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Welcome to Royally Pink. I'm Briana; I've been running Royally Pink for the past 9 years and have loved every minute of it.

I write about everything from beauty to fashion to mental health to career and book reviews.

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Showing posts from September, 2012

Sunday Social

I'm once again linking up with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social :) 1. What do you miss most about being a kid? I think I miss the carefreeness of childhood. There were no problems, I had not a care in the world. My parents were still together, my grandpa was alive, it was a  simpler time where t…

It's Okay Thursday

I'm linking up with Neely and Amber again today for "It's Okay Thursday!" It's Okay.... -To need to talk to a counselor about your personal issues -To be annoyed at people who are doing wrong -To blog during class when your professor is talking about something that doesn…

Sunday Social

This is something new I'm going to try to keep up with every Sunday; I've seen a few other blogs, like A Complete Waste of Make-Up  do it and decided to link up with them!  Every Sunday there is a new batch of questions to be answered that give more insight to the bloggers life. Here's this…

New Look and More!

If you haven't noticed, I switched up the layout for my blog last night! Hopefully everyone likes it :)  I really want to expand and make this blog wonderful for everyone who visits it. I got the idea to do this blog from other lovely lady bloggers such as Carly from "The College Prepster" (The…

It's Okay Thursdays

I'm going to try something new every Thursday.  I stumbled upon this wonderful blog, A Complete Waste of Makeup and Neely (the incredible blog owner) does this little thing called "It's Okay Thursdays" where you just list  the things that are okay to do. It reminds me of Glamour Magazine&…

More Monograms!

I've expressed my love for monograms before and I've definitely taken my affection to a whole different level. Also like I've said before, I got my iPHONE 4s a few weeks ago (YAY) and I thought I needed to prep it up. I've seen home button decals everywhere recently and I thought they were SO…

Little Problems!

I am a sorority girl through and through and I adore all things having to do with Greek life. Therefore, when I heard about the AMAZING Little Problems, I knew I had to be part of it, so for the past few weeks I've been OFFICIALLY part of the Little Problems team!  YAY! We have such a great group…