Happy Halloween everyone! This post is coming a little later and is not what I had originally planned because of things I'll get into in a minute.

I wanted to stop by and say Happy Halloween because it is one of my favorite holidays, even if I do sit here with my wet hair in a towel, Evil Queen candles lit, and Hocus Pocus on my TV for the 111th time this month.

October was so great and I had a lot of fun, plus it went nice and slow. Fall weather was a little delayed but last night I slept in a sweatshirt, socks, and had two blankets so fall (or winter) is officially here. *I say this as it will be 70 degrees in New York on Thursday.

I went to a Halloween party over the weekend and was a 'Social Butterfly'. I love playing up my love for social media in any way I can.

I'm soaking up the last bit of October by skipping This Is Us and watching Hocus Pocus until midnight!

I took this post at work today and couldn't stop laughing

Now... for the update.

Yesterday started out as a good day and turned sour within seconds.

I was food shopping with my mom, as I do every Monday after work. We parked the car in the parking lot (in the first spot in the row in front of the grocery store) around 6:15. At 7:05 we walked outside, packed the car with the groceries we bought, and then I got in the backseat where I usually sit because my mom's stuff takes up the front seat and I'm too lazy to hold everything.

When I went to reach for my bag, it wasn't there. Someone stole my bag right out of my car.

I've never had anything like this happen and I went right into freakout mode. I couldn't breathe or see straight and the first thing I did was cancel my debit card.

We went inside and told the manager who then called the police. This has been happening a lot in my neighborhood but nothing like this has ever happened to me or my family (occasionally we'd wake up and go into the car and the change in the car was robbed but that's not a big deal).

We waited for an hour and a half for the cops and I filed a police report with everything missing. I had over $1000 worth of stuff in my bag and they literally just took the entire thing.

I was very shaken up and it may sound really silly and dramatic but having your personal items, no matter what they are, taken from you when they should be safe in the car, is scary. They have my drivers license, my house keys, my credit cards (which have been canceled), and my work ID. I don't like the fact that bad people have my personal information (thank goodness when I moved last year I didn't update my address on my license).

In my bag, I had my Kate Spade planner, a Henri Bendel notebook, a Louis Vuitton agenda, Kate Spade wallet and card holders... I had so much 'stuff'. I even had stupid things like my eye drops and vaseline and essential oil.

I got home late last night, didn't eat dinner, showered and went to bed. I was shaken up. I love my 'stuff' and to have those things taken was a little rattling. I was just scared and I don't care if that sounds dramatic.

So... I'm telling you this because things aren't going to be as usual at least for two days. I'm behind on a lot of stuff (articles that have deadlines mostly) and just trying to get my ducks in a row; canceling cards, getting new IDs and etc.

Just give me a day or two to get everything squared away and we'll be back as scheduled hopefully by Thursday/Friday!

I first want to start out this post with something completely unrelated to the Fashion Files. Over the weekend, I was published on PopSugar.

PopSugar is truly my favorite website and really a one-stop shop for whatever you want to read about. It has been my dream for so long to have a byline on there, and this is extra special because it's all about how I've lost 20 pounds since July.

I've mentioned it multiple times on here that I started Weight Watchers in July and it has been quite the life-changing journey. I don't want to be one of those preachy people but if you read the article, you'll see what I mean.

Now that this article is published and I've hit the 20-pound mark, I'll start sharing more about WW on Royally Pink, including lots of recipes that I've found to be a hit. Stay tuned for that!

Let's move onto the purpose of this post... leggings!

I wear leggings every single day. That is not an exaggeration. I wear leggings every day to work and on the weekends. I wear them to the gym and to lounge around my house. The last time I wore jeans was probably 2-3 months ago and that was the first time I wore jeans in MONTHS.

It's not that jeans don't fit me because they do. Even before the 20-pound weight loss I had jeans that fit and looked good and were comfortable. It's just that, leggings are more comfortable.

