whether I was going to choose the president or vice president position. I wanted to be in charge, I wanted to make my sorority better. I was the girl on campus who made everyone go to the events, who wore her letters so much my friends had to tell me to wear normal clothes, and who wanted to be part of everything that the sorority did.

Eventually, that junior year, I ran and won for Vice President (unopposed but mostly because everyone knew how badly I wanted the position and how good I would make it) and for once, felt really at home.

I always had a pretty clear vision of who I was in my life, I was a little quirky, a little shy, and someone who was never the leader of the group. I was laid back in a sense that I just followed what others did or wanted to do -- if I really didn't want to do it, I didn't.

Being the Vice President of the sorority, standing in front of over 100 girls at my first meeting was nerve-wracking. I wasn't the girl who felt comfortable speaking in front of people, I didn't know what I was doing; while there was a handbook for the VP position, no one before me took it as seriously as I was going to, as seriously as I wanted too. After I left the position and groomed many young girls to take my place in years to come, they told me that I changed the way the VP operated and the position in the chapter. That was my legacy.

I loved Greek life so much I convinced the Greek advisor to let me on two executive boards at once and held the position of Vice President of Communication for my senior year as well. I loved Greek life so much and felt so at home that I won Sorority Woman of the Year in my senior year. I was fraternity sweetheart and really (not to pat myself on the back) a big lady on campus.

I felt at home in my sorority so much, like I had finally found myself and my place. I had never dreamed that I would have the skills to run an entire sorority, which is basically a little town of young women. I grew up in my sorority and learned so many skills that I've taken with me into my adult life, even five years after I graduated.

If you're in a sorority, or if you're thinking about rushing, these are a few lessons you might learn during your years and be able to take with you forever.


I was never a leader before the sorority. As I said before, I went the flow and followed the rules. It was very weird for me to actually 'make' the rules. Being a leader I learned that it's important to listen to people, take constructive criticism, and work together. Just because you are in charge doesn't mean you get to lead alone... you need help. I learned to take charge of situations I knew I could handle but also delegate when it was important. I think to go into an entry-level or even mid-level position you won't necessarily be a leader but having those leadership skills and quality will help greatly in doing a good job and setting yourself up for success.

Work Ethic and Responsibility 

It might sound really silly but being on the Executive Board, or just being a member of a sorority will take a lot of work. There is a lot to do in a sorority; weekly meetings, events, mixers, conferences, recruitment... it takes a lot of responsibility to manage your time, plan events, and just help out with everything that it takes to make a sorority go round. I was never busier than I was in college and it really taught me time management, how to say no (sometimes there is just too much going on) and how to work hard to make something happen.

Small Talk

I am an incredibly shy person. I really do not like talking to people and I would much rather stay at home than be out. I'm not good at making friends and it takes a lot for me to feel comfortable in a social setting. However, in a sorority, from the first day of recruitment to your last day of college, you are kind of forced to be social. When you're getting ready to join a sorority you go through the recruitment process where you have to make a lasting impression on the sisters in order to get a bid. Selling yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone is essential and it can be quite the process for some people. Because of the small talk, I had to make, the public speaking I had to do, I feel a little more comfortable in my own skin. Without the sorority, I would still be the shy person I used to be. *I definitely am still a little shy but it is not as bad as it was. This helped me greatly with interview skills, conferences, and networking events.


No matter where you go in life there is going to be someone you dislike or don't get along with. No matter where you go in life, you will have to work with someone you don't like. A sorority is the perfect place to start honing in on this skill. Now listen, sororities have a reputation of being a catty group of women but that was so far from the truth in my experience. No one fought or were vicious to each other, but not everyone was best friends. However, we did all come together when it mattered and we all worked together to better the sorority and be the best we could be. Even if someone wasn't your BFF, you respected them because they were your sister and you were able to get things done. That is so important in life, to learn to work with people you don't necessarily want to work with and I'm so thankful for that lesson.

Whenever I have dealt with difficult situations, I try to remind myself that once I was a girl who was responsible for a hell of a lot more than I am right now and I got through that and did a great job.

All in all, this quote sums up how a sorority can help you become who you are and help you so much in life.

If you were in a sorority, what were some of the lessons you learned?

I received an advanced copy of "Red, White, and Royal Blue" from NetGalley but all opinions are my own.

When I saw "Red, White, and Royal Blue" available for request from NetGalley, I was intrigued but it wasn't until I saw the book pop up on several 'Must Read for the Summer' lists that I knew I had to get my hands on it. From the publisher's summary alone I knew it was going to be one of the most talked about books of the year.

