Another Friday, another week where I didn't stick to my editorial calendar.

I'm currently home in bed, watching Stranger Things and working on some new Pizza Bottle articles. I didn't feel so good yesterday and this morning so I took the day off. My mind has not been my own lately and a lot of personal things (too personal for the blog) and it's been taking a major toll on me.

I'm hoping that I can relax and recharge this weekend and get back to a semi-normal routine.

I have a Halloween party tomorrow with some friends and still don't have a costume, and I'm going to the Night of the Jack O' Lanterns tonight with my Godson and cousin so I'm excited about that!

Once I decide on a costume, stay tuned on my Instagram to see what I chose. I have a few ideas but haven't bought anything yet. Nothing like last minute!

Besides those two exciting things, I'm planning on doing a lot of relaxing, writing, and heading to the gym to this weekend. It's the perfect weekend for Stranger Things to come out on Netflix.

I binge watched the show at the beginning of the month (once again, I was late to the party) but better late than never! It was so good, so worth the hype, and I'm really excited for Season 2. I'm already on Episode 2 as I write this and it hasn't disappointed yet.

Now onto my links...

There has been a lot of good stuff on the Internet lately, almost too much good stuff, and here are my favorites:

What you missed on Royally Pink:

Happy Friday! Happy Halloweekened! Enjoy & be safe :)

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