It's becoming a problem and I guess a little bit of a security blanket; my mom has told me multiple times to wear something besides leggings but I just can't stop.

They are too comfortable and go with everything. They're so versatile so you could dress them up and down. I wear leather leggings and soft leggings and gym leggings -- I just can't get enough.

My love affair with a good pair of leggings is truly taking over my life.

Because of this, I've worn a lot of different pairs and types of leggings, so I definitely have my favorites.

I've talked about my ultimate favorite before and that is definitely the Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga Legging. I have about 4 pairs of them and every time they go on sale, I buy a new pair to stock up on.  They are my go-to for work and play and my most worn by far.

Another pair that I love and have recently rediscovered in my drawer of black leggings is Zella. I only have one pair but they are by far the most comfortable in my collection. They suck you in, make you look thin (almost like comfy Spanx) and don't get too stretchy as the day wears on. I definitely need another pair but I highly recommend looking into Zella. I bought mine at Nordstrom and I think they have the best selection.

Finally, my other favorite brand for leggings is American Eagle. These are my OG leggings and the brand I have/had the most of. They are pretty inexpensive compared to Kate Spade and Zella but the quality is also a little less. These are the leggings that rip on me the most and I've had to throw quite a few pairs out but I also am wearing them every day so wear is a lot more than the usual person.

However, the price outweighs that in my opinion and sometimes you'd rather spend $30 on a pair of leggings you'll wear for a year instead of spending $100, ya know? AEO has so many different types of leggings and you're bound to find something that suits your style.

*My one pair of faux leather leggings are also from AEO and they're so comfy and I need to wear them so much more this winter season.

What are your favorite brands for leggings?
Another Friday, another week where I didn't stick to my editorial calendar.

I'm currently home in bed, watching Stranger Things and working on some new Pizza Bottle articles. I didn't feel so good yesterday and this morning so I took the day off. My mind has not been my own lately and a lot of personal things (too personal for the blog) and it's been taking a major toll on me.

I'm hoping that I can relax and recharge this weekend and get back to a semi-normal routine.

I have a Halloween party tomorrow with some friends and still don't have a costume, and I'm going to the Night of the Jack O' Lanterns tonight with my Godson and cousin so I'm excited about that!

Once I decide on a costume, stay tuned on my Instagram to see what I chose. I have a few ideas but haven't bought anything yet. Nothing like last minute!

Besides those two exciting things, I'm planning on doing a lot of relaxing, writing, and heading to the gym to this weekend. It's the perfect weekend for Stranger Things to come out on Netflix.

I binge watched the show at the beginning of the month (once again, I was late to the party) but better late than never! It was so good, so worth the hype, and I'm really excited for Season 2. I'm already on Episode 2 as I write this and it hasn't disappointed yet.

Now onto my links...

There has been a lot of good stuff on the Internet lately, almost too much good stuff, and here are my favorites:

What you missed on Royally Pink:

Happy Friday! Happy Halloweekened! Enjoy & be safe :)

When I was looking for a new book about a month ago, I stumbled upon The Memory Watcher. I didn't know what it was about but then I read the description and was immediately intrigued.

This is the publisher's summary:

When Autumn Carpenter stumbles upon the social media account of the family who adopted her infant daughter years ago, she finds herself instantly drawn into their picture-perfect existence. 
From behind a computer screen, Autumn watches Grace's every memory, from birthdays to holidays to bedtime snuggles. But what starts as an innocent fascination soon spirals into an addictive obsession that comes to a screeching halt the day the McMullen family closes their Instaface account without so much as a warning. 
Frantic and desperate to reconnect with her daughter, Autumn applies for a nanny position with the McMullens, manipulating herself into Grace's life under false pretenses. And it's only then that Autumn discovers pictures lie, the perfect family doesn't exist, and beautiful people? They have the ugliest secrets. 

Uh... I am IN on this book! 

