Fashion Files: J.Crew Summer Clothes Haul

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I never liked summer clothes. I was too heavy for them, looked frumpy and I really just didn't feel comfortable. After losing 20+ pounds (give or take a few) summer clothes have become a lot easier. I didn't realize it until last summer but I wasn't as hot or uncomfortable anymore... and my mom reminded me that it's because I basically lost a small toddler worth of weight.

However, I do still have trouble with what I want to wear. I want to be stylish and trendy yet comfortable... I want to be fashionable but still, feel like me in 90 degrees weather. I have a few stores that I shop at regularly, Nordstrom being one and J.Crew/J. Crew Factory being the others. It's very rare that I buy clothes from anywhere else. The reason I shop at J.Crew so much is because I have a credit card and the sales they have are always pretty insane.

A few weeks ago they were having some crazy sale and I decided to pick up some things for my summer wardrobe... mostly shirts to pair with jeans and leggings but I did pick up a romper that I'm excited to wear next weekend for Memorial Day.

Below is everything I've picked up recently and I'm sure there will be more where this came from!

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