Last week I tackled sweaters and other fall wardrobe essentials but this week, I'm thinking more about shoes.

I have never been a shoe gal. Shoes are my least favorite thing to buy and if it was socially acceptable, comfortable, and hygienic, I'd probably live my life barefoot. That doesn't seem to smart with traveling by subway every day.

Shoes never appealed to me, I don't know why. I just preferred bags, clothes, and accessories. For that reason, I go through shoes kind of quickly, but never replace them. I am very hard on my shoes and I can't seem to figure out why.

I'll get a brand new pair, wear them to death, and after a month or two, they are completely shot. They look like I've worn them hiking in the mountains, instead of just walking in Manhattan. My mother is appalled at the state of my shoe wardrobe and doesn't understand how I destroy my shoes. It's beyond me, honestly.

Because of all these factors, I really need new shoes. I bought a pair of Steve Madden flats recently and they already looked beaten up.

I have a pair of riding boots waiting for me in my closet when the weather gets cooler but it's still that weird in-between where you don't know what to wear; too cool for sandals, too hot for boots.

I usually wear flats during this off season, but I think I need to expand my horizons. I'm kind of in love with booties as well, so maybe I'll get another pair of those! (I have a pair from Forever21(similar here).

Let's find some shoes for me, shall we?

What is your favorite type of shoe for the fall?

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts/comments/opinions are my own.

I think we'll make this a new series on Royally Pink... I love talking about beauty, and there is always a new product or brand or store I want to talk about. I need to get more organized in how I discuss things on here so I think "Beauty to Know" is a perfect fit.

For now, we'll start off with a relatively new shop to the beauty scene, one that has great products and a really great message behind it: BeautyKind.

Being the sorority girl I am, I love anything that involves philanthropy. When you combine that with my love of beauty products, you pretty much have a match made in heaven.

BeautyKind has a pretty good variety of beauty products, all high end. Whenever you make a purchase on BeautyKind, 5% of your purchase is donated to the charity or cause of your choice. There are over 10,000 causes to choose from; everything from JDRC to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

If for some reason you don't see your cause listed on the website, you can contact BeautyKind and let them know that you'd like to see and they'll do their best to get it up there.

The cause I chose is the American Cancer Society -- as a college, we supported Relay for Life, and cancer is a cause close to my heart, unfortunately, like so many others of us out there.

So here's the fun stuff: when trying to find some things to buy, I knew I didn't need any makeup. When I saw that GlamGlow was featured, I knew I'd buy that. I received a $50 off $75 purchase and to get a GlamGlow mask for under $30 was way too good to pass up.

I'll be doing a separate review of the GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment next week but so far so good! I also bought a Butter London Nail Polish in All Hail the Queen. You can expect a Manicure Monday feature soon!

The package came wrapped up beautifully and safely -- they even threw in a few skincare samples! I think BeautyKind is a fabulous retailer. The selection on the website is a little small but to combine a love of charity and beauty, well, it doesn't get much better than that.

Lucky for all you fabulous readers, when you sign up using my link you get $25 off your first BeautyKind purchase. I also get $25 in BeautyKind credit (just wanted to disclose that; if you don't feel comfortable using the link, no worries!)

Sign up for BeautyKind here.

Has anyone ever used BeautyKind? What cause would you support? 

I love the start of the seasons for many reasons, one of them being new nail polish collections. I was really excited about Essie's Fall 2015 collection, until I saw it.

None of the colors excited me as past collections and I figured I wouldn't buy any polishes from the collection, opting for some older, classic fall Essie shades.

Well, then I saw a swatch on Instagram of Essie's Leggy Legend and I fell head over heels. I've never seen a polish like this. I knew I needed it, and I needed it soon.

I immediately went to the drugstore and picked this bad boy up. It's almost as gorgeous in the bottle as it was in the photo, but even more gorgeous on the nails.

It's described as a metallic bronze and that's exactly what it is. I do have some Essie metallic nail polishes but this is nothing like that. It has glimpses of shimmer and sparkle in the polish; it almost has a dimensional look to it.

I received so many compliments on the color and I know that this will be my most worn polish of the season. It's neutral enough to be casual but is unique enough to stand out.

