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Showing posts from September, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday: Fall Shoes

Last week I tackled sweaters and other fall wardrobe essentials but this week, I'm thinking more about shoes. I have never been a shoe gal. Shoes are my least favorite thing to buy and if it was socially acceptable, comfortable, and hygienic, I'd probably live my life barefoot. That doesn't seem to smart…

Beauty to Know: BeautyKind

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts/comments/opinions are my own. I think we'll make this a new series on Royally Pink... I love talking about beauty, and there is always a new product or brand or store I want to talk about. I need to get more organized in how I discuss things on here so I think "Beau…

Manicure Monday: Leggy Legend

I love the start of the seasons for many reasons, one of them being new nail polish collections. I was really excited about Essie's Fall 2015 collection, until I saw it. None of the colors excited me as past collections and I figured I wouldn't buy any polishes from the collection, opting for some older, cla…

Sephora Favorites: Brow Raising Wardrobe

I find myself browsing Sephora's website for new items pretty much at least once a day. On one of these benders, I found the latest Sephora Favorites collection -- a brow wardrobe . Sephora is always coming out with these exclusive kits that feature deluxe & full size samples of products. They have one for e…

Links to Love

Does anyone else think this week was unusually long? Every day felt like Thursday but in fact, they were not. I don't remember the last time I had a week this long. It was long, but good! I had a fabulous week, filled with lots of fun things. If you missed it, I went to a NYFW event and paid a visit to the Birc…

Summer Reading + Listening

Here we are again, trying out a new writing format. I have been reading/listening to too many books to do separate posts about them, and sometimes I find myself rambling in book review posts just to fill up space or get my point across. I think rounding up the books in one short paragraph is much better than dedicat…