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Body scrubs are something I always want to use, but can never find one that fits the bill. I'm very particular about the consistency, scent, and after feeling of a scrub. There are body scrubs that I like that are actual body washes, like from St. Ives or Softsoap but sometimes I want a really good exfoliation.

I haven't found something that really checks everything off my list, until now...

Simply Scrub are organic body scrubs that come in a variety of different scents. Each scrub is 100% natural and contain different ingredients that will help your skin based on what kind of concern you have.

On their website, they have a niffy little tool where you could choose your skin trouble and it'll tell you which scrub to purchase.

For example, I clicked on eczema which I've talked about on the blog a bit, and they recommend the Rose scrub (one of which I have). I think that's so helpful because you can find exactly what you're looking for without guessing which scrub will help your skin.

The scrubs you can choose from are: Coffee, Chocolate, Rose, and Soursop. They come in different sizes: a small jar or a larger bag. You could even buy them in a giftpack which is perfect for the holiday season coming up.

When Simply Scrub reached out to me and I read all the information about them and their product, I jumped at the chance to try some out. Coffee scrubs are very common nowadays and you could find them pretty much in every store, including Sephora & Ulta, so I opted to try something different; chocolate and rose.

The chocolate scrub is good for acne, blackheads, and dark spots while the rose is good for eczema, exfoliating, and dead skin.

When I opened the scrub, I noticed that it wasn't soaking wet. Usually scrubs I've tried in the past, that are in jars like the Simply Scrub, are soaked in their ingredient while scrubs that I've tried that are in bags, are dry as bone. This was somewhere in the middle which I love because it made it slightly less messy, less slimy, and was easier to apply to my skin.

Both scrubs are very grainy but in the best way possible -- it didn't hurt as I exfoliated and honestly felt so good on my skin.

I don't use these everyday as I don't want to exfoliate everyday, and if I'm being honest, I'm a little lazy so I haven't noticed a difference in my skin but I do know that after using these scrubs, my skin is baby soft and smooth.

One major difference I did notice immediately after using the chocolate scrub was that the dead skin on my elbows was completely gone. I didn't even work it that hard into my elbows but it worked like a dream.

Even though all my beauty products aren't natural and it's not something that I generally gravitate toward, I like the fact that these are natural because I can scrub better knowing that my skin won't be irritated by them.

If you're on the market for a new scrub, I highly recommend checking out Simply Scrub. Natural, organic, good results, and a great price tag -- it doesn't get much better than that!

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