The formula is wonderful as well-- one of the best Essie shades out there. It was smooth, super opaque and didn't run at all. I used it with my Essie Gel Setter polish and it lasted more than 5 days with minimal chipping. I could've lasted a day or two more if I didn't go get a manicure at the salon.

I already can't wait to paint my nails with this gorgeous color again!

What's your favorite fall nail polish color? 

I'm writing this as I'm sipping on a glass of Moscato, my Yankee Candle Vanilla Bourbon candle lit, and watching ABC's #TGIT. Yes, finally my fall favorite tv shows are back -- Grey's (which I haven't watched in years but figure why not), Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder.

Thursdays are my night and they always have been. Thursdays are my favorite day of the week -- the week is basically over, but the weekend isn't so close that it seems like it's already over. With the return of my favorite tv shows, Thursdays are even better.

Tomorrow I took a day off, half for my doctor's appointment in the morning, the other half because it's important to take time for yourself when you feel like you're drained. I definitely needed a day to regroup. #Adulthood

I won't ramble on, I'll save that for another post but thank you for all the sweet comments this week on all my posts-- I love talking with you guys in the comments so it made my week! Also, thank you for everyone who said they liked my new layout -- I'm kind of in love :)

Alright, here are the links I've been obsessed with, and there's a lot of them!

So SPLAT! is really happening and this is the best 90s news since the Spice Girls reunion

TGIT has really changed the game, and it's truly incredible

Uptown Funk has NEVER look so good!

I am always done being an adult

Detox is one of my favorite words -- have I ever done it? No, but I'd like too. Here's a great start.

Nick Jonas was my first true love... not much has changed.

Work life balance is a real thing that people strive to achieve, including myself. Here are some tips.

As much as I adore Sex and the City, I have to agree with this. That won't stop me from wishing I was Carrie Bradshaw.

What did everyone love this week?

Happy Friday & have a great weekend :)

I've been thinking a lot about Birchbox and maybe I don't need these monthly boxes filled with beauty products. I have enough products to last 3 lifetimes. It's beginning to get a tad bit overwhelming and I think about canceling my subscription more than once a month.

But then, I watch the Sample Choice videos, see the previews, the pretty box, and I'm so happy to spend my $10 a month on this baby. It doesn't get much better than Birchbox -- the points system is treating me pretty well these days, and the Customer Appreciation Day was such a deal breaker -- in a good way.

Every time I get my box, the overwhelming feeling gets wiped away. It's just too perfect!

(Side note: maybe I'll do a make-up declutter before the holidays and see what I have/use/don't use -- that's a good idea for the soul and for a good blog post)

Well, the September box was a special one because it was their 5 year anniversary box, meaning it was filled with some extra special goodies. I think this is the most samples I've ever received in a box and I was really happy with all of them.

All Birchbox subscribers also got 20% off to the Birchbox Shop included in their subscriptions so that is a nice little bonus. 20% off does a girl good in the shop.

Also -- Birchbox is doing a great deal this month! If you sign up for your first subscription, you get it for $5! That's 50% off a regular monthly subscription. Get a nice little box of samples for $5? That sounds perfect! Sign up here!

I haven't used any of the products that I received yet, but I am impressed with the quality of them all. I think I was a little scared of the eyeshadow palette thinking it would be cheap, but I should've known -- Birchbox never steers me wrong!

//Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser: I've heard a lot of thing about Malin + Goetz in subscription services but have never tried anything from them. Well, that's still true because I haven't tried this yet :( It says that it clears breakouts & balances out your skin's pH so it should be good! I love getting cleansers in subscription boxes because they're great to travel with but I also really like trying new ones out! As a bonus item, I got the Malin + Goetz vitamin e moisturizer (which I also haven't tried yet)

Sample size: 3/5
Full size: $26

//Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo: I haven't tried this either (like I said, I haven't tried anything) but this I especially haven't tried this because I still have a bit of keratin treatment in my hair so I didn't want to use any shampoos that aren't sulfate free. This is an amazing sample size and I am excited to try it out, since it says it smoothes out frizz & tangle proned hair. I also got a bonus with this, the Davines LOVE conditioner!

Sample size: 5/5
Full size: $35

//NERD Skincare Super Hydrating Mask: I always appreciate a good sheet mask to add to my ever growing collection. This isn't so different. I've never heard of NERD Skincare but it seems fancy since a set of 3 masks are $27!! This mask is supposed to give you a more youthful, smoother complexion so I may save this for a really tired skin day.

