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Does anyone else think this week was unusually long? Every day felt like Thursday but in fact, they were not. I don't remember the last time I had a week this long.

It was long, but good! I had a fabulous week, filled with lots of fun things. If you missed it, I went to a NYFW event and paid a visit to the Birchbox Soho store. I'm very proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and I think I'll continue to do so!

I think I was in an extra special mood this week because IT FINALLY FEELS LIKE FALL! The weather was still in the 80s this week in New York but I wore jeans and flats and was super comfortable. The humidity was less than 30% and I was SO HAPPY.

I have so many fun things planned for the cooler weather -- I really do come alive in the fall. The heat does weird things to me, LOL.

Does anyone know about Pocket? It's an app/website that allows you to save any link from your phone or from your browser and it stores all the articles you want to read later in one neat little place. I'm OBSESSED and the reason I have so many links this week.

Not my fault the Internet had so much to say ;)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

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