I've already discussed what I was planning on wearing this Fall but the hot weather in New York has me longing for even more fall wardrobe goodness.

I've been eyeing so many of the trends that were in my previous post and have bought a handful of items but have held off for a few reasons: I've been losing a lot of weight & the unusually warm weather.

I always wear dark color in the fall, mostly black, but I really want to step outside my comfort zone and wear more than black and brown.

There are a lot of dark colors on the horizon for the fall and winter season, but there are also a lot of brighter, but muted colors on trend. They're not spring and summer pinks, blues, and greens but definitely give you a more warm, cozy feeling.

If you're ever wondering about what colors are trending for a season, I highly recommend looking at Pantone. They're the color whispers and basically, make the trends for us.

See what I mean? These colors aren't super dark but still scream autumn and I kind of love it. It's super different from other seasons, in my opinion.

The same could be said for men's style. We're seeing all the same kinds of colors, especially with a few shades of blue and deep plum. The best way to incorporate these types of colors are through a well fitted pair of pants You could definitely get a few great outfits together for the man in your life with some inspiration from the Pantone chips. 

Below are a few pieces I found across my favorite retailers that totally make these color trends ring true.

What colors are you most excited to wear this Fall season?

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