"What happens when America's First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales?"

Um, sign me the EFF UP! Does that not sound like the most intriguing book of all time? Because I think it does and I read it in one sitting. Well, I read it in two sittings but I started it on Mother's Day, read a few chapters and then finished more than 90% of the book the next day. Once I started reading this and became invested in the characters, I could not stop.

The book is pure fiction -- the Royal Family in the book is not anything like the Royal Family we currently know and love. The First Family is nothing like any other First Family we've had -- it doesn't even seem loosely based on anyone in history, it is pure fiction and I love it that way. It was as if I were living in another dimension. However, there were one or two mentions of Obama as the current President, Ellen Claremont (yes, the first female president) won the 2016 election, and now the book takes place during the 2020 election.

The novel is told in the First Son's POV, Alex Claremont Diaz... the first Mexican-American First Son. His parents are divorced and he lives in the White House with his mother and sister, June... as well as the Vice President's granddaughter, Nora. They're referred to as the White House Trio and honestly, I wish I was their friend because they seem like they have a lot of fun.

We're introduced to Alex as a carefree, playboy who has his sights set on becoming a politician, helping his mother win the 2020 election and working on her campaign. The one character trait that we see immediately is that Alex has a true hatred for the Prince of England, Henry. He despises him with every fiber of his being and that is where the story begins.

While we know that the two are going to fall in love before the story starts, it's very interesting to see how it takes place. The hatred is so strong from Alex's POV that you can borderline feel the sexual tension through the pages. The way that the relationship comes together is very innocent -- after a bit of an international disaster, Alex and Henry are forced to showoff their friendship instead of the bitterness that the public saw -- the friendship eventually blossoms into something more, much to the surprise of Alex. 

The story rolls on and there is a lot of secrecy as well as familial issues that come along with the relationship. While I can't speak to the LGBT issues that the book touches on, I do think it did a good job at rounding out the story and not making it a true fairytale.

As I mentioned before, I read this book in less than 24 hours. I could not put it down because I simply needed to know how everything was going to play out. I wanted to see how Alex and Henry's relationship was going to develop and play out... and what would happen when/if the world found out about it.

It was a beautiful love story and touched really nicely on politics without getting too indepth or too political; I loved the marriage of American and English customs/protocol. It was just an incredibly endearing book that I think everyone would really enjoy. It's a modern love story, one that seems outlandish but at the same time, could actually happen. It was just so good.

Do you think you're going to read "Red, White, and Royal Blue"?

I never liked summer clothes. I was too heavy for them, looked frumpy and I really just didn't feel comfortable. After losing 20+ pounds (give or take a few) summer clothes have become a lot easier. I didn't realize it until last summer but I wasn't as hot or uncomfortable anymore... and my mom reminded me that it's because I basically lost a small toddler worth of weight.

However, I do still have trouble with what I want to wear. I want to be stylish and trendy yet comfortable... I want to be fashionable but still, feel like me in 90 degrees weather. I have a few stores that I shop at regularly, Nordstrom being one and J.Crew/J. Crew Factory being the others. It's very rare that I buy clothes from anywhere else. The reason I shop at J.Crew so much is because I have a credit card and the sales they have are always pretty insane.

A few weeks ago they were having some crazy sale and I decided to pick up some things for my summer wardrobe... mostly shirts to pair with jeans and leggings but I did pick up a romper that I'm excited to wear next weekend for Memorial Day.

Below is everything I've picked up recently and I'm sure there will be more where this came from!
I have been on my beauty A-game lately. For the past month or so I simply cannot get enough of all things beauty and my Sephora app has been getting a lot of exercise being constantly opened and closed.

I've been testing a lot of new products and rediscovering some old ones so I figured I would jump on here and do an old fashioned round up of everything that has caught my eye lately.

Kylie High Gloss

I used to hate lipgloss but once I find a formula that works, I'm as loyal as can be. I've spoken about my lipgloss obsession with the Bite Beauty French Press glosses & the Laura Geller Nude Kisses -- they are my favorites and I'm always skeptical to try something new. I'm afraid that the gloss will be goopy or sticky and that I will hate it. I was always intrigued by the Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss and there has rarely been a Kylie product that I don't love, so after a few reviews, I decided to purchase one of them.

I picked up the shade "Daddy's Girl" which I thought was more clear but turns out it has a strong pink undertone. This gloss is a little on the thick side but what's great is that it's not sticky or heavy on your lips so you don't feel it. It adds the perfect amount of shine and glitter to your pout without being overbearing. I love wearing it alone or on top of lipstick (I recently wore it on top of the Kylie lipstick "Bare" and oh my goodness, it was delicious).

