I've been meaning to buy this bag for months and finally, a few weeks ago it went on sale. It was around 30-40% off and I was ready to buy it.

From the Kate Spade Instagram

Then, it dawned on me... maybe I would wait for a sale on sale. I had a 15% off coupon for any Kate Spade item but I still thought that there was a better deal awaiting me.

I always shop on sale or with coupon codes but I'm always very impatient so I usually just buy what I want ASAP, but I felt like there was a deal coming my way. I mean, Columbus Day weekend always has incredible deals so I decided to wait.

Well, I was 100% right because on Thursday morning I woke up to an email from Kate Spade stating that they were offering 30% off on sale items.

I immediately bought my bag and had to resist buying anything else. I mean, 30% off sale is an incredible deal.

Below are a few other items you may want to look into!


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