7 Year Blog Anniversary!

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Today is 7 years since I created Royally Pink. It was the summer going in Junior Year of college and I was bored as hell at home. I was missing my sorority sisters, after an incredible year of fun and I needed to do something to pass the time.

My mom, sister and I were living with my aunt and I remember stumbling across The College Prepster (now Carly the Prepster) and disovering the world of blogging. I was studying to be a journalist, really focused on my career and hoping I would get the internship of my dreams. I was working in the new frozen yogurt shop in town and making good money for once.

I created a blogger account, picked a name and started writing.

The name Royally Pink was the first thing that popped into my head; I was obsessed with England and the Royal Family (we already had one year of Kate and William as the Royal Couple, sans babies or Meghan Markle) and pink has always been my favorite color.

In that breath, my blog, my brand was born. I wanted a place to share my thoughts with people who might've cared. I had a lot to say about random things but no one in my real life really cared that much. I was going to use this blog as an outlet to talk about things I liked and didn't like. It was going to be a place to hone my writing skills and show future employers that I had passion for writing, was good at it, and could dedicate myself to something.

Back in 2012, social media and the blogging world were completely different. Social media wasn't a job yet, I was hardly using it to promote the blog and Instagram still looked like this. I don't know if anyone predicted that people would be full time bloggers and that influencers would replace traditional advertising.

Back then in 2012, the world was a very different place and it has been really interesting to document it here on Royally Pink.

I have never once thought about giving up this blog -- I don't care what happens or where I end up, this blog has been a lifesaver. Having something to do day after day, something to dedicate myself to and something to pour my heart into really helps me. It keeps me on track, it makes me feel like I have purpose. It's fun and carefree but also difficult at times. It's really fun to work with brands and bring a story to life... there is so much good in this blog, and so much is owed to you all who read it.

Thank you for sticking with me through the good times and bad... thank you for putting up with constant changes to the layout, my writing style, and different series my brain comes up with. It has been a wild, joyful ride and without you, I'd just be talking to myself.

As a token of my appreciation, here's a little giveaway; a few of my favorite things such as stationery and beauty products, the mountain that Royally Pink was built on.
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I love you all, thank you for a great 7 years.. here's to 100 more!

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