If you're skeptical about lipgloss, I think you would really enjoy the High Glosses. I can't wait to pick up another.

Jason Wu Perfume

I received this perfume in an Influenster Vox Box a few months ago and put it away for safekeeping since it was much more of a spring scent. Well, I broke it out this month and have been addicted. I bring it with me everywhere for touch-ups (because I feel like I constantly need to reapply perfume -- I'm terrified of smelling bad) and it's just a gorgeous scent. It's a jasmine first scent with notes of pink pepper, fig, iris, and sensual woods. It makes me incredibly happy when I smell this and really puts me in the mood for the warm weather. It is really hard to describe perfume scents in words so I recommend heading to your local Bloomingdales, Macy's or Saks to try it out. 

Tula Glow & Get It Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm 

The eye balm that launched an insane wait list! I was so happy when I finally scored it a few months ago when it was back in stock. It sold out in a few hours and the waitlist went back up. When I saw bloggers reviewing this, I was SHOCKED at the before and after. Their dark circles were gone with one swipe; it was at that moment when I knew I needed it. When I first applied it, my mom was confused; did I have on makeup? What did I do to make my dark circles disappear? This is a magic product and I'm so happy to have it. It is also very cooling and hydrating so whenever my under eyes feel a little dry, this clears that feeling right up. You can also use it on top of makeup (which I have not done yet) so that's an interesting feature as well.

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped

I mentioned this in my VIB Sale Recommendations post and since then, have purchased the full size. It's a thicker moisturizer that really sinks into the skin, leaving your face incredibly hydrated. I wake up in the morning and my skin still feels like there is lotion on it, but in the best way possible. My skin has not been nearly as dry as it usually is and it makes my skin feel refreshed. Applying it after taking off a long day or night's makeup feels like giving my skin a tall glass of water. It's a must-try in my book! 

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

When I first heard of these I was pretty stunned. Tanning drops? For your face? I felt like they were magic. They were also magically difficult to get ahold of. They are constantly sold out on Sephora's website so when I saw them pop up over on QVC, I grabbed them. I've used them a handful of times but I need to be more diligent. I like to drop one baby drop full of this into my Lala Retro Whipped and rub as evenly as possible over my face. I only do it on the nights where I'm self-tanning my body because this sucker works fast. I always wake up with a sunkissed face but nothing overpowering. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the drops, make sure you're using the right amount and spreading it evenly over your skin. I use the Medium drops and I probably should've bought the Light but they're pretty great. I will definitely be using them all summer long.

What are your current favorite beauty products?
Oh boy, what a week! It started off really bad, I found myself feeling really depressed and down, due to so many things going on. The weather didn't help as it was raining cats and dogs for the majority of the week. Then, halfway through, Alabama lawmakers decided it was a good idea to strip women of their right to choose and boy, did it take a toll on my mental health. I simply could not stop thinking about it or tweeting about it. It's a really scary time and that's all I have to say about it.

Anywho... this weekend is going to be lowkey and hopefully, it will be beautiful so I can actually get outside and do some things. I can't believe it hit 45 degrees in New York this week, in the middle of May!

I spent the majority of my week reading -- finishing up Red, White, and Royal Blue (review coming this Wednesday... it's one of the best books I've read in a while) and re-reading some Harry Potter!

I don't have much else to say so we'll get into this week's loves.

Links to Love

What You Missed on Royally Pink

I didn't buy anything this week so go me!

Have a great weekend everyone :)
It's just past midnight on a Thursday night and I finished my latest read... "The Editor". I requested to read this book before it was published from Net Galley and it took me months to read it. I'm not sure why and I wish I would've read it sooner.

When I downloaded it onto my Kindle app I had already forgotten why I wanted to read it in the first place. Because it was a fictional story about my favorite woman in history, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

"After years of trying to make it as a writer in 1990s New York City, James Smale finally sells his novel to an editor at a major publishing house: none other than Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Jackie--or Mrs. Onassis, as she's known in the office--has fallen in love with James's candidly autobiographical novel, one that exposes his own dysfunctional family. But when the book's forthcoming publication threatens to unravel already fragile relationships, both within his family and with his partner, James finds that he can't bring himself to finish the manuscript. 

