Another "event" type post in one week? I am on a roll! Going out after work isn't SO bad after all ;)

Birchbox is honestly one of the best companies out there, in my opinion. They do everything right -- they're on their social media game, have an amazing website/shop, and they care so much about their customers. That last one truly shows on Customer Appreciation Day.

Customer Appreciation Day is something that Birchbox started doing last year (I think last year was the first year) where they have extra special fun for all their customers. They call them on the phone to thank them, have a few giveaways, and this year they even had some items on sale for $5-$15.

They also had a free BYOB(build your own box) at the Birchbox Soho Store. Now, I saw the post on their Instagram early yesterday morning and made the quick decision to stop by after work. I had meaning to buy a new Smith & Cult nail polish off the Birchbox site, and I've been DYING to go to the Birchbox Soho Store, so why not go when you can make a free Birchbox?

I was so excited and honestly, it did not disappoint.

The store is very narrow but very long, and is two floors. Everything is adorable, just as you could assume because it's Birchbox.

They have so many products and everything is separated by type; all the lip products are together, all concealers & foundations are together, blush & bronzer, etc. I think that makes it really easy to shop because if you're looking for a new primer, you can go to one little section and see everything they have available instead of jumping all over the store.

Toward the back of the store is the BYOB station; they have boxes lined up for the taking, and a women's & men's section. You get to choose five samples, one from each following category: makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, and hair. It's legitimately creating your own Birchbox in store. There was a good selection of samples to choose from so it's pretty safe to say everyone will find at least one product from each category that appeals to them.

I'm a bad blogger and forgot to ask how much it is to build your own birch box on a regular day, since I got mine for free.

After building my box, I headed downstairs to the nail & hair section, which was pretty cool. They had actual salon chairs set up for touch ups (I'm assuming) and products lining the walls. I grabbed the polish I wanted (expect a manicure monday post next week on it) and headed back upstairs to pay.

The cool thing about shopping in the Birchbox shop is that when you give them your email that is associated with your Birchbox subscription account, you can use your points in store. I chose not to use my points because I'm saving up but the option is nice to have.

The people at the store are SO nice! I mean, incredibly nice. They seemed super helpful and just had a smile on their faces. They looked genuinely happy to be there, which is something I can appreciate in a store.

Shall we get into what I got in my BYOB?

Haircare: Super Sweetback Treatment-- this is a hair mask that will help with dry & damaged hair. It's also a great size sample!

Body: Essentiel Elements Body Lotion -- I could always use a good body lotion, especially heading into the fall & winter months. I didn't see anything else in the sample bin that really appealed to me so I figured you can't go wrong with this! It has a very herbal smell, which I like sometimes so this will be great to keep in my handbag or at my desk at work!

Makeup: Cynthia Rowley Brightening Illuminator: This has been saved in my Birchbox favorites for a while, and when I saw it, I knew I wanted it. There were bronzers from ModelCo & theBalm that I would've chosen but the highlighter was calling my name. I can't wait to use, either by mixing it into a foundation or using alone.

Fragrance: Tocca Simone: I had to pick a fragrance because it's part of the system but like I've said before, I'm allergic so I won't be using this :( It does however smell very light & fresh -- great for everyday wear.

Skincare: Michael Todd Organic Lemon Toner: Ok so when I saw this, I thought it was a face exfoliate but as I'm typing this, I realize it's a toner. That's fine, I need a new toner. It's also a nice hefty size so that is what initially drew me in. I can't wait to use it! Skincare has been my favorite thing to try lately and I've used Michael Todd before so I'm sure it'll be good!

At the register, all customers got a sample of a Davines shampoo & conditioner so that was a nice little bonus!

I also purchased this little travel case online today since it was one of the $10 specials and free shipping! I've been traveling more and needed something a little bigger to take with me on the road!

All in all, my experience on Customer Appreciation Day was amazing and I loved the Birchbox Soho store. I may have to stop by on my way home more often :)

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