I love the start of the seasons for many reasons, one of them being new nail polish collections. I was really excited about Essie's Fall 2015 collection, until I saw it.

None of the colors excited me as past collections and I figured I wouldn't buy any polishes from the collection, opting for some older, classic fall Essie shades.

Well, then I saw a swatch on Instagram of Essie's Leggy Legend and I fell head over heels. I've never seen a polish like this. I knew I needed it, and I needed it soon.

I immediately went to the drugstore and picked this bad boy up. It's almost as gorgeous in the bottle as it was in the photo, but even more gorgeous on the nails.

It's described as a metallic bronze and that's exactly what it is. I do have some Essie metallic nail polishes but this is nothing like that. It has glimpses of shimmer and sparkle in the polish; it almost has a dimensional look to it.

I received so many compliments on the color and I know that this will be my most worn polish of the season. It's neutral enough to be casual but is unique enough to stand out.

The formula is wonderful as well-- one of the best Essie shades out there. It was smooth, super opaque and didn't run at all. I used it with my Essie Gel Setter polish and it lasted more than 5 days with minimal chipping. I could've lasted a day or two more if I didn't go get a manicure at the salon.

I already can't wait to paint my nails with this gorgeous color again!

What's your favorite fall nail polish color? 

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