Jackie and James develop an unexpected friendship, and she pushes him to write an authentic ending, encouraging him to head home to confront the truth about his relationship with his mother. Then a long-held family secret is revealed, and he realizes his editor may have had a larger plan that goes beyond the page... "

I had completely forgotten that is what the book was about until I got to the 2nd chapter and saw that the Editor was none other than the most famous First Lady in history. 

From that moment on I was completely enthralled with this novel and just so invested in the outcome, the story, and the characters. James is a gay man in 1992, living with his boyfriend in New York City who has just written a book about his complicated mother. 

Throughout the book, you are taken on a wild ride of discovery, family, secrets, lies, and just a little bit of history. It is so interesting to see another side of Jackie O, the Editor in her and how she had taken New York by storm in the early nineties. 

That was another thing about the book... the time period. It was so present while reading; mentions of clunky televisions, newspapers, and the golden era of publishing. The New York hoopla around Jacqueline Kennedy was like another character in the book and it just made me hungry for that time period again.

James and Jacqueline discuss politics only once or twice throughout the book but you are constantly wanting more from the fictional Mrs. Kennedy. We see talk of the future President Clinton and the scandals that followed him before he was even the presidential nominee. It was just so interesting... so interesting to read a story that took place just as I was being born but one that I so desperately love.

My obsession/passion for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis comes from the same place that my love of Princess Diana does; my mother and my aunt. Both were simply infatuated with Jackie O, my aunt still has a Barbie Doll in the original packaging of Jackie. When Jacqueline died in 1994, my mother told me my aunt took off of work and didn't get out of bed for days.

I did many book reports on her, have read a few biographies and am just extremely interested in the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 

That's why this book was so perfect for me... and it was about a writer, something I so desperately want to classify myself as.

"The Editor" takes you on a journey of James writing his first book that just so happens to be about a complicated familial relationship. Jackie pushes him to go deeper, to find out more about the relationship and to come to terms with it. Through this, we find out a few secrets and discover a lot about James' family. There were definitely a few times when I gasped, not seeing the plot twist from a mile away.

The book was written fast... like I could hear and feel the urgency in every word but it delighted me so much. In a weird way it reminded me of the 90s, like how fast Carrie Bradshaw talks in "Sex and the City" or the way Fran Fine moves from story to story in "The Nanny." There was just something so familiar about the writing that it felt comforting.

"The Editor" went on sale in early April so you can purchase it now and I really do recommend it. I haven't felt this passionate about a book, especially a non domestic thriller novel, in a while. This book moved something in me that I immediately had to pick up my laptop and write this blog post so I didn't lose the feeling.

If you love history, if you love the 90s as a decade, if you love Jacqueline Kennedy, and if you love books, this is something that I hope will move you the way it moved me.

For the past few years, I've been on a huge wellness kick and I owe that to the wellness surge in society. I want to know everything that is going to make me feel better, look better, and be better. Whether that's helping my anxiety, improving my skin, or just giving me a better overall feeling of health and wellness.

Because of this kick, I've experimented with a few different supplements to try to find the best one(s) that make me feel good. I'm not talking about vitamins, which I need to be better about taking, but pure beauty, wellness, and health supplements.

Now, I'm not a doctor so I'm only going off of what I've tried myself and what has worked for me. I'm also someone who isn't afraid of medicine. I take more Advils that necessary and load up on allergy medicine, anxiety pills, supplements, and ibuprofen when I probably shouldn't. I know that is NOT good and I will probably develop an ulcer but it's just who I have always been, mostly because I cannot handle pain.

That being said, that's why I'm very experimental with what supplements I use. I understand that it is not for everyone but this is just my story.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let's get into my favorite supplements.

Juna CBD Oil

Is CBD a supplement? I consider it one because it's helping me combat a wellness issue! I just did a huge post on CBD products and how I use them and I mentioned the Juna World Nude CBD Oil. This was sent to me in PR and I am just obsessed. It has virtually no taste and one drop does the trick. I also love the aesthetic of the bottle... but that's not really important, it's the inside that counts. If you're looking to try a CBD oil, I recommend this one. You can take a drop alone or mix it into tea/coffee. It puts my mind at ease and allows me to relax a little more, giving me more clarity. It also helps to get to sleep much easier.

Hum Nutrition Big Chill Stress Management 

I've talked about HUM Nutrition before and they are really the brand that kicked off my wellness supplement obsession. The Big Chill is my favorite anti-anxiety/stress supplement. I still use Nerve Tonic on the go but Big Chill is what I use when I'm feeling super on edge and Nerve Tonic just won't do the trick. I've used two bottles of this and it was out of stock EVERYWHERE for a while but I'm pretty sure it is back in stock at most retailers. One pill does the trick for me and once I take it, I feel calmer and less stressed. I definitely think this can be used for people who get stressed easily and not just if you are anxiety ridden. If you are having a hard day at work or home and need to just have a clearer mind to be able to think, Big Chill does that.

