Weekly Wrap Up: Week 36

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Ahh, it is FINALLY feeling like Fall here in New York and I hope that is not short lived. Today was the first real cool day and it was in the 60s all day. It was truly glorious to feel cold for a change, instead of dripping with sweat.

I'm currently sitting in bed, waiting for TGIT television to begin. Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week, ever since I was little so the fact that there is so much great television on this night is perfect. Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and Will & Grace.

Would anyone like to see a post on what my favorite TV shows are? I've touched on it in the past but I watch A LOT of TV so that might be fun!

Anyways, I'm watching TV and writing article pitches so let's wrap this up, shall we!

Here's what I loved this week:

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink:

*PS Happy Friday the 13th!

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