When I read the summary I couldn't believe I had never come across a book with a plot like that. It's interesting, emotional, and very out of the box. An adoptive mother who stalks the new family? Sign me up! 

I listened to the book on Audible as I usually do nowadays, and it was a decently long listen. I wanted the story to continue forever because I loved it so much. Being inside the mind of someone as insane as Autumn Carpenter was so interesting because she was so delusional. You almost had to feel bad for her because you could tell that she didn't understand that what she was doing was wrong.

Then, on the flip side, you have Daphne McMullen trying to keep her picture-perfect life together on the outside while inside it's falling apart. At some point, I did enjoy Daphne's point of view more than Autumn.

As all good suspense novels, tragedy does strike both Autumn's life and the McMullen's and it is incredibly intertwined, which creates an issue for both sides.

At some point, you think you have the book all figured out but Minka Kent threw a huge wrench in the entire thing... twice. There are two huge twists toward the end of the book, one makes total sense while the other I didn't see coming but it's probably the most interesting twist in a book I've ever experienced 

When I realized the twist that was happening, I was on the subway escalator and I almost fell down I gasped so hard. People definitely stared at me but I didn't care -- the twist was insane.

I really liked how this book had many different parts: family, relationships, adoption, thrill, suspense, and at times, it was pretty funny. 

I know I've said this about the last few books I read, and we'll break it down at the end of the year, but this was one of my favorite books to date. It is a definite must read/listen!

I haven't been buying as many nail polishes this fall as seasons past because I haven't really loved any of the fall collections. I also have quite a lot of dark, vampy colors already in my collection.

However, the Essie Wild Nudes collection was something that I've been wanting to get my hands on and the color Exposed was perfect for Fall. I don't have anything like it in my collection so when I saw a bottle at my local Rite Aid, I scooped it up.

I don't know if it's just me but sometimes when I'm buying nail polish in the drugstore, it's discolored and separated at the top. That's why I always order my nail polish from Ulta because it's fresher and looks better. Sometimes the nail polish in drug stores looks old, even if it's a new color. This bottle of Exposed was in the perfect condition which is half the reason I got it.

I haven't had a new Essie polish in a while and this formula is ultra smooth and applies perfectly. I probably could've used only one coat and been good but I opted for two as always. It was a bit watery so it bled onto the skin around my nails but it wasn't sloppy like some polishes I've used.

The nail color lasted about 4 days before it chipped a little and then I reapplied. After the reapplication, it chipped 2-3 days later and then I started just peeling the color off. I'd say it was about the same wear time as any other Essie polish, no worse and no better.

I do really love the color; it's not too green but is the perfect accent nail for the Fall season!

What is on your nails this Monday?
This was a hard week in so many ways. I was super stressed out and anxious, I had a mental breakdown at work and just felt on the verge of tears every single day. Not to mention my commute to and from work was an issue every.single.day and by tonight, I'm ready to throw in the towel.

Have you ever just felt defeated? Like you were one step away from falling off the edge of a cliff? That's how I feel right now. I'm very thankful that it's Friday night and very thankful that I'm in my pajamas and watching Hocus Pocus.

I was also super busy this week; work was the busiest it's been in a while and I was writing up a storm. I just got brought onto PizzaBottle as a freelance writer and wrote 4 articles for them this week...I also have an article coming out on one of my FAVORITE websites and I'll be sure to post that once it's up.

For now, here's my first (very personal) article for PizzaBottle! 

I'm writing more pitches while also trying to plan out content for the blog and responding to my emails... it's just been a week.

Tomorrow I'm going for brunch with my sorority sisters and I can't wait to eat, drink, and be merry with my best friends.

I will stop rambling and present you with my favorite links from the week!

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink:
When Fenty Beauty was being buzzed about, I don't think I was as excited as everyone else in the beauty world. I didn't really get why it was being talked about the way it was being talked about. I mean, I get that it's Rihanna's makeup line and Rihanna is BOSS but to me, it was just another brand.