Hum Nutrition Beauty Zzz

This is the first supplement I ever tried. With my anxiety and before I started medication, I was having trouble sleeping. I didn't want to take melatonin because I was afraid of being groggy the next day... also, I just wanted to try something fancy and not straight up melatonin from the drugstore *I always have to be the slightest bit extra* $10 from Sephora? There's nothing better than this. Beauty Zzz puts me right to sleep in the best way possible; just a little drowsy and then I sink into a beautifully restful sleep and don't feel gross the next day. I hate Nyquil and any medicine that makes me sleepy because I wake up feeling like a truck hit me. When I know I need a good nights sleep or just feel super restless, these babies save the day.

Love Wellness Co Bye Bye Bloat

Love Wellness Co is another supplement brand that has made it big recently. It was started by Lo Bosworth of Laguna Beach & The Hills fame so obviously, I was intrigued (Lo was always my FAV). While I've been aware of the company for a while it wasn't until recently that I found a supplement that I was searching for. The weeks leading up to my period, I get insanely bloated... just like every other woman in the world. However, it was so incredibly uncomfortable, to the point that I felt uncomfortable in LEGGINGS and it nearly drives me to tears. Finally, I was on Revolve and saw the Bye, Bye Bloat pills and didn't even think twice about purchasing it. I've taken the pills a few times now (the first time I got really nauseous but I didn't eat before when it clearly says to have with food on the bottle). The day after taking these pills (I take them at night after a bloated day) I feel instantly better. I feel at least 5 pounds lighter and the gross feeling is completely gone. They have been a lifesaver these past few months.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

If you follow me on Instagram (@bribrilukes) you know that I bought these a few months ago and have not turned back. Vital Proteins Collagen has been something I've been eyeing for close to a year after hearing one of my favorite YouTubers, Allie Sevdalis, talk about them incessantly on her channel. I wasn't really feeling them... I was scared to mix them in with coffee/tea/etc and I didn't think I needed collagen. My hair grows like a weed and my nails are pretty strong but I was still curious. While running errands one day I ran into GNC and saw that they had a sampler pack of the collagen peptides and for $12, I couldn't just leave it in the store. After trying them for a week, I bought a full size on Sephora.com. I was blown away! These are NO TASTE, like not even a hint of a taste which is so important to me. Then, throughout the day, I just felt better. I wasn't as moody and felt a little more clear. I googled to see if collagen had an effect on mood because that was something I really noticed, and in fact, it does! I haven't noticed a huge difference in my hair but my nails have been stronger and don't break as easily, especially my toenails (gross). There is rarely a day I don't mix these into my coffee and I could not recommend enough. *I use the regular old peptides in the blue packaging but the coffee creamer ones are so delicious*.

What are your favorite wellness supplements? Suggestions are always welcome ;) 

What has been your experience with supplements? Are you on board? Let's talk in the comments!

Last year I experimented with a press-on nail and I loved them, so when I saw KISS come out with press on GEL nails, I knew I had to try them.

One of my favorite vloggers, Toni Sevdalis, said she loved this brand of nails so when I saw them in Target a few weeks ago I jumped at them. After being a little tired of my nails last week, I decided to try my hand (pun intended) of putting on these fake gel nails. I wanted to go full force though... instead of using the press on stickers, I opted to use the nail glue.

Applying the nails took me about 20 minutes... it probably could've taken me half the time but I was watching TV and taking my time. The nail glue that comes with the nails is pretty strong, almost a similar consistency to Krazy Glue and maybe a little bit of a similar hold. All I did was follow the directions that came with the kit, apply the nail glue on the back of the nail and on your cuticle, press and hold.

I made a few mistakes along the way and applied the wrong size nail to the wrong finger but with some nail polish remover, I was able to fix it.

At the end of the ordeal, I had a set of beautiful, fake nails. My mom and sister were stunned -- they didn't think they looked fake and thought I did a pretty good job.

I LOVE having fake nails, especially long nails like these. I felt like Khloe Kardashian in the best way possible. Having long nails makes me feel fancy, chic and like a badass bitch. I loved holding my phone, typing, putting on makeup... it just completely changes you as a person. (LOL, dramatic much?)