Sample size: 5/5
Full size: 3 for $27

//Pop Beauty POP Portfolio Eyeshadow in Sugar Plum: I never received a POP Eyeshadow and I think I was always very scared that I would get one. I thought the packaging looked cheap and that the product would be no different. Well, I was terribly wrong. The packaging may look a little cheap but it doesn't feel it-- and the eyeshadows are pigmented, smooth, and rather large. I'm really happy I got this little trio and I hope I get more!

Sample size: 4/5
Full size: $24

//Rituals Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel: A foaming shower gel? That sounded interesting to me yet I haven't tried it out yet! It's supposed to be very moisturizing and soothing which I hope is true because my skin is already getting dry.

Sample size: 4/5
Full size: $25

I am definitely a little late in posting this (I think I got my Birchbox a little late) and in actually reviewing the products but life has just been getting the best of me lately! #sobusy

All in all, I was relatively happy with this Birchbox and I can't wait to see what October (OMG) has in store :)

What did everyone else get in their Birchbox this month?

So I think the title of this blog post is a little misleading. I'm talking about my favorites for fall fashion but it's mostly sweaters.

Sweaters are my favorite item of clothing, especially during the fall. I think they are the most versatile piece of clothing you can keep in your closet. You can dress them up with heels, dress pants, and a chunky statement necklace or you can dress it down with leggings and UGG slippers.

Please, give me all the sweaters!

Sweaters are a staple for me at work -- I have a uniform during the winter and that is black or navy blue jeans/jeggings, a sweater, statement necklace, riding boots or ankle boots.

Because of the previous statements, most of my wish list consists of sweaters. Sorry if that's not your thing but there are so many pretty clothes to share!

There are a few jackets, vests, and jeans included in this slideshow but honestly, I think I'm set for jeans. I bought a few pairs at American Eagle over the past few weeks and I'm obsessed. You can find those items here, here, & here.

I think a few, really good pairs of pants should be the first priority, then you can just switch out tops to have a complete wardrobe. Grab a good pair of neutral riding boots, ankle booties, flats, a good classic neutral handbag and you are good to go!

My number one places to shop for any sort of wardrobe are American Eagle Outfitters & J.Crew Factory -- similar enough to be cohesive in one closet but different enough that not everything is the same.

What are your fall fashion staples?

I find myself browsing Sephora's website for new items pretty much at least once a day. On one of these benders, I found the latest Sephora Favorites collection -- a brow wardrobe.

Sephora is always coming out with these exclusive kits that feature deluxe & full size samples of products. They have one for eyeliner, perfume, and had one for lips but that is currently sold out.

When I saw one for brows, I was instantly intrigued.

I have been meaning to get my hands on a new brow product because I am seriously lacking in that product department.

The collection comes with 4 full size products, one deluxe sample, and two little bonus extras. It has a $40 price tag but the value is $102 -- that my friends is what you call a STEAL.

All of these products have a nice little price tag of $20+ so I think if you've ever wanted to try at least one of these, it's worth it. That was my justification--I've been meaning to try the Anastasia Brow Wiz for over a year because it is a cult classic.

The other products, the Brow Tech Gloss Stick from Smashbox & the Tattoo Brow from Kat Von D are definitely bonuses. I've already used & LOVE the Benefit High Brow (a brow highlighting product) so that is definitely nice to have a back up. I also have another mini deluxe sample of the Anastasia Brow Gel so having another one of those is nice too.

Throw in a pair of tweezers and a mini mirror and I'm all set!

All three brow products are definitely worth the money. They fill in and define the brows beautifully. I think my favorite is the Brow Wiz (no surprise there) because it's easiest to use and control. The Smashbox pencil was definitely a little waxier and sticker than the other two but that's fine, it helps hold the brows in place.

From top to bottom: Brow Wiz, Gloss Stick, Tattoo Brow, High Brow

The Kat Von D liner scares me only slightly because it's a felt tip pencil, similar to a liquid liner, so at first it seemed like it would be difficult to control but with a light hand, it's relatively easy to control & use. I actually really liked the finish it gave off; thick but not too overpowering.

