I'm writing this as I'm sipping on a glass of Moscato, my Yankee Candle Vanilla Bourbon candle lit, and watching ABC's #TGIT. Yes, finally my fall favorite tv shows are back -- Grey's (which I haven't watched in years but figure why not), Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder.

Thursdays are my night and they always have been. Thursdays are my favorite day of the week -- the week is basically over, but the weekend isn't so close that it seems like it's already over. With the return of my favorite tv shows, Thursdays are even better.

Tomorrow I took a day off, half for my doctor's appointment in the morning, the other half because it's important to take time for yourself when you feel like you're drained. I definitely needed a day to regroup. #Adulthood

I won't ramble on, I'll save that for another post but thank you for all the sweet comments this week on all my posts-- I love talking with you guys in the comments so it made my week! Also, thank you for everyone who said they liked my new layout -- I'm kind of in love :)

Alright, here are the links I've been obsessed with, and there's a lot of them!

So SPLAT! is really happening and this is the best 90s news since the Spice Girls reunion

TGIT has really changed the game, and it's truly incredible

Uptown Funk has NEVER look so good!

I am always done being an adult

Detox is one of my favorite words -- have I ever done it? No, but I'd like too. Here's a great start.

Nick Jonas was my first true love... not much has changed.

Work life balance is a real thing that people strive to achieve, including myself. Here are some tips.

As much as I adore Sex and the City, I have to agree with this. That won't stop me from wishing I was Carrie Bradshaw.

What did everyone love this week?

Happy Friday & have a great weekend :)

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