I didn't feel like they prohibited me from doing anything so they weren't annoying in that aspect... however, the nails did pop off at random times and for the few days I had them on, I carried nail glue around with me to be able to put them back on easily. I applied glue to the same few nails a few times and it didn't change the nail or make them weaker. It was fine to just reapply instead of wasting another nail.

I had the nails on for four days but after that, I was over them. I'm just the type of person who removes nail polish after a few days, I get bored easily so on Monday last week I removed the nails with nail polish remover.

They popped off pretty easily but I did have to soak them for a bit. My real nails weren't super messed up, I just used some of my Formula X Cleanse XCEL (a nail cleanser) to remove the gook and let my nails breathe for a day.

I will definitely be using these Gel Fantasy nails again and I can't wait to buy more colors!

Have you ever tried these fake gel polish nails?


Could you believe we're at week 20 of 2019? I can't believe it's almost summer... and we're closer to Fall 2019 than we are to Fall 2018! Time really moves so incredibly fast and it's starting to scare me.

As I've mentioned before, I am excited for the summer to begin and we got a small taste of good weather this week but I'm still waiting for a string of really nice weather so I can enjoy it all. However, I have my plans set for Memorial Day weekend, ordered some more summer clothes this week (haul coming soon) and I'm just ready.

This week was also the week of true crime for me. Every week really is but this week I had a lot of TV specials on in the background as I did work. I can't explain my fascination with true crime cases but it's bordering on near obsession, as I'm sure it is for a lot of people who are intrigued with the genre. It's a nice change of pace though because I've been watching Harry Potter at least once a day for the past three weeks (it's a problem, I know) and keep watching it as I fall asleep.

Wait... we also got MAJOR NEWS this week! There is a NEW Royal Baby and his name is MASTER ARCHIE HARRISON.

I am obsessed and when I woke up on Monday to the news that Meghan Markle was in labor I was just overjoyed. On Wednesday when we got the first glimpse, found out his name, and saw all the adorable pictures, I was in heaven. I wasn't expecting Archie as the name but the more I hear it, the more I think it is perfect.

That's enough about my week...

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Have a great weekend everyone!

If you follow me on social media you would know that I love reality television. From the Kardashians to The Housewives, I love it all. I especially love Vanderpump Rules, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff that follows the staff of SUR, even though we know that they don't really work at SUR anymore.

Since the first episode, I ever watched I was drawn to Stassi Schroeder. Now, I had the luxury of not seeing Stassi from the start and joining the Pump Rules fandom in season 4 so she had already broken up with Jax and had left SUR and LA. She was past her hellish stage and was making amends with her friends but still, I saw the awesomeness in her.

I went back and watched Season 1-3, enamored by Stassi's cutthroat attitude and I just really loved that about her. I followed her on social media, subscribed to her podcast and ate up every word she said. She was relatable, hysterical, and really cool; I love her OOTDs, her style, her words... I wanted to be her friend.

That's why, when I found out that she was releasing a book, I nearly jumped out of my skin. If any Bravo star/social media personality was going to write a book it was going to be her. I felt like Stassi had so much to say and so many people willing to listen.

I counted down the days until "Next Level Basic" was released, pre-ordered it and immediately dove into the book the minute it landed on my doorstep.

"Next Level Basic" is a basic bitch's guide to living. I have always identified as a basic bitch and it's not something I am ashamed of. I never really think of the word 'bitch' as a mean thing... unless the tone is mean, of course.

I love being basic; I love loving Fall and Pumpkin Spice Latte. In college, I loved looking like the poster child for my sorority in leggings, letters, and UGGs with my Longchamp bag & Starbucks drink. I love loving reality TV and my Louis Vuitton Neverful. I love Top 40 music and I love cheesy movies. I don't care if that's basic... it's ME.

That's what Stassi writes about... she unapologetically loves being basic and her handbook for living your most basic life outlines that.

Stassi takes us through all the basics of life, from loving musical theater to love true crime, and enjoying a good basic cocktail. She discusses freaking out over breakups and loving social media. Each chapter highlights a different aspect of the basic bitch lifestyle mixed with Stassi's real-life experiences, some Vanderpump Rules behind the scenes snippets, and her hilarious, conversational tone.

I actually laughed out loud reading this book, nodded my head along with everything she said and honestly just felt super proud of someone who I've been watching and following for years. That sounds crazy but I never claimed to be normal when it came to reality TV.

