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Showing posts from October, 2017

Fashion Files; Favorite Leggings

I first want to start out this post with something completely unrelated to the Fashion Files. Over the weekend, I was published on PopSugar . PopSugar is truly my favorite website and really a one-stop shop for whatever you want to read about. It has been my dream for so long to have a byline on there, and this is e…

Beauty in Review: Fenty Beauty Match Stix

When Fenty Beauty was being buzzed about, I don't think I was as excited as everyone else in the beauty world. I didn't really get why it was being talked about the way it was being talked about. I mean, I get that it's Rihanna's makeup line and Rihanna is BOSS but to me, it was just another brand. …

Fashion Files: My Favorite Leopard Pieces for Fall

Leopard is BACK and in a big way! I knew it was coming back when the Nordstrom anniversary sale had an incredible amount of leopard pieces to choose from. Now that we're in the full swing of Fall, leopard is everywhere. I've talked about the trend before but with every day that passes, I find something new t…

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 36

Ahh, it is FINALLY feeling like Fall here in New York and I hope that is not short lived. Today was the first real cool day and it was in the 60s all day. It was truly glorious to feel cold for a change, instead of dripping with sweat. I'm currently sitting in bed, waiting for TGIT television to begin. Thursday …

Ringly Activity Tracker Review

It's no secret that I love a good activity/fitness tracker. I've done multiple posts on different ones over the years, and even though I love my Kate Spade one, I felt like I needed a change. The thing about me is that even if I love something to the moon and back, I get rather bored very quickly. That is pr…

Beauty 101: My Favorite At Home Manicure Products

I love a good mani/pedi just as much as the next girl but usually, I opt for getting a pedicure at a nail salon instead of a manicure. I just find them more relaxing and whenever I get a manicure, I feel like it's a waste of money. They always chip as soon as I leave the salon and I can't touch it up since I u…

Beauty in Review: Simply Scrubs

These items were sent to me via PR Body scrubs are something I always want to use, but can never find one that fits the bill. I'm very particular about the consistency, scent, and after feeling of a scrub. There are body scrubs that I like that are actual body washes, like from St. Ives or Softsoap but sometimes…

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 35

Another week has come to an end and it's a long weekend, thank goodness! I wasn't feeling so hot today so I stayed home from work, giving myself a 4 day weekend which is must needed. It's so important to take a mental health day (even though I feel like I'm physically getting sick) once in a while be…

How to Take A Good Photo

Today's post is a guest post about how to take the best photos for your social media. While I've definitely gotten better at photos in the past few years (especially because of my social media job) but we could all use some tips to get by!  **** These days it’s easy for anyone with a smartphone and an …