As I said before, the Benefit High Brow is an intense pink highlight perfect for the brow bone. It makes your brows look sculpted, lifted, and super defined. It's definitely holy grail status for me.

I am obsessed with this collection and it's turned me onto the other Sephora favorite collections. I think they're a great value and perfect for beginners -- yes it's a little on the pricey side but if you like trying a bunch of different products to get a distinct look, these are great kits.

If you've been wanting to experiment with filling in your brows but are overwhelmed by the choices in the drugstore, Sephora, and Ulta, I would definitely recommend picking this up. The products are all similar because they're brow pencils but different enough that you could pick out your favorites.

Has anyone else tried these Sephora favorites collections? What brow products are your favorite?
Let's get the elephant out of the room, shall we? I have a new look on the blog, AGAIN! My banner was messed up for about a week and a half, and I was getting bored with my design and felt like Royally Pink needed a face lift.

This is a temporary design purchased from The Blog Shop on Etsy. She has pre-made blog templates so it's perfect in a pinch! I will be trying to find a blog designer to make Royally Pink a custom design, but in the meantime, I'm kind of in love with the new layout!

What does everyone think?

Ok, so let's get into it!

The first Manicure Monday of the season and I couldn't be more excited. I always get to a point in the summer where I'm bored of bright nail colors and long for dark reds, browns, and plums.

Well, I found the best color to kick off fall and that is Smith & Cult's "Lovers Creep". I bought it when I went to the Birchbox Soho store last week but I had full intentions of purchasing it online as well.

Smith & Cult nail polishes have become my addiction and I only had light colors for spring & summer, so I knew I needed at least one dark color. Why not start the fall season with a bang and a deep, dark red?

The formula is just like the other Smith & Cult nail polishes. It goes on gorgeously, it's very smooth, and the chipping is a minimum. The photos I have are a little blah because I couldn't find my original photo so this is four day chipping. My nails have been really bad lately; they peel and are very weak which is why no nail polish is staying good.

My mom used this polish and her nails look like she just walked out of the nail salon, so it is a great polish.

This is such a good red --it's the color of red wine, it has the slightest hint of plum and it seems like the color of fall leaves.

This is a color that will be in constant rotation and I can't wait to get my hands on more fall colors. I'm eyeing up Bitter Buddhist & Stockholm Syndrome next :)

What's on your nails this manicure monday?

Links to Love

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Does anyone else think this week was unusually long? Every day felt like Thursday but in fact, they were not. I don't remember the last time I had a week this long.

It was long, but good! I had a fabulous week, filled with lots of fun things. If you missed it, I went to a NYFW event and paid a visit to the Birchbox Soho store. I'm very proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and I think I'll continue to do so!

I think I was in an extra special mood this week because IT FINALLY FEELS LIKE FALL! The weather was still in the 80s this week in New York but I wore jeans and flats and was super comfortable. The humidity was less than 30% and I was SO HAPPY.

I have so many fun things planned for the cooler weather -- I really do come alive in the fall. The heat does weird things to me, LOL.

Does anyone know about Pocket? It's an app/website that allows you to save any link from your phone or from your browser and it stores all the articles you want to read later in one neat little place. I'm OBSESSED and the reason I have so many links this week.

Not my fault the Internet had so much to say ;)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

Another "event" type post in one week? I am on a roll! Going out after work isn't SO bad after all ;)

Birchbox is honestly one of the best companies out there, in my opinion. They do everything right -- they're on their social media game, have an amazing website/shop, and they care so much about their customers. That last one truly shows on Customer Appreciation Day.

Customer Appreciation Day is something that Birchbox started doing last year (I think last year was the first year) where they have extra special fun for all their customers. They call them on the phone to thank them, have a few giveaways, and this year they even had some items on sale for $5-$15.

They also had a free BYOB(build your own box) at the Birchbox Soho Store. Now, I saw the post on their Instagram early yesterday morning and made the quick decision to stop by after work. I had meaning to buy a new Smith & Cult nail polish off the Birchbox site, and I've been DYING to go to the Birchbox Soho Store, so why not go when you can make a free Birchbox?

I was so excited and honestly, it did not disappoint.

The store is very narrow but very long, and is two floors. Everything is adorable, just as you could assume because it's Birchbox.