This is a super quick read and not a book that is going to move you to feel something you haven't already felt. It's for a specific type of person; it's not a memoir or a self-help book, it's pure humor and if you're someone who loves Stassi, or even just enjoys her on Vanderpump Rules, is looking for something quick, light and hilarious to read, or identify as a basic bitch, then you will definitely enjoy this book!

Have you read "Next Level Basic"? What were your thoughts?

CBD is everywhere right now, including here on Royally Pink. I blogged about my favorite CBD beauty products a few weeks ago but now I'm ready to discuss how I use it for my mental health.

When I first heard about CBD I was pretty pumped about it. I've been using Nerve Tonic to relax for years but something a little more natural and ~trendy~ sounded right up my alley. I am on anxiety medication but CBD is good to provide an extra boost of relaxation and relief.

If you have not heard, CBD is having a major moment. Everyone is using CBD, whether they're ingesting it or wearing it on their face... CBD is IN. 

As I've mentioned previously, CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and is taken from the marijuana plant but does not have the effects of THC, which is what gets you high. CBD is said to have natural ways of signaling the serotonin system, which gives off the same effect (only faster) of an SSRI (what most anti-anxiety and depression medications are classified as).

CBD can also help the hippocampus (part of the brain that can be smaller in people with anxiety and depression) regenerate neurons. I won't continue to get too medical on you but if you want to learn more about how CBD can help anxiety, in technical terms, you can read here.

From my personal experience, I have tried a few forms of CBD and I can say, every one of them has helped mine immensely. I am someone who will try anything once when it comes to helping my anxiety and stress. 

I've tried three different types of CBD products and I'll take you through them so you can decide what is best for you.


This is the first type of CBD product I tried and the only one that I've tried two different brands of. I started using the Charlotte's Web Mint Chocolate CBD Oil probably back in July or August and I've really enjoyed it. The first time I tried this oil, I took a drop under the tongue and almost vomited. I felt incredibly sick afterward and just hated the taste. However, it did calm me down. 

I was scared to try it again but this time I mixed two drops into my peppermint tea and wow, the taste was not there and I felt so incredibly at ease. It made me only a little sleepy but I felt my body relax only after a few sips; my mind also felt a little more clear which was nice too.

I exclusively used this brand (and the same bottle because it lasts FOREVER) until a few weeks ago when I received a bottle of Juna World CBD Oil in PR mail. Well, Juna is my favorite and I much prefer it over Charlotte's Web. It doesn't have a flavor or taste so I can just take a drop in my mouth and not feel gross. I also like the way the Juna makes me feel; I feel calmer and more at ease in a faster amount of time and it doesn't make me as sleepy.

CBD Gummies

Since my first time trying CBD oil I knew I wanted to experiment with gummies as well. After doing some research and a recommendation from The Skinny Confidential, I knew the Sunday Scaries gummies were the ones for me. They are a little expensive, $30 for only 20 gummies but they are worth every penny. I've gone through 3-4 bottles of these over the past few months and they are my preferred method of CBD. Two gummies at night instantly relax you, like every worry in the world has been lifted off your shoulders. Two of these gummies also put me right to sleep which is the best feeling after a long, stressful day. These taste pretty good and only have a very slight after taste but they're my favorite and go-to. I feel like everyone should try these at least once. They will change your life.


To complete the trio of CBD, I needed to try a CBD pen. I've experimented with oral aromatherapy through MONQ so I knew I could handle a CBD pen. After some research, I decided that Select CBD was the most cost-effective and right for me; some CBD companies won't ship pens to you so Select CBD was perfect. I chose the Lavender pen so I could inhale it right before sleep, to add that extra boost of relaxation. Before I go to sleep or when I'm feeling particularly anxious, I take 2-3 puffs of the pen. The pen doesn't put me to sleep as fast as the oil or gummies but I do feel like I get a good night to sleep with it. 

If I had to choose only one of these products to use to ease anxiety or stress, I'd pick the gummies, then the pen and then finally the oil. That's just how they work for me and how they make me feel.

If anyone has any other experiences with CBD products, let me know! I would love to hear how CBD has worked or hasn't worked for others. 

Last month I started a new series that made me a little vulnerable and was something I never really talked about on my blog and that was dating.

If you missed the first installment, go read it now so you can set the scene for this post. I left off the last post talking about how nerve-wracking the first date was but now I want to talk about how it was to actually date, after the first.

You know that stage in a new relationship where things aren't crystal clear? Where you don't know if you like someone or if someone likes you? During those first five months (yes, it took me five months to really feel comfortable, maybe even longer than that), it was confusing for me because I was very aware that I had never done this before and that my boyfriend, M, was much older... well, he's 5 years older than me but still.