That is until it launched and I saw all the hype. I mean, 40 foundation shades at the initial launch? YES.

After a few Youtube videos, I was intrigued and started browsing the Sephora website. Once I saw what Fenty was all about, I was in on it. I loved the fact that it was so heavy on the complexion while still having some color with the blush and highlight shades, both in compact and stick form.

I liked the fact that she had only one lip, because lip is more universal than foundation.

I was also in on Fenty after I saw the price tags. I mean, $25 for one Match Stix? YES. To me, that's a decent price for a new brand in Sephora, especially a brand as hyped up as Fenty; especially when Rihanna is behind it.

I wasn't in on the liquid foundation because I'm in between shades and really don't need another foundation (also, the reviews aren't that great for dry skin and my skin is getting super dry as the weather gets colder)

As intriguing as the blush and highlighters were, I knew that I didn't need any more at that moment (and at this moment) so I opted for the Match Stix in a shade that would work as a foundation and concealer.

My on the go makeup bag (which really means my work makeup bag) needed some help in the complexion category and I needed something that would be easy to apply and that I could do without thinking. I thought the Match Stix was perfect!

I got the shade Bamboo which I think is pretty decent for me (I never have trouble shade matching online. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I work at a makeup brand so I know the difference in shades, but it just is something I don't struggle with).

When the stick arrived, I was impressed. The packaging is super cute and weighty without being too heavy. The pale pink is super cute and I love the fact that it's magnetic so it can click to other Match Stix.

The formula is a little dry but I heard Emily Noel say she added a bit of oil to her face beforehand and it worked great. That doesn't bother me though because it blends out really nicely and offers a decent amount of coverage.

The Match Stix is defined as a matte stick formula to correct, conceal, contour, and touch up so it basically does everything and I can attest to that.

I used it as a foundation and concealer and it covered everything up nicely while giving me a nice, even finish to my skin. It definitely is a matte formula but doesn't dry my skin out.

I've been using it pretty consistently for the past few weeks since I got it and I love it. I blend it out with my Elf Blending Brush and it works like a dream.

I definitely would like to get a darker shade for contour and even the blush/highlight shade in Sinamon.

I'm not too crazy about the Fenty holiday collection but I am excited to see what else they have in store for us!

Have you tried Fenty Beauty yet? What were your thoughts?
Fiona Barton is a great crime novelist and I loved her book "The Widow". When I saw that she was coming out with a new book, I knew that it was going to be my next listen (on Audible).

"The Child" was probably even better than The Widow, but had a similar feeling. You could almost tell it was written by the same person.

The Child is told in multiple points of view, just like The Widow, and it revolves around a group of women who are trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of an infant.

This is the publisher's summary:

As an old house is demolished in a gentrifying section of London, a workman discovers human remains, buried for years. For journalist Kate Waters, it’s a story that deserves attention. She cobbles together a piece for her newspaper, but at a loss for answers, she can only pose a question: Who has been found at the building site?

As Kate investigates, she unearths connections to a crime that rocked the city decades earlier: A child was stolen from the maternity ward in a local hospital and was never found. Her heartbroken parents were left devastated by the loss.

But there is more to the story, and Kate is drawn—house by house—into the pasts of the people who once lived in this neighborhood that has given up its greatest mystery. And she soon finds herself the keeper of unexpected secrets that erupt in the lives of three women—and torn between what she can and cannot tell…

One of my favorite parts was that the reporter, Kate, from The Widow, is back again in The Child and is leading the investigation of this missing baby.

There are so many twists and turns, as usual in all my favorite novels, and at first, you think you know what happened but then something changes and everything is thrown up in the air.

At first, when I thought I knew what was going to happen, I was a little disappointed. I thought the book was too predictable but then when we were basically at the end, Barton threw another wrench in it. This was a huge surprise and it honestly made sense when you looped the entire story together.

This wasn't a gory or scary type of crime novel. I wasn't left feeling nervous or anxious about what was going to happen next. I was left more in suspense and interested to see what the outcome would be.