They have so many products and everything is separated by type; all the lip products are together, all concealers & foundations are together, blush & bronzer, etc. I think that makes it really easy to shop because if you're looking for a new primer, you can go to one little section and see everything they have available instead of jumping all over the store.

Toward the back of the store is the BYOB station; they have boxes lined up for the taking, and a women's & men's section. You get to choose five samples, one from each following category: makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, and hair. It's legitimately creating your own Birchbox in store. There was a good selection of samples to choose from so it's pretty safe to say everyone will find at least one product from each category that appeals to them.

I'm a bad blogger and forgot to ask how much it is to build your own birch box on a regular day, since I got mine for free.

After building my box, I headed downstairs to the nail & hair section, which was pretty cool. They had actual salon chairs set up for touch ups (I'm assuming) and products lining the walls. I grabbed the polish I wanted (expect a manicure monday post next week on it) and headed back upstairs to pay.

The cool thing about shopping in the Birchbox shop is that when you give them your email that is associated with your Birchbox subscription account, you can use your points in store. I chose not to use my points because I'm saving up but the option is nice to have.

The people at the store are SO nice! I mean, incredibly nice. They seemed super helpful and just had a smile on their faces. They looked genuinely happy to be there, which is something I can appreciate in a store.

Shall we get into what I got in my BYOB?

Haircare: Super Sweetback Treatment-- this is a hair mask that will help with dry & damaged hair. It's also a great size sample!

Body: Essentiel Elements Body Lotion -- I could always use a good body lotion, especially heading into the fall & winter months. I didn't see anything else in the sample bin that really appealed to me so I figured you can't go wrong with this! It has a very herbal smell, which I like sometimes so this will be great to keep in my handbag or at my desk at work!

Makeup: Cynthia Rowley Brightening Illuminator: This has been saved in my Birchbox favorites for a while, and when I saw it, I knew I wanted it. There were bronzers from ModelCo & theBalm that I would've chosen but the highlighter was calling my name. I can't wait to use, either by mixing it into a foundation or using alone.

Fragrance: Tocca Simone: I had to pick a fragrance because it's part of the system but like I've said before, I'm allergic so I won't be using this :( It does however smell very light & fresh -- great for everyday wear.

Skincare: Michael Todd Organic Lemon Toner: Ok so when I saw this, I thought it was a face exfoliate but as I'm typing this, I realize it's a toner. That's fine, I need a new toner. It's also a nice hefty size so that is what initially drew me in. I can't wait to use it! Skincare has been my favorite thing to try lately and I've used Michael Todd before so I'm sure it'll be good!

At the register, all customers got a sample of a Davines shampoo & conditioner so that was a nice little bonus!

I also purchased this little travel case online today since it was one of the $10 specials and free shipping! I've been traveling more and needed something a little bigger to take with me on the road!

All in all, my experience on Customer Appreciation Day was amazing and I loved the Birchbox Soho store. I may have to stop by on my way home more often :)

Here we are again, trying out a new writing format. I have been reading/listening to too many books to do separate posts about them, and sometimes I find myself rambling in book review posts just to fill up space or get my point across.

I think rounding up the books in one short paragraph is much better than dedicated posts that don't make that much sense.

Let me know what you think!

I will preface this by saying that I didn't read any of these books -- I listened to them all on Audible, Amazon's audiobook companion. I've been addicted to Audible since April and have listened to too many books. You can read my initial thoughts on Audible here but clearly I love it.

Let's get started, shall we?

1. Primates of Park Avenue: This was a book that I had heard negative reviews on and didn't think I would want to read it, but it somehow drew me in. I listened to this after listening to a slew of nonfiction memoirs and wanted something a little fluffier but still not 100% fiction. It was really interesting to hear stories about the Upper East Side and how it truly is a different world with different rules. There was a lot of science and biology wrapped up into it and I think that made the book a little more credible. Also, the author was in no way similar to these women she talked about, which I think was a misunderstanding in the reviews I read. She wasn't bragging about the lifestyle, she was simply informing people of what goes on (she was just as shocked as the readers!) This was a pretty good book and I would recommend it if you want something light but not completely chick lit fiction.

