If you follow me on social media you would know that I love reality television. From the Kardashians to The Housewives, I love it all. I especially love Vanderpump Rules, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff that follows the staff of SUR, even though we know that they don't really work at SUR anymore.

Since the first episode, I ever watched I was drawn to Stassi Schroeder. Now, I had the luxury of not seeing Stassi from the start and joining the Pump Rules fandom in season 4 so she had already broken up with Jax and had left SUR and LA. She was past her hellish stage and was making amends with her friends but still, I saw the awesomeness in her.

I went back and watched Season 1-3, enamored by Stassi's cutthroat attitude and I just really loved that about her. I followed her on social media, subscribed to her podcast and ate up every word she said. She was relatable, hysterical, and really cool; I love her OOTDs, her style, her words... I wanted to be her friend.

That's why, when I found out that she was releasing a book, I nearly jumped out of my skin. If any Bravo star/social media personality was going to write a book it was going to be her. I felt like Stassi had so much to say and so many people willing to listen.

I counted down the days until "Next Level Basic" was released, pre-ordered it and immediately dove into the book the minute it landed on my doorstep.

"Next Level Basic" is a basic bitch's guide to living. I have always identified as a basic bitch and it's not something I am ashamed of. I never really think of the word 'bitch' as a mean thing... unless the tone is mean, of course.

I love being basic; I love loving Fall and Pumpkin Spice Latte. In college, I loved looking like the poster child for my sorority in leggings, letters, and UGGs with my Longchamp bag & Starbucks drink. I love loving reality TV and my Louis Vuitton Neverful. I love Top 40 music and I love cheesy movies. I don't care if that's basic... it's ME.

That's what Stassi writes about... she unapologetically loves being basic and her handbook for living your most basic life outlines that.

Stassi takes us through all the basics of life, from loving musical theater to love true crime, and enjoying a good basic cocktail. She discusses freaking out over breakups and loving social media. Each chapter highlights a different aspect of the basic bitch lifestyle mixed with Stassi's real-life experiences, some Vanderpump Rules behind the scenes snippets, and her hilarious, conversational tone.

I actually laughed out loud reading this book, nodded my head along with everything she said and honestly just felt super proud of someone who I've been watching and following for years. That sounds crazy but I never claimed to be normal when it came to reality TV.

This is a super quick read and not a book that is going to move you to feel something you haven't already felt. It's for a specific type of person; it's not a memoir or a self-help book, it's pure humor and if you're someone who loves Stassi, or even just enjoys her on Vanderpump Rules, is looking for something quick, light and hilarious to read, or identify as a basic bitch, then you will definitely enjoy this book!

Have you read "Next Level Basic"? What were your thoughts?

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