As we were starting to date and I knew that I really liked M, I was a little nervous on how we were going to move to the next level. Was I being too overbearing? Too clingy? Was he boyfriend? When would we be official?

These weren't thoughts that made me anxious but were just on my mind. I'll tall about this in a later post but I've been very chill for my entire relationship which a lot of people are surprised at.

Our first date was in June and we saw each other most weekends throughout the summer. Labor Day Weekend was probably the first weekend I didn't see M. After that, we saw each other pretty much every weekend.

It's wasn't an intentional thing where we made a plan to see each other only on the weekends, or every weekend for that matter but it was routine we fell into quite easily. He would come to my neighborhood one weekend, I'd go out to his the next. We would go for dinner, a movie, and then just hang out at the house. We had a nice little thing going and I wasn't worried about where we were headed next.

I liked taking things slow, it helped me really be sure of myself and the decision I was making. I was guarded with my heart and my life, so it took a really long time for me to be comfortable in this relationship.

I didn't even consider M my boyfriend until mid-October, and the first time he ever introduced me as his girlfriend was in December. It was just something that wasn't really important for me to bring up because I was sort of focused on enjoying time in our little bubble.

Dating M, before I was even sure where it was headed, was a significant part of our relationship. I wasn't talking to any other guys (and I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking to other girls, but honestly we never discussed it) so my energy was all in on him, but I was still aware that we were 'dating'. We weren't dating around but just dating each other.

We talked about everything and learned so much about each other in those first few months and I don't even think we realized what was happening. We became more connected, more in tune with each other, and just really enjoyed spending time together without friends and family coming into our space.

This time, to me, is super important in any relationship because you truly understand who someone is and if you can tolerate/enjoy spending time with them alone. If you're thinking about getting into a relationship with someone, take the time to date them without rushing into labeling it or moving too quickly.


Another week has come and gone and I'm not really sure what is happening in my life. I'm at a crossroads and I will be able to tell you about it soon, I hope. Until then, it is business as usual here at Royally Pink HQ and I'm excited for my 7 year anniversary coming up at the end of the month.

I cannot believe that it's been 7 years since I started this blog... so much has changed and while I still am the same girl deep down, I've changed so much and it's just really exciting.

Today (Thursday) is the first real Spring day in a while here in New York and it was glorious! 70 degrees and sunny? Sign me up! I never enjoy Spring but I cannot get enough of it lately.

That being said, I spent a large portion of the day laying down because I'm pretty sure I bruised my ribs. I woke up at 5 AM on Thursday, couldn't breathe and every time I moved, my ribs screamed in pain. I think it was from either having a coughing fit or from stretching, which I've been trying to do in the morning and night.

I took some Advil, put Icy Hot on my ribs and tried to rest as much as possible. For the rest of the weekend, I'm going to chill out and watch the Ted Bundy movie with Zac Efron. I am a little too excited for it, I'll admit.

There isn't too much left to say so let's get into it...

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I received "Passion on Park Avenue" courtesy of Net Galley and it'll be released on May 28th. 

"Passion on Park Avenue" captured my attention because it takes place in New York, is a modern love story mixed with a touch of revenge, and the cover is pretty stunning. I read this book in maybe a week or so; it was an incredibly easy read due to the characters, the story and the writing.

While I am an intense reader I really appreciate the beauty of an easy, interesting book. "Passion on Park Avenue" was straight to the point story with a predictable plot, like your favorite romantic comedy and I loved every moment of it.

The novel centers around Naomi and her two new friends who have just discovered they have something very specific in common. It is the catalyst for the entire novel and the story takes off from their first meeting.

Naomi is a New York businesswoman who started her own accessory business but has a hidden secret about her past, one that comes up when she is approved by a co-op board for an apartment on Park Avenue. Naomi meets her delicious looking next door neighbor, Oliver Cunnigham and immediately dislikes him. Why? Well, you'll have to read to find out.

I know a lot of people hate the word 'chick-lit' but I personally love it because it is literally a romantic comedy in book form. I definitely classify "Passion on Park Avenue" as a chick lit book but it does go a little deeper than that. It deals with familial issues, illness, and a lot of other heavy topics but does so in a light way. It's a really great marriage of different genres.

From the Goodreads title, it says "Central Park Pact #1" so I'm assuming we will be getting more books which is very exciting! There is a lot left to this story so I'm excited to see where it goes next.

If you need a light, quick read you should definitely check this out when it is released on May 28th. I think this is going to be my new favorite series!