2. The News Sorority: I had been lusting after this book for a good year and finally listened to it. I was weary of listening to it because I thought I would prefer to read a book like this but OMG, it was amazing. It takes you through the journey of three of the most famous women news anchors of our time and tells the stories of major events in the world, and their lives, and journalism in general. It sparked my nerd bug, big time. It was really long and those are my favorite books to listen too... and it was incredible. I was a journalism major in college and I'm a writer at heart (as you read my blog...duh) so it was wonderful to hear about Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, and Christiane Amanpour's lives & careers. It definitely made me crave a journalism career and it was inspiring. This was another book that didn't get great reviews but if you love news, journalism, and memoirs, I think you'd really like this.

3. Killing Monica: Written by Candace Bushnell, aka the writer of Sex and the City novel (yes it was a book before the tv show) and it was hilarious. The premiss is that a very successful NYC author who just got divorced is sick of writing about her famous character, Monica. Everyone LOVES Monica & can't get enough of her, but PJ Wallis is tired of living in Monica's shadow. She needs to do something but what happens isn't what she expects.

I was definitely annoyed by it at times, and it may have been because I listened to it instead of reading but it was really outlandish and funny. A fake death? A crazy actress? New York City? Sign me up! It was definitely fluff but there is a deeper meaning behind it. I read some reviews and articles about this and a lot of people thought Bushnell was talking about Carrie Bradshaw in the novel, and it was hard for me NOT to think of that but she assured critics that it isn't based off of real life. It was a great read and I listened to it pretty quickly.

4. Luckiest Girl Alive: I got into a mood where I really wanted to listen/read a thriller novel. This was one that I had begun seeing everywhere and I couldn't resist. Let me start off by saying that this definitely has that "Gone Girl" & "Girl On the Train" feel but not as insane or twisted. It takes place in NYC and the main character works at a magazine as a sex writer so it definitely has a more present day, glamorous feel. I definitely was surprised and pleased with the true storyline, it was really interesting and crazy, and it gave me the chills. It was shocking and intense and a little hard to listen to at times but it was incredible in my opinion. Is it as good as "Gone Girl?" -- no, of course not. I don't think anything will come close to that for a while. I feel like this is a book I'd listen to again, that's how much I really enjoyed it.

As you can tell, I don't care if a book got bad reviews. Never judge a book by it's cover...or a review. If something sparks your interest, always read it! You never know where your next favorite will come from.

What books have you been reading/listening to lately? What do you think I should read next?

Whenever I see bloggers attending fun events and doing fabulous things, I get mildly jealous. Why can't I be oh so fabulous like that?

I get especially envious during Fashion Week. Living and working right in the heart of NYC, I'm constantly surrounded by Fashion Week. A few of my friends who work in magazines even got to attend some actual shows... so yeah, I've always wanted to get my foot in the door.

Well, thanks to Her Campus & Rakuten Marketing, I got a little taste and now I'm addicted.

I attended a #NYFW event that Rakuten Affiliate Marketing was hosting with a bunch of fun brands, such as Kate Spade, Lord & Taylor, Peter Thomas Roth, and a lot of others! I decided to RVSP and go after work yesterday.

It was hosted at Ramscale Studios in Greenwich Village and it was gorgeous! The view from the event was to die for ... it really doesn't get better than this, does it?

I met up with a few ladies from Her Campus -- hi Aly & Nicole, and we lingered and mingled around the event.

There were drinks, food, raffles, and a bunch of brands set up throughout the room. There was some fall fashion from Lord & Taylor (which I decided I wanted EVERYTHING), shoes from Kate Spade, and some other fun little items. A lot of these were up for raffles but I unfortunately didn't stay for the entire event so I didn't participate in the raffle.

I chatted with some Rakuten representatives, along with some other bloggers and it was just nice to be in that atmosphere. I really enjoyed it and it was a lot of fun -- and going out after work wasn't even that bad! Now that I know what it's like, I think it may be happening more often!

One of the best parts of blogging events? Goodie, swag bags! The lovely brands who participated in the event were kind enough to give the first 60 bloggers goodie bags!

Some jewelry from Liquidation Channel, a watch from Folli Follie, a $50 Shoptiques gift card, and a Elemis Home Spa conditioning milk bath.

All of these things look amazing and I can't wait to incorporate them into my fall wardrobe (and use the bath milk on a cool, fall day).

This was a really great start to dipping my feet into the water of blogger events and I'm excited to see what else is in store!