I thought it was a really great book, a quick read/listen and it was well worth it. If you liked The Widow, you will LOVE The Child by Fiona Barton.

What is on your reading list this week?

I've never really traveled to a lot of places. I'm not a traveler, even though I kind of want to be.

I've only been outside of the United States once, and that was for Spring Break to Punta Cana. Otherwise, I've been to Florida on vacation and to a handful of other states for work or a weekend trip.

As I've gotten older, and as we've seen the world and our society change, traveling has become more of a thing that you can do without breaking the bank or without really any thought.

I think there is also a huge pressure on us, as a generation, to travel more and to experience more. I love spending money on material things because it makes me happy. Would traveling make me happy? Probably but I'm impatient and I love instant gratification so waiting to plan a trip isn't something I would necessarily do.

Who to travel with is also a question -- who would I go with? What friends would I choose to plan an overseas trip with? I'm single as HELL so going with a boyfriend is out of the question.

I could make excuse after excuse but the truth is, I wish I could travel and I haven't.

The number one place on my travel list is London. I want to get there before I go anywhere else because I've always been fascinated and obsessed with the country and culture. I love the Royal Family, I love Princess Diana, I love the Union Jack, I love the accents, I love One Direction... I just love everything about England.

I want to go there to experience everything the country has to offer and some days, I can't stop thinking about it.

I hope to get there sometime in the next year or two and I think that it's definitely doable.

With all this said, I wanted to start a little series where I share my wanderlust list and show you what I want to do in each country/place I want to visit.

Big Ben, obviously

Notting Hill

Kensington Palace

Princess Diana Gardens

Westminster Abbey

British Museum
Piccadilly Circus

There are so many other things I want to do and see in London but these are definitely at the top of my list. It's what I think of when I think of this country and I can't wait for the day that I get to visit and make my dreams come true!

What is #1 on your travel list?
Leopard is BACK and in a big way! I knew it was coming back when the Nordstrom anniversary sale had an incredible amount of leopard pieces to choose from. Now that we're in the full swing of Fall, leopard is everywhere.

I've talked about the trend before but with every day that passes, I find something new that I can't get my mind off of.

My girl Kate Spade is leading the charge with a huge leopard collection and I really feel like I need at least something from the line. Nordstrom also has a few great pieces and I'm eyeing them up for sure.

I wanted to round up my favorite leopard pieces, some of which I have and some of which I need.

Are you feeling the leopard trend?

Kate Spade is having their Friends & Family sale and everything (with the exception of a few exclusions) is 30% off.

I shopped the sale Friday and got this sweater I've been lusting after but if I were you, I'd take advantage of the last day, which is today.

Below are my picks for some new Kate Spade must haves!

Happy shopping!
Ahh, it is FINALLY feeling like Fall here in New York and I hope that is not short lived. Today was the first real cool day and it was in the 60s all day. It was truly glorious to feel cold for a change, instead of dripping with sweat.

I'm currently sitting in bed, waiting for TGIT television to begin. Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week, ever since I was little so the fact that there is so much great television on this night is perfect. Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and Will & Grace.

Would anyone like to see a post on what my favorite TV shows are? I've touched on it in the past but I watch A LOT of TV so that might be fun!

Anyways, I'm watching TV and writing article pitches so let's wrap this up, shall we!

Here's what I loved this week:

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink:

*PS Happy Friday the 13th!

It's no secret that I love a good activity/fitness tracker. I've done multiple posts on different ones over the years, and even though I love my Kate Spade one, I felt like I needed a change.

The thing about me is that even if I love something to the moon and back, I get rather bored very quickly. That is probably why I buy so much stuff because I get bored with everything. That is not a good habit to have and I definitely need to get better at loving what I have.

A few months ago I started to get annoyed with my Kate Spade activity tracker. I started to feel like it was a little too big and it clashed with so many of my outfits. I felt silly wearing it when I was out at night or in a fancier setting but I was obsessed with tracking my steps.

I wanted a fitness tracker that was a little chicer, something that would go with everything and looked more like jewelry than an actual tracker. Kate Spade definitely has those but they are a little more expensive and I wanted to try something new.

I had my eye on Ringly for a while. An activity tracker that was in the form of a ring? Yes! It was stylish, practical, and seemed to be what I was looking for. But then I got to thinking, would I want to wear the same ring every day? Rings are my favorite piece of jewelry and I wear them every.single.day.

They also had a nice little price tag and rarely go on sale so I ultimately decided against it.

However, Ringly recently came out with Ringly Go, which is a cheaper version of their original bracelets (aside from rings, they also have metal bracelets) that have a leather strap.

These seemed to be exactly what I was looking for and I ordered one with a coupon code I found online.

Now, Ringly does not track sleep which I didn't realize until I received it in the mail. If I had known that, I might not have ordered it.

The cool thing about Ringly and what I really liked was that it sent you alerts from your phone. You can set it up to vibrate and flash a certain color when you get a text message (you can personalize colors for specific people in your phone book), phone call, email, or any other app on your phone that Ringly syncs with.

I really loved this feature and it remains probably the only reason I'm still wearing it.

Another incredible feature? Guided meditation! This is a relatively new update that came about a month or so after I had my Ringly. I like that feature and think it's a nice touch. You can even set up alerts to remind you when to meditate throughout the day.

Those are two features that I love, aside from the fact that it doesn't look like a fitness tracker.

Now, the cons...

It may just be me but I feel like the steps are very inaccurate. I feel like I'm taking a lot more steps a day than Ringly tells me.

It also has a lot of glitches, at least that has been my experience. It takes forever to load steps and some days, when my Ringly is fully charged, it doesn't load my steps at all and I lose an entire day.

The last con is that the battery life is horrific. When you buy a Ringly, it says that you need to charge it every night or every other night but I had no idea that it would be this bad, that the charge literally dies immediately.

So, my conclusion? I'm very indifferent. I think that if you want a tracker that almost acts like an Apple Watch and you need something that is super chic and stylish, I'd go for the Ringly. However, if you want a tracker that does everything, including track sleep, then this might not be for you.

Remember when purchasing that the constant charging might be a deal breaker.

All in all, I think I still prefer my Kate Spade tracker but I LOVE the alerts feature and wil continue to use Ringly mainly for that!

What is your favorite activity tracker right now?
I've already discussed what I was planning on wearing this Fall but the hot weather in New York has me longing for even more fall wardrobe goodness.

I've been eyeing so many of the trends that were in my previous post and have bought a handful of items but have held off for a few reasons: I've been losing a lot of weight & the unusually warm weather.

I always wear dark color in the fall, mostly black, but I really want to step outside my comfort zone and wear more than black and brown.

There are a lot of dark colors on the horizon for the fall and winter season, but there are also a lot of brighter, but muted colors on trend. They're not spring and summer pinks, blues, and greens but definitely give you a more warm, cozy feeling.

If you're ever wondering about what colors are trending for a season, I highly recommend looking at Pantone. They're the color whispers and basically, make the trends for us.

See what I mean? These colors aren't super dark but still scream autumn and I kind of love it. It's super different from other seasons, in my opinion.

The same could be said for men's style. We're seeing all the same kinds of colors, especially with a few shades of blue and deep plum. The best way to incorporate these types of colors are through a well fitted pair of pants You could definitely get a few great outfits together for the man in your life with some inspiration from the Pantone chips. 

Below are a few pieces I found across my favorite retailers that totally make these color trends ring true.

What colors are you most excited to wear this Fall season?

I love a good mani/pedi just as much as the next girl but usually, I opt for getting a pedicure at a nail salon instead of a manicure. I just find them more relaxing and whenever I get a manicure, I feel like it's a waste of money. They always chip as soon as I leave the salon and I can't touch it up since I usually don't have that nail color at home.

I also really enjoy constantly changing my nail color (clearly -- I mean, take a look at my Manicure Monday series) so I always opt to do my nails at home. 

However, I never really took care of my nails, I always just put the polish on and hoped for the best. It's only been recently that I've been discovering different products to not only help my nails but make every manicure better than the last.

Here are a few of my favorite, must-have products for the best at home manicure:

1. Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat: One of the best nail treatments on the market are by far, the Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment. It's the perfect base coat while also acting as a nail treatment; it allows oxygen to get to the nails which encourages healthy nail growth. This is really the only base coat I use (aside from one other) and I've noticed that my nails don't peel as much as they used too.

2. Essie Treat Love & Color: When I heard that Essie was coming out with these treatment nail colors, I immediately purchased two of them. I have the Laven-Dearly and Treat Me Bright. These are a nail strengthener and a great base coat when I want to take a break from the Oxygen Smoothing one. I haven't noticed too much of a difference but these are nice and sheer so I can wear them alone if I want to as well. 

3. Essie Gel Setter: This is by far one of the best top coats out there. It makes any nail polish turn to a gel formula, adds a high shine and gives your manicure a bit more longevity. I haven't used another top coat ever since this came out. It's THE must-have of this list! 

4. ORLY Flash Dry Drops: I don't know why everyone hasn't come out with Quick Dry Drops but they're a manicure lovers dream and a must have if you're doing an at home manicure. After I let the Gel Setter dry for a minute or two, then drop two drops onto each nail. My nails are pretty much immediately dry and it adds an extra layer of protection for your mani.

5. NCLA So Rich Apricot Cuticle Oil: I never knew the importance of taking care of your cuticles until they got so bad I started bleeding. Now, whenever I'm having myself a pamper night, I'll put some of this cuticle oil on my hands and let it soak in. I've tried other cuticle oils and creams but this one just seems to work best. It's not too sticky, greasy, or oily and really sets into your nail beds.

Below are a few other tools and treatments that I really enjoy:

What are your favorite nail treatments?
These items were sent to me via PR

Body scrubs are something I always want to use, but can never find one that fits the bill. I'm very particular about the consistency, scent, and after feeling of a scrub. There are body scrubs that I like that are actual body washes, like from St. Ives or Softsoap but sometimes I want a really good exfoliation.

I haven't found something that really checks everything off my list, until now...

Simply Scrub are organic body scrubs that come in a variety of different scents. Each scrub is 100% natural and contain different ingredients that will help your skin based on what kind of concern you have.

On their website, they have a niffy little tool where you could choose your skin trouble and it'll tell you which scrub to purchase.

For example, I clicked on eczema which I've talked about on the blog a bit, and they recommend the Rose scrub (one of which I have). I think that's so helpful because you can find exactly what you're looking for without guessing which scrub will help your skin.

The scrubs you can choose from are: Coffee, Chocolate, Rose, and Soursop. They come in different sizes: a small jar or a larger bag. You could even buy them in a giftpack which is perfect for the holiday season coming up.

When Simply Scrub reached out to me and I read all the information about them and their product, I jumped at the chance to try some out. Coffee scrubs are very common nowadays and you could find them pretty much in every store, including Sephora & Ulta, so I opted to try something different; chocolate and rose.

The chocolate scrub is good for acne, blackheads, and dark spots while the rose is good for eczema, exfoliating, and dead skin.

When I opened the scrub, I noticed that it wasn't soaking wet. Usually scrubs I've tried in the past, that are in jars like the Simply Scrub, are soaked in their ingredient while scrubs that I've tried that are in bags, are dry as bone. This was somewhere in the middle which I love because it made it slightly less messy, less slimy, and was easier to apply to my skin.

Both scrubs are very grainy but in the best way possible -- it didn't hurt as I exfoliated and honestly felt so good on my skin.

I don't use these everyday as I don't want to exfoliate everyday, and if I'm being honest, I'm a little lazy so I haven't noticed a difference in my skin but I do know that after using these scrubs, my skin is baby soft and smooth.

One major difference I did notice immediately after using the chocolate scrub was that the dead skin on my elbows was completely gone. I didn't even work it that hard into my elbows but it worked like a dream.

Even though all my beauty products aren't natural and it's not something that I generally gravitate toward, I like the fact that these are natural because I can scrub better knowing that my skin won't be irritated by them.

If you're on the market for a new scrub, I highly recommend checking out Simply Scrub. Natural, organic, good results, and a great price tag -- it doesn't get much better than that!

I've been meaning to buy this bag for months and finally, a few weeks ago it went on sale. It was around 30-40% off and I was ready to buy it.

From the Kate Spade Instagram

Then, it dawned on me... maybe I would wait for a sale on sale. I had a 15% off coupon for any Kate Spade item but I still thought that there was a better deal awaiting me.

I always shop on sale or with coupon codes but I'm always very impatient so I usually just buy what I want ASAP, but I felt like there was a deal coming my way. I mean, Columbus Day weekend always has incredible deals so I decided to wait.

Well, I was 100% right because on Thursday morning I woke up to an email from Kate Spade stating that they were offering 30% off on sale items.

I immediately bought my bag and had to resist buying anything else. I mean, 30% off sale is an incredible deal.

Below are a few other items you may want to look into!


Another week has come to an end and it's a long weekend, thank goodness! I wasn't feeling so hot today so I stayed home from work, giving myself a 4 day weekend which is must needed.

It's so important to take a mental health day (even though I feel like I'm physically getting sick) once in a while because it keeps you sane. Sometimes you just need to take a minute and breath, you need to know that you can have a few minutes to yourself without any obligations.

It's especially important to me and has been for basically my entire life. When I was little, my mom would call for me to come into the living room to sit with her and I would tell her I couldn't because I was playing, alone. I've always been perfectly content being by myself and taking a few minutes for me time.

Tomorrow I will be heading to New Jersey for a little Fall Festival fun with my family and some pumpkin picking! I'm so excited to enjoy the Fall but it's going to be a little warmer than I'd like...

I did a little Halloween decorating last weekend

I don't have much else to ramble on so here are my loves of the week:

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Today's post is a guest post about how to take the best photos for your social media. While I've definitely gotten better at photos in the past few years (especially because of my social media job) but we could all use some tips to get by! 


These days it’s easy for anyone with a smartphone and an Instagram account to call themselves a photographer. But it takes more than a cool filter and a selfie stick to capture a great picture. And although we can’t all carry professional cameras around with us, there are plenty of ways to improve your smartphone photography skills!

Here are 5 quick and easy tips to help you step up your photo game!

  1. Know Your Light Source
Bad lighting can easily ruin an otherwise great shot. Find the nearest light source and make sure your subject is facing it. Natural lighting is always going to be your best option. Don’t rely on your camera’s harsh flash unless absolutely necessary.

2. Utilize Your Space
The subject of your photo doesn’t always have to be centered in the frame. Experiment with negative space and creative backgrounds, to really craft some unique compositions!

3. Hold Still
Unless you’re taking a selfie, you should be making sure to steady your phone with both hands when taking a picture. This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at the difference two hands can make in decreasing blur in a photo.

4. Do Some Post Production
If you really want your photos to pop, you should take some additional time to edit them before you post. There are some wonderful, and easy-to-use photo-editing apps out there like Snapseed that can help you to really make your pics stand out!

5. Don’t Be Too Precious
Whether you choose to display your pics on social media, or in a new-age smart frame like this one, people are only going to see your best photos. So in an effort to save space on your phone, it’s a good idea to be in the habit of deleting pictures you know you’ll never use. Do you really need 10 pictures of that sunset?

What are some of your